Part Two Forced Entry

Suddenly, Abi was thrown to the floor.
“You’re quite the cocksucker, huh?” Joe sneered. He knelt down next to her and ran his fingers over her masked cunt.
“You’re soaking! I can feel it through your thong. You’re such the dirty bitch.”
He moved the material aside and pinched her clit. She screamed out, writhing on the floor. He shoved his finger into her, noticing how tight she was and how very fucking wet.
“You’re not a virgin!” Joe suddenly screeched, pulling his finger out and slapping her. “I wanted to take your virginity! You dirty whore! Who have you slept with? How many fucking times?” He was really angry now, and pulled her to sit up, only to punch her back down again. He grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks together.
“How many fucking times?”
Abi screamed as she was knocked to the floor again, and tried to get away, but was pulled back by the lead. Joe smacked her in her stomach and began punching her cunt. He then reached up to the mantelpiece and grabbed a vase. It was an inch or so thicker than his cock, and made of thick glass. He spat on it, and rubbed some of his precum onto it. He then spread her legs apart and ripped off her thong. He rubbed the vase over her clitoris, harshly, and then thrust it deep into her.
She screamed. She wriggled and writhed in the sharp pain. Oh fuck, it was so big inside of her. She felt like she was being ruptured at the seams. Joe leant over her and held her down as he continued to fuck her with this object, roughly and forcefully, jeering at her cries. “Fucking slag!”
“Please, please, stop it! Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Abi yelled, then started shouting for help, hoping that someone would walk past the detached house and hear her. She cursed that she had shut the windows earlier.
But Joe carried on.
What seemed like a lifetime of pain, he finally stopped, collapsing on top of her. He felt like he was about to burst.
He pulled her up and threw her onto the sofa, backwards. He pinned he up against the back of the sofa, and slapped her tight ass with the vase, smashing it against her. A few shards of glass stuck into her skin.
With a hand clasped tight around her throat, he thrust his bulging cock into her tight ass.
“Ever had anal?” he whispered into her ear.
“No!” Abi choked out.

“Just fuck off and leave me alone,” Abi whimpered, looking down at the floor, feeling worthless, humiliated and in huge amounts of pain.
“Had enough already?! Hah, I’ve only just started. And to give you an idea of what will happen later... well, let’s just say I have a friend who’d like a piece of you too.”
Abi looked up at Joe, and in that moment, all hope – however small and fragile – left her.
**Part two of a series**

“Good. Saved something for me, how good of you,” he sneered, still furious.
He thrust inside her, hard and deep. Abi felt faint from all this pain. She knew was bleeding, she could feel her own blood stinging her. Her eyes began to cloud over and her mind began to block it all out in a haze of blackness...
Joe was fucking her violently, not caring if he was ripping her open. His thrusts were long and hard, fast and heavy. He was so fucking close. Fuck, he had wanted this for so long. To cum inside him would make him orgasm all over again.
“Ohh... fuuuuuuuck!” he screamed, as his thick cum sped into her ass. His body shuddered, balls of sweat trickled down his skin. It was the best feeling in the world. He wasn’t even aware that Abi had passed out.
When his body had stopped quivering with ecstasy, Joe pulled Abi around and released his grip on her neck. He undid the handcuffs and the chain on her neck. He lay her down on the sofa and went to find a bathroom where he could clean up.
He came back with two damp cloths, and gently mopped up all the cuts on her body. He placed one on her forehead as he caringly wiped away his cum, her blood and soothed her sore cunt with the soft cloth.
When he was finished, he made a strong cup of tea, as if that would make everything alright.
Eventually, Abi began to come to, and realised that he was sitting at her side, looking at her lovingly. He was holding out a cup of tea, offering it to her like an engagement ring.
At first Abi was confused as to why she was in so much pain. And then it all came flooding back. She was unsure of what to do, how to react, especially as he had released her from her chains and cleaned her up.
“Okay then, any suggestions what I should do next?” Joe asked, smiling.

