The Party Dinner

Some old friends had invited me to a dinner party they were holding in Paris. I agreed, as I was going to be there for the weekend they mentioned. They knew I had broken up with someone I was deeply in love with six months earlier, and, being kindly people, they decided to invite some single women along to their party. I must add here that my friends are big fans of the Fetish scene and so they share my shameless deviant nature and attitude.
I got to their house on the outskirts of Paris at about eight p.m. There were a few couples sitting around and two single women who I guessed were in their late thirties. 'John, so glad you could make it,' Carol, my friend Don's lovely brunette wife said as she introduced me to the others. I shook hands with the two couples and sat down opposite the two single women, 'Oh, John,' Carol said, 'this is Patty, and this is Claudia.' I smiled and took their offered hands. Patty was a cute-geek with glasses and shoulder length blonde sixties flick-up hair. She wasn't unattractive and seemed very shy for someone in a black rubber dress that was so low cut her pink nipples were virtually out of it.
Claudia was different...I disliked her from the outset. Maybe it was her big nose, her overlarge red-lipped mouth, or possibly her slightly arrogant mannerisms that, initially, put me off her. She was also French. I have always found the French difficult, especially the women. Claudia spoke at me, not to me. 'So, John,' she said, 'you live in London, yes?' I nodded and sipped the lovely smooth Burgundy that Carol had given me. 'Such an expensive dull place, how do you stand it?' she said with a sneer. I smiled, but inwardly felt annoyed. 'Well, at least it's a creative place, one of the best for that, better than here,' I said.
She smiled and said, 'That's an opinion, I suppose,' and she and Patty laughed knowingly to one another.
Claudia smoothed back her thick black hair and touched the little silver pendant around her long neck. I glanced down as she leaned forward to get her wine glass. She had an impressive pair of breasts that heaved from the bodice of her vintage black taffeta evening dress. They looked huge and heavy and I felt a twinge between my legs as I glanced at them, trying not to seem too obvious. She noticed of course and asked me, with a note of triumph, 'Do you like them?' I laughed and said I did.
After dinner, I found myself out on the terrace with Claudia and Patty. The other couples were dancing close to a slow romantic tune on the CD-player and when Patty went off to get more wine, leaving me alone with Claudia, she said, 'You don't like me, do you John?'
I decided to play it straight. 'I hardly know you,' I said.
She smiled and for the first time that evening I actually wanted to kiss the mouth off her. 'C'mon, why you don't like me. Am I that ugly?' she asked.
I laughed. 'No it's not that, you seem arrogant, so keen to be one up, why is that?'
'Am I? I hadn't thought about it. I am just me,' she said.
'Come over here,' I said.

In a minute or so we went down a flight of stone steps to the basement. I flicked a light on when we got in there and the low up-lights on the wall cast mysterious shadows on all the Fetish and BDSM kit that Carol and Don had collected over the years. A whipping stool, a St John's Cross, a Stock's, coils of bondage rope, chains that hung from pulleys set in the stone ceiling, canes, whips, floggers, a rubber-topped hospital examination table, black plastic sheeting on the floor over in the corner around a WC, and a bath on legs. The place reeked of delightful perversion and deviancy.
I laughed and said, 'Feels like coming home.'

She followed me to a dark part of the terrace. The moon played on her strangely attractive face as I reached out and unzipped her taffeta evening dress at the back and eased the shoulder straps down over her elbows. She stood silently and let me do it, her eyes on mine, her glossy red lips slightly parted. I got the material down under her breasts. She had a sturdy black-lace bra on and her tits bulged from the elegant wired cups like two giant ice creams in a couple of black cones.
'Good God, they are massive!' I said.
'I've always been large,' she said, 'even at fourteen they were almost this big. Boys would never leave me alone, it was crazy.'
'I can imagine. I'm going to have to get them out,' I said, unclasping the bra at the back, trembling with excitement.
'I thought you might want to,' Claudia said, 'Carol told me you adore women with big breasts.' She stood there, hands limp by her sides.
The bra fell away and I removed it and stood back, allowing myself a view of Claudia's magnificent rack. They hung there like two pear-shaped balloons, swelling out impressively, hanging down, almost to her navel. 'Quite magnificent,' I said, handling them, cupping my fingers around them and bouncing them about a little. Their warmth and soft weight was beautiful to touch. Claudia gasped as I pinched her hard brown nipples. I stretched them out, really long, and held them parallel between us. 'Mm,' she moaned, 'I love having that done.'
A female voice said:
'I see you two have got acquainted.'
It was Patty, bringing a tray with three glasses of red wine on it. 'Please, carry on,' she said, 'I'll watch. I like to see Claudia get what she desires.'
Patty sat down opposite us at a little garden table, crossed her long slim legs and sipped her wine. I let Claudia's nipples go and she thanked me for pleasuring her. These two women were turning out to be a lot wilder than I'd given them credit for.
'John, kiss her, she wants you to,' Patty said in a confident voice, her soft American vowels a real turn on.
I asked her, 'Are you two lovers?'
Patty nodded and said, 'Yeah, we are, some of the time.'
'Are you Domme?' I asked.
Patty nodded and said, 'Mm, only with women though, with men I'm as willingly submissive as Claudia is.'
I went in close to Claudia and held her in a tight embrace, my right hand on her left breast as our mouths met and our tongues flicked and danced. I had a huge erection now and Patty noticed. 'Would you like me to do something with that?' she said, pointing at my groin. I said I did and she came over and knelt in front of me, and as I kissed Claudia again she unzipped my trousers and eased them and my underpants down and started to handle and suck my cock. She did it really well and after a long hot kiss with Claudia I pushed her down too and presented them both with my dick, shoving it first between Claudia's big red lips then feeding it to Patty. I looked down at the pair of them, my fingers tugging their soft hair in my fists, as they sucked and kissed around my cock, leaving trails of spit and slime as they did so.
'Carol was right, you do have a BIG one,' Claudia said looking up at me as Patty deep throated it, her black framed glasses resting on my naval. Claudia closed in with Patty and sucked on my balls. I groaned with pleasure and then heard a familiar voice. It was Carol. 'Ah, good, I see you three have become friends already,' she said with a sly laugh. She was in costume now: black leather corset, garters and stockings, shiny black high-heeled shoes, elbow-length black evening gloves. I knew the BDSM orgy must have commenced already inside.
'John, why don't you take the girls down to our playroom in the basement,' Carol whispered, 'they are very obedient, I've had them both.'
I said I would love to. I hitched my pants back up and kissed Carol on her sweet sexy mouth as Claudia and Patty tidied themselves up. They followed me indoors after. We could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning and the occasional whip lash and yelp coming from the bedrooms upstairs where Carol and her husband were clearly engaged in a hard BDSM scene.

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