I Thought Never

True I had been out the night before and had come home both half drunk and fully horny. My friend brought me home safe and sound but he could not get it up so I left him in the driveway and came it.
My son Eddy had gone out early the next morning to play ball at the public play ground down the block. I had gotten up made sure he was fed and then made a pot of coffee for myself. I had on an old worn out cotton robe. It hung open as I moved around the kitchen. I leaned against the counter and the knob from the drawer pressed right on my clit.
I closed my eyes and saw my friend Ernie’s cock and slowly pressed into the knob. I was thinking of the last time we were together and how he had complimented me on my ability to get him really hard, hard by sucking his cock. It was our third time together and it was only mediocre the first two times for both of us.
For me I was scared out of my wits. This was the first time I had let a guy get passed a hot kiss since my husband died eighteen months before.

His cut offs dropped to the floor and I slipped a hand down inside his jockey shorts. I shuttered as I felt this hunk of solid meat. My need to see his cock up close was immediate and uncontrollable. I pushed Simon back and went to my knees. This had to be the thickest cock I had ever seen. No as long as some but surly the thickest. I looked up into deep blue eyes and closed mine as I swallowed half of his throbbing cock.
I don’t now what the girls did that he had been with but I had him moaning “Oh God.” In ten seconds flat. Then came “Oh Christ, oh fuck and then oh god again. I pulled off his cock and asked “You like me sucking your cock.”
Simon glared at me and pushed my mouth back on his cock. He then said “You’re the best cocksucker Mrs. G. even better than Wanda.”
I did not know who Wanda was but at this point I was not going to pause long enough to ask,
Simon grabbed my hair in both hands and starred ramming his cock in my mouth. This boy wanted to fuck my mouth until her got off. I wanted this thick juicy cock in my pussy but it all of a sudden exploded.
Simon rammed his cock head deep into my mouth and his first thick creamy spurt shot across my tongue and right down my throat. I’m not opposed to swallowing but in this case I had little choice. Simon came and came and I swallowed and swallowed. About a gallon later he slumped a little and his cock pulled from my mouth. I fell back on my ass looking up at his still semi-hard cock bouncing to the beat of his heart.
He looked down and smiled. I looked up and smiled.

For Ernie it was his first time in a long while too. I should mention I’m forty nine and Ernie is sixty one. He is a widower and has a few health problems so his getting it up took a bit more help from me. However I did enjoy helping. My help was just fondling him the first two times. He got hard but lost it before he could get me hot. But this third time I went down on him and that got the job done. I guess Ernie’s wife had not liked sucking him. So the thrill of me sucking him got him up and running. When he did get hard he was some kind of a man.
Last night as we danced and drank we talked about how good it was the last time and how we both wanted to get it on again.
But the booze flowed and so did Ernie’s ability to get hard. So here I was the morning after still horny and masturbating with a fucking drawer knob. How sad is that? My brain kicked in gear was I heard a knock on the back door and then it swung open as I quickly backed off my polishing knob.
I grabbed my robe pulling it together as my son’s best friend Simon came it. I was sure he got a peek at my full bush and maybe a nipple as I turned but he showed no emotion as I gathered the robe in one hand.
“Morning Mrs. G. is Eddy here?”
For what ever reason I looked at Simon smiling at me and could not seem to focus on what he was saying. Simon was a big boy. Tall broad shouldered and I could see the rather large out line in his cut off jeans. Simon and Eddy had graduated high school in the spring and here it was October and still warm enough to ware cut offs.
Simon repeated his question then followed with “Are you feel well Mrs. G?”
I mumbled some thing and said “Oh sorry; Simon I was out last night and had a few too many. You’re not twenty one yet are you?”
Simon smiled and said “No not yet but I’ve had a few nights like that.”
“I said “Oh really so you drink already? Has Eddy been with you when you were drinking?”
He laughed and said “You’ll have to ask Eddy about that.”
I leaned back on the counter and felt the knob press into my crack. That brought back a few memories and sent a jolt through me.
I asked “Were there girls involved when you boys were out drinking?”
He moved in and around to this side of the table. He said again “Are you feeling alright Mrs. G? Should I call someone? You look a little shaky.”
I grabbed the counter with both hands to steady myself and my robe fell open from neck to pussy. Simon’s eyes widened and he had a silly shy smile starting to grow from ear to ear.
My legs started to shake and Simon wisely grabbed me before I fell on the floor. He put one hand around my shoulder and the other hand came right up between my legs. His kid either was very good and knew what he was doing or just trying to help with out thinking. Either way I wiggled and moaned cupping my hand over his. I moaned and pressed hard pulling his fingers into my wetness.
Simon said “Oh fuck.” In a deep sexy male voice.
I said “Simon I’m so fucking horny.” I grabbed his enlarged swollen cock. How this is what I remembered as a girl. Just how fast a young boy could get hard. I squeezed and Simon moaned. I now had my arm around his neck and his hand and fingers were still rubbing my wet lips. So there we were him with one arm around my waist and the other down between us with his fingers playing a tune on my pussy. I had one arm around his neck holding on for dear life and the other arm down between us feeing a very swollen cock.
I raised my face and we kissed. This boy was no boy he was all man. As I opened my mouth his tongue darted in like a horny snake. At the same time he rammed two fingers up inside me.
He was now finger fucking me and I was one handed undoing his belt and zipper. I was surprised how well I could do this as it had been a very long time.

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