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Escort Girl

I was getting ready for tonight when Marnix, my chauffeur, called. ‘Four customers tonight.’ Wow! That’s what I wanted to hear. In 20 minutes, he was driving me over to my first customer. He dropped me in the middle of nowhere at a large estate. I was walking towards the beautiful country house when a maid greeted me and asked me to follow her. I was impressed when she opened the door. Wow! This man’s got style! Everything seemed to match.
She told me to get undressed. I wanted to ask her several things, but she just walked away. I hesitated but took off my clothes. When the maid returned, she gave me a corset, a mini skirt and high heeled sandals. She tightened the corset until it was hard to breathe. I watched myself in the mirror. Wow… I had to follow her again to another room. She opened the door and told me to walk towards the fireplace. I was stunned…
Four men gazed at me! I was surprised, scared but also excited. I opened my mouth to speak. ‘Don’t!’ one man said and I closed my mouth. ‘Lindsey, that’s your name right?’ I was shocked. ‘How do you..’ ‘Silence!’ He said. ‘Just say yes or no!’. I was stunned. ‘yes’, I said. I felt their eyes all over my body. ‘Yes WHAT?’ He said. I doubted. ‘Yes mister?’ The four men started to laugh and I felt stupid. Suddenly it hit me. ‘Yes Master’, I said. He looked me in my eyes, which made me blush. ‘Good to hear you can behave properly’. I lowered my eyes and waited. Man, I was scared! And wet…
‘Kneel!’ a muscular man said. I obeyed at once. He stood up and dropped His pants. A large pulsating cock appeared in front of me. In no time He was fucking my throat until His cum squirted in my gullet. He stopped and a large man took His place. I retched when he shoved His cock merciless deeper into my mouth. I heard the door and in vain I tried to look. I heard footsteps behind me. The new man sat down and I felt His eyes all over me.
The large man started to move faster and grabbed my hair. He pushed my head over his cock and He also squirted His seed in the back of my throat. I retched again. But swallowed. He put his cock behind His zipper and sat down. The man behind me stood up. I felt His hands over my shoulders, my neck. He forced me to stand up by pulling my hair. I wanted to turn around, to take a look at this stranger, but I wasn’t allowed. I felt his hands all over my body. My skin was starting to creep. My breathing heavier when I felt his hands squeezing my breasts. Meanwhile the other men just watched me. The man put a finger in my mouth, deeper and deeper. He lifted my skirt and shoved two fingers inside my wet cunt. I sucked His finger and enjoyed the feeling of His other fingers in my cunt. I moaned when this person bit my neck. The third man stood up and walked towards us. The man behind me lifted me up so that the third man was able to fuck me. Fuck me hard. I felt his rock hard cock pumping inside me.
The grip of the man behind me tightened and I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted. The idea of the other three men watching me made me get on edge real fast. The man forced his cock merciless in and out of my wet cunt. Rhythmically he moved his hips forwards and backwards. The man behind me grabbed my breast and squeezed real hard. His nails buried in my skin. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore and floated away on a heavy orgasm. The man who fucked me thought that was hot I guess, because he started to squirt his cum into my belly. I felt the warmth of his seed filling me which made me come even harder.
Finally my muscles relaxed. And the man withdraws his cock and puts it behind his zipper again. My legs fall down on the ground, but the strong man behind me holds me real tight. I feel a bit dizzy and try to get back to earth. I hear a voice behind me. ‘You did well, my slave’. And I recognize this voice. It was You!! I got up and turned around to face my Master. I looked into Your eyes and saw a small smile around Your lips. But then Your eyes froze. And Your mouth wasn’t that gentle anymore. ‘You didn’t even ask for permission to come!’ You say to me. ‘I’m very disappointed in you.’ I feel ashamed. You were right. ‘But… I didn’t know You were here!’ I try… ‘That doesn’t matter. You already found out you had to address the men with Master! Does that ring a bell?!!’ You say. I feel even more ashamed now. ‘I’m sorry Master, You are right. Of course’. I lower my eyes in shame and wait for Your judgement.
‘You’re going to be punished for your slip up’. I hear You say. I’m afraid and wonder what it’s going to be. ‘Now kneel!’ You say. And I obey. I see You walking towards the other men. You’re discussing something. Me?? I can’t hear which makes me even more scared. Then I have to follow You. We pass two rooms and take the stairs to go up. I see four doors. You guide me to the second one. I have to open it. I see a large bed and enough toys on the walls to start a business. I swallow and walk towards the bed, where You obviously want to have me. You stop and tighten my corset even more now. ‘You should have asked’. I hear You say. Then You push me on the bed. In no time my ankles and wrists were tied to the bed. I see Your eyes searching the wall. I look too. I watch You while You walk towards the wall. Waiting for what You are going to pick. Then the men enter and gather around the bed. They took off their pants and their cocks point at me. You turn around, carrying a whip. ’You start first’ pointing at the oldest man.

