Delight Architectural

As far as he knew he was one of around eleven participants. His place and all the others were used as newly built physical structures for their class’ participation. Two or three would be scheduled to go to homes, get tours, and write a brief thesis on what they thought of the design, including its location. For this small college it was a great idea. Worked all the time, he was told. Every time in fact and one place, one home in particular had all the workings one could ask for, and more he had heard. He hadn’t been there. He wanted to see the new place for himself. So he called and he scheduled a visit. He felt he had to. He was the class’ professor. That alone justified the call.
Upstairs, in his room, the three of them were naked, doing it, and they were doing it the right way too. One was kissing him and the other was doing his limp cock, making it every bit the hard piece they heard it could be. He was single. He was never married. A work of art as men went. He was slim. He was muscle. He was “sweet.” And he was all man…all man as far as these two 22 years old girls were concerned. And they loved cock more then they ever imagined they would, especially his.
“May we come in, sir?” they asked once he answered his front door.
Smiling, he looked down at his 22 year olds. No, they weren’t “his” but they were that afternoon and that’s all that mattered once he invited the two of them in. She patted the others behind once he turned and walked into his house. They looked around it. It was fascinating from the word go. Everything a girl could ask for he had. And that meant everything.
“So the professor sent you to look around?” he asked.
They looked at one another. Shaking their heads one of them said yes anyway. They smiled as they looked at the other. He was still facing away from them. One of them looked at his ass. It was sculpted, from what she could tell. The other knew. One of them was going to get some ass, in reality one of them was.
“No, yours is the only one we haven’t seen. We wanted to come and see it” she told him.
“Good…goooood” he told them as he turned to look at each. “I’m really glad you have.”
They looked into his eyes. They looked into his face. Man, he was a good looking fellow they told themselves. His body, it had it all. He told them to sit down, relax, and he’d be right back. He had to put on some other clothes. Was this the right time, they asked themselves. No, they’d wait. They’d figure it all out. They’d know when that moment would be there for them to come to his aid and assist their needs and especially his…whatever it took. They waited and they waited and they waited, on one of the couches downstairs. What was taking this guy so long they wondered? Why hadn’t he come down yet, they had asked each other. Neither knew. He was only supposed to change his clothes. How long does that take, she asked her friend. Both shrugged their shoulders.
The doorbell rang. They turned and looked at it. Nothing. No body. No host. No nothing. Where was their host? One of the young women stood. The doorbell, a classic ring too had rung again. He didn’t come to answer it. The other girl went to answer the door. Still he hadn’t come downstairs. What was the guy doing?
“May I help you?” she asked the woman.
“Oh… No” the woman, a tall and long haired beauty said thinking she had the right place. She looked at the girl. They were about 10 or 13 years apart in age. Both looked at one another. She asked if this was the right place. She gave the man’s name. The young one acknowledged it was, but he’d gone upstairs twenty minutes ago to change. “Ohhh that only means he’s waiting for you to go on up” she told the girl.
“Pardon?” the girl said.
“Don’t you want his body?” the older woman asked.
“Pardon?” the young woman said.
“Come on” she came back. “You haven’t looked into his eyes? You haven’t looked at the man’s ass? You haven’t studied his body, yet? And you haven’t said to yourselves ‘I want sex with that man.’”
“Uh…no… No I have not” she replied, lying. The older woman looked into the young lady’s eyes. “That’s not true. You and whomever else…her…over there… You two have already, probably, in some way thought it and discussed it. Haven’t you?” she told them.

“You can stay here or you can join me upstairs” the woman had said. “It’s fun.”
She headed towards the staircase and as she did, one of the others came towards it but with some apprehension. The woman turned as she slowed before going up. She smiled, softly, and waved for one or both to come up with her. She said it’d be fun. She told them to trust her. The two of them looked at one another. Trust, her, him…sex… Sure what the heck, one of them thought. But the other one… No, she decided against it, and decided she wasn’t into this game. She’d either come back or the classmate could find another way home.
“I’ll find a ride” the classmate said.

The girl turned around. She saw the look on the other girls face. The other girl motioned to the one who answered the door to come there. She did. The older woman stepped inside while the two younger ones spoke between themselves. “He’s upstairs. I think he’s naked. I think he’s waiting for us up there too. Yeah, he’s naked and he didn’t even know I was up there looking at him… God, what a body he has” she told her friend. “You have to see this guy’s body. Go on… Go on upstairs. Go see the guy. Go see his…well you know what I’m saying” she told her friend.
The three stood in the main room. Looking at one another none knew what the others plan was. The older woman knew what to do, but how was she going to rid the home of two young women, who actually had come to get fucked and also see his house. This was the older woman’s sixth time through it. She’d seen, and fucked him, four of those times. This would be number five. To her five was always her lucky number. Five was great. The guy was good. He was smooth. He was...he was real, real good, or so she thought.
“Let’s all go upstairs and see what’s taking our host to long. Or at least call up” she said.
“Mr.” but the one young one was cut off.
“Thomas… Ohhhhhhh Thomas” the older one called out.
“Hey, is that Virginia?” he replied.
“Yes it is sweetheart.”
“Virginia…as in Virginia Stinson?” one of the young ladies began to say. “Are you…” but a hand crossed her mouth. Professor Stinson was their professor of Architecture. At least the class they were taking. “Uhhh wow…you…you and…and him?” the one girl said. She turned to look at them both and smiled. She winked as she nodded her head. “I suppose this is a long story. Isn’t it?” the girl asked.
“Yes it is” the woman had said back to her. “Let’s go on upstairs.”
“What?” the girls both said.

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