 He stopped and whipped me real hard on my breasts. I screamed. But nobody seemed to care. Again. And again. ‘You should have asked’. I hear You say again. When I look at You, I see nothing but eyes as steel. Then the man stops. He looks at You, and You nod. At that point he jumps between my legs and puts his cock forcefully inside me. He starts to fuck me real hard. It hurts, ah it hurts! But he shows no mercy and keeps fucking his bitch until he fills her up with his seed. Then he withdraws. ‘Good’. I hear You say. ‘You’re next’ pointing at the smallest one. Next?? What?? At least he was small, which was a relief. Until I was the size of his enormous dick.. Ungh… oh my God!!

I see You hand over the whip to the middle aged man. I see his hair has turned grey a little, but his eyes are like those of a horny teenager. He was muscular and had an enormous dick. I was afraid for what he was going to do to me. He step forwards and looked at me. I felt his cold fingers stroking my skin. My breasts, my belly, my thighs.

But that’s not what was going to happen first! The middle aged man handed over the whip to the small man. Not again?! I thought. But yes, again. I felt the man didn’t hold back when the whip touched my flesh. ‘AAAH!’ I screamed. My pussy was still sore and hurt, the pain caused by the whip was killing me, but yet…. I felt moist dripping between my legs. The hard look on Your face made me even more horny. ‘Aaaaah!’ The pain was killing me now. My face was covered with tears when the small man put his enormous cock in my cunt. Forcefully fucking me. I was so wet, just so wet. I felt the size of his dick was tearing my flesh. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to be fucked. Fucked hard. The cum of the other man dripped between my thighs when new seed entered my body. I felt like a sextoy, like an object of desire, just used for the pleasure of others… Cum all over my smoothly shaven pussy. Dripping between my thighs. My own moist also mixed with their juices. I could smell it…
I was exhausted when I heard You say: ‘you are richly filled my slave.’ You untie me, but turn me around so that I lay down on my belly. ‘But not enough.’ I swallow.. What do You mean?? I thought. You tie me back to the bed. ‘Now it’s My turn.’ I heard You say. I felt the whip caressing my skin. Softly. Then You hit me, You hit me hard. Again and again. I put my head in the pillow. To muffle the sound of my screams. I just knew You broke my skin. But I was still longing to be fucked by You, my Master. Finally You stopped and got on the bed. I felt Your cock pressing against my buttocks. Softly caressing my wet cunt and forcing Your dick inside me. All those juices dripping out of me. Your cock covered with moist and seed. You fuck me real hard and I’m about to come. But I can’t!! I can’t come without permission again! I don’t even dare to ask. So I hold back. Oh.. But it feels so good!
I start to moan real loud. You withdraw, but go lower and force Your cock in my ass.

rgasm. ‘Master?! Please?!’ Still no answer. I feel Your hand pressing harder now. A bit of pain. But I don’t care. Oh how I wished I could just come! More pressure, more pain. Two men grabbed my arms, the other two my feet. ‘AAAH!’I was filled totally. ‘Now come!’ You say. Your fist fills me. I feel an enormous pressure inside me. The men tighten their grip what caused a heat in my belly. The orgasm slowly took over my body. I screamed, twisted and arched my back during the most incredible orgasm I ever had. My muscles slowly relaxed. And the pain caused by Your hands increased. Slowly You withdraw. I feel Your tongue licking my clit. And feel lots of sticky fluid between my thighs. Everything is so sensitive. And You know it.

Merciless You start to fuck me again. It hurts, argh it hurts! But then You start to move slowly and I feel Your seed squirting inside me. Now I’m truly filled, I thought.. I feel Your nails in my buttocks when Your orgasm reaches its climax. When You withdraw more seed is being mixed with the juices between my thighs. Filled with all that cum, filled by all those men, I feel like a slut. Even more when I realize I even like it. ‘You will never forget to ask for permission again. Do you understand that?!!’ You say. ‘Yes Master!’. You untie me. I turn around and am on my back again. It’s sticky between my legs and I look down to see it. I was surprised by the amount of fluid. I see Your hand reaching between my legs. My clitoris is begging to be touched. And I’m as horny as hell. You start rubbing it. All that seed makes it even more horny. And it doesn’t take long for me to get on edge. ‘Master?’ I ask carefully. You look at me. ‘Master? Am I allowed to come? Please?’ I am terrified for what You are going to say. Instead You force three fingers inside, still watching me. ‘Master?!’ Four. I see You tasting the cocktail between my thighs. I squeeze my buttocks together to escape from the embrace of an incredible o

Your tongue caresses my seed covered clit. The men are still holding on to my legs and arms. There’s nowhere to go! Suddenly You touched the most sensitive place and in reflex I tried to close my legs. But I couldn’t. These men were strong! Your tong keeps exploring my wet cunt. The smell of our mixed juices is in the air. I hear You lick and swallow. The taste of all of us is in Your mouth. I feel Your lips enclosing mine. Your tongue buried deep inside me. Sucking me empty… That knowledge gets me so horny! You stop and look at me. I see the shiny moist on Your chin, I watch You licking Your lips. A longing look in my eyes. ‘It tastes good.’ You say. You walk towards me. ‘Taste!’ I open my mouth and taste the cocktail of three men and me… Your finger reaches deep into my throat. I suck it, not spoiling a bit. Then You kiss me. The wetness of Your chin touches my cheek. Then You walk away. To the wall…
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The Party Dinner

Some old friends had invited me to a dinner party they were holding in Paris. I agreed, as I was going to be there for the weekend they mentioned. They knew I had broken up with someone I was deeply in love with six months earlier, and, being kindly people, they decided to invite some single women along to their party. I must add here that my friends are big fans of the Fetish scene and so they share my shameless deviant nature and attitude.
I got to their house on the outskirts of Paris at about eight p.m. There were a few couples sitting around and two single women who I guessed were in their late thirties. 'John, so glad you could make it,' Carol, my friend Don's lovely brunette wife said as she introduced me to the others. I shook hands with the two couples and sat down opposite the two single women, 'Oh, John,' Carol said, 'this is Patty, and this is Claudia.' I smiled and took their offered hands. Patty was a cute-geek with glasses and shoulder length blonde sixties flick-up hair. She wasn't unattractive and seemed very shy for someone in a black rubber dress that was so low cut her pink nipples were virtually out of it.
Claudia was different...I disliked her from the outset. Maybe it was her big nose, her overlarge red-lipped mouth, or possibly her slightly arrogant mannerisms that, initially, put me off her. She was also French. I have always found the French difficult, especially the women. Claudia spoke at me, not to me. 'So, John,' she said, 'you live in London, yes?' I nodded and sipped the lovely smooth Burgundy that Carol had given me. 'Such an expensive dull place, how do you stand it?' she said with a sneer. I smiled, but inwardly felt annoyed. 'Well, at least it's a creative place, one of the best for that, better than here,' I said.
She smiled and said, 'That's an opinion, I suppose,' and she and Patty laughed knowingly to one another.
Claudia smoothed back her thick black hair and touched the little silver pendant around her long neck. I glanced down as she leaned forward to get her wine glass. She had an impressive pair of breasts that heaved from the bodice of her vintage black taffeta evening dress. They looked huge and heavy and I felt a twinge between my legs as I glanced at them, trying not to seem too obvious. She noticed of course and asked me, with a note of triumph, 'Do you like them?' I laughed and said I did.
After dinner, I found myself out on the terrace with Claudia and Patty. The other couples were dancing close to a slow romantic tune on the CD-player and when Patty went off to get more wine, leaving me alone with Claudia, she said, 'You don't like me, do you John?'
I decided to play it straight. 'I hardly know you,' I said.
She smiled and for the first time that evening I actually wanted to kiss the mouth off her. 'C'mon, why you don't like me. Am I that ugly?' she asked.
I laughed. 'No it's not that, you seem arrogant, so keen to be one up, why is that?'
'Am I? I hadn't thought about it. I am just me,' she said.
'Come over here,' I said.

In a minute or so we went down a flight of stone steps to the basement. I flicked a light on when we got in there and the low up-lights on the wall cast mysterious shadows on all the Fetish and BDSM kit that Carol and Don had collected over the years. A whipping stool, a St John's Cross, a Stock's, coils of bondage rope, chains that hung from pulleys set in the stone ceiling, canes, whips, floggers, a rubber-topped hospital examination table, black plastic sheeting on the floor over in the corner around a WC, and a bath on legs. The place reeked of delightful perversion and deviancy.
I laughed and said, 'Feels like coming home.'

She followed me to a dark part of the terrace. The moon played on her strangely attractive face as I reached out and unzipped her taffeta evening dress at the back and eased the shoulder straps down over her elbows. She stood silently and let me do it, her eyes on mine, her glossy red lips slightly parted. I got the material down under her breasts. She had a sturdy black-lace bra on and her tits bulged from the elegant wired cups like two giant ice creams in a couple of black cones.
'Good God, they are massive!' I said.
'I've always been large,' she said, 'even at fourteen they were almost this big. Boys would never leave me alone, it was crazy.'
'I can imagine. I'm going to have to get them out,' I said, unclasping the bra at the back, trembling with excitement.
'I thought you might want to,' Claudia said, 'Carol told me you adore women with big breasts.' She stood there, hands limp by her sides.
The bra fell away and I removed it and stood back, allowing myself a view of Claudia's magnificent rack. They hung there like two pear-shaped balloons, swelling out impressively, hanging down, almost to her navel. 'Quite magnificent,' I said, handling them, cupping my fingers around them and bouncing them about a little. Their warmth and soft weight was beautiful to touch. Claudia gasped as I pinched her hard brown nipples. I stretched them out, really long, and held them parallel between us. 'Mm,' she moaned, 'I love having that done.'
A female voice said:
'I see you two have got acquainted.'
It was Patty, bringing a tray with three glasses of red wine on it. 'Please, carry on,' she said, 'I'll watch. I like to see Claudia get what she desires.'
Patty sat down opposite us at a little garden table, crossed her long slim legs and sipped her wine. I let Claudia's nipples go and she thanked me for pleasuring her. These two women were turning out to be a lot wilder than I'd given them credit for.
'John, kiss her, she wants you to,' Patty said in a confident voice, her soft American vowels a real turn on.
I asked her, 'Are you two lovers?'
Patty nodded and said, 'Yeah, we are, some of the time.'
'Are you Domme?' I asked.
Patty nodded and said, 'Mm, only with women though, with men I'm as willingly submissive as Claudia is.'
I went in close to Claudia and held her in a tight embrace, my right hand on her left breast as our mouths met and our tongues flicked and danced. I had a huge erection now and Patty noticed. 'Would you like me to do something with that?' she said, pointing at my groin. I said I did and she came over and knelt in front of me, and as I kissed Claudia again she unzipped my trousers and eased them and my underpants down and started to handle and suck my cock. She did it really well and after a long hot kiss with Claudia I pushed her down too and presented them both with my dick, shoving it first between Claudia's big red lips then feeding it to Patty. I looked down at the pair of them, my fingers tugging their soft hair in my fists, as they sucked and kissed around my cock, leaving trails of spit and slime as they did so.
'Carol was right, you do have a BIG one,' Claudia said looking up at me as Patty deep throated it, her black framed glasses resting on my naval. Claudia closed in with Patty and sucked on my balls. I groaned with pleasure and then heard a familiar voice. It was Carol. 'Ah, good, I see you three have become friends already,' she said with a sly laugh. She was in costume now: black leather corset, garters and stockings, shiny black high-heeled shoes, elbow-length black evening gloves. I knew the BDSM orgy must have commenced already inside.
'John, why don't you take the girls down to our playroom in the basement,' Carol whispered, 'they are very obedient, I've had them both.'
I said I would love to. I hitched my pants back up and kissed Carol on her sweet sexy mouth as Claudia and Patty tidied themselves up. They followed me indoors after. We could hear the sounds of moaning and groaning and the occasional whip lash and yelp coming from the bedrooms upstairs where Carol and her husband were clearly engaged in a hard BDSM scene.

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Master his Slave Girl Visits and Milks

I open the door in my corset, a thick nappy, my collar with its lead and high heels. Master says I need the nappy to stop my cunt wetting everywhere, as sluts should not create a mess. I am so desperate to be used by my master that when he walks through the door even though I am humiliated by how I look I can not help but feel wet. I can not speak, as I have my lead in my mouth, which he takes without saying a word and pulls me to the sofa. He undoes his trousers and out comes his cock, he grabs the back of my head and forces me to take the entire cock in my mouth, I hold it there, unable to move, enjoying the taste, he removes his hands and lets me suck, my mouth going up and down over his cock, my tongue flicking around exploring. He then makes me get off his cock and stand up. I stand as I have been taught to, legs open, hands behind my head, eyes closed, 

I feel the tape being removed from my mouth and his cock shoved in as I'm made to suck it, before he covers my body in cum. He leaves me to dry while he goes and has a sandwich. When he comes back, he unties me and takes me to the bathroom, where he showers me in piss. I look a dirty mess, and master says I need to clean myself up before we play some more so I take a shower. Whilst in the shower, master records me, and although I'm bright red I ensure I have a slutty shower, showing off my body and how horny I am, aiming the water directly at my cunt, covering myself in bubbles. Before I get out the shower, he orders me to stand legs apart, hands behind head and piss for his video. I do as I'm told and feel the warm piss running down my legs. I get myself cleaned up and head back into the room for more fun.

waiting for further instructions. I feel the blindfold being put over my eyes, the tape being stuck over my mouth and my hands tied behind my back, he removes the nappy,and corset and inspects my body, roughly pulling my breasts, watching the milk coming out, shoving his fingers into my cunt and ass, admiring how open my holes are, noticing the cunt juice running down my legs. He uses my lead to pull me to the sofa, and has me straddle him, he puts his cock upto my ass and I move down onto it, and begin to fuck. I'm his slut, I want to fuck and serve him. I feel my tits bouncing around and hitting my face, I'm helpless to stop it, I can barely balance so continue to fuck, feeling his hands over my body, hearing him laugh at the milk coming from my tits. After a while he cums in my ass, and far from being satisfied I just want more. He instructs me to get off, and unties my hands, placing me on all 4's. I feel the first whip on my ass, the stinging it leaves behind drives me wild, again and again he whips me, my ass turning red and sore. By the time he is done the marks left are clearly visible and I'm starting to create a puddle on the floor, he puts a bowl under my breasts and I feel him milking me, pulling on my tits and nipples, the milk squirting out, my big fat tits love being milked, i feel so dirty on all 4's yet I can not think of anywhere I'd rather be, occasionally as he is milking he gives my cunt a rub. The hard pulling on my breasts lasts for ages, my tits are so full. He puts his head under and gives them a suck, which drives me wild, eventually they are empty, and he pulls on my lead taking me to bed. He straps me on the bed, and I feel my sore bum rubbing on the matress, I'm strapped wide and open and now there is no chance of escape. The first thing I feel is something going in my cunt, master just shoves it in, and my cunt accepts it with ease, I don't know but it's actually a baseball bat he found in the hall. He is shocked by how easily my cunt accepted it and notices straight away that it could handle something bigger, it doesn't stop him fucking me hard with it though, I feel it going deep in me, I'm taking around 10 inches of bat, and my cunt is begging for it. When my cunt is clearly begging for more, he stops, leaving it in deep, and moves on to play elsewhere. At first I feel pain, but in a good way, something warm is hitting my tits, it drives me wild, after a few more I can tell it's hot wax, as I can smell the candle, I want more and more, especially as it hits on and around the nipple, slowly he moves onto my stomach, and then continuing down he covers my cunt and clit. I look a slutty mess but all I want is more, as is evident from the wet area of the bed around my cunt. He leaves me there while the wax drys and although I can hear him in the room I don't know what he's upto. He's actually setting up the video camera and arranging the toys. I feel the tape as he tapes my cunt lips open, and adds pegs to the area already covered in wax. I then feel the whip again, accross my cunt and tits, my body is begging for more, and every stroke makes me wetter, and more sensitive. 
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Submission of First Time

Our night started out pretty usual. We talked while drinking some coffee, went out for a bite to eat and talked w/ some friends who had tagged along. Earlier in the month we had gone to the sex toy store and bought a few little items such as a G spot vibrator, some nipple clamps and a ball gag. While we sat their socializing, I snuck a look at him and he returned the look. There was something in his eyes that told me tonight was going to be a little different from our usual times together. I know he had wanted to try some of these new little treasures. I smirked and looked away.
Our friends were planning on spending the weekend as we had plans the following day for a sporting event. Later in the evening those friends decided to go outside for a little practice. He saw an opportunity to be alone and took it. He came over to me, and started to kiss me. Ah, I love the feeling of his lips on mine… He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back and nibbling on the nape of my neck. I could feel my crotch starting to heat up a little bit. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bedroom where we could be alone without interruption. He started nibbling again on my neck and pulling my head back by my hair. I was getting hotter and started digging my nails into his back. We undressed each other as the passion became a little hotter between us.

 He pulled me up by my hair and told me to turn around. I obeyed. “Put your head back” he said. Again, I obeyed. Anything my master wanted, I would oblige. After all, I was his. After some shuffling in the drawer he said “open your mouth.” Just as I did, I felt the ball. He had the ball gag out and was strapping it down. “Is that comfortable?” he asked. I nodded yes. “Is it too tight?” I shook my head no. “Kneel down on the floor over the bed”. I did as he commanded.

Suddenly he stopped, grabbed my chin and looked me in the eye. “Are you mine?” he asked. I replied. “Yes, of course!” “Completely mine and belonging to no other?” he asked again. “Yes.” With my answer he turned me around facing away from him. He pulled the drawer out and I could here him fishing around for something. “Put your hands behind your back” he said. I willingly obliged. I had wanted to try some bondage w/ him for some time now but until recently, had never had the courage to mention it to him. I could feel the wetness starting to increase and my skin felt sensitive to his touch. His every breath and touch made my skin feel alive. I moved back towards him and could feel his cock pushing against my back. He moved me forward and started to tie my hands together w/ silk cord. The anticipation was starting to get to me. Just as I was wondering what was next, he said “put your head back”, again I obeyed and he slipped a blindfold over my head and over my eyes. I was already close to orgasm.
He gently turned me around and started kissing me again. I felt no need to fight my restraints or see what was going on. I trusted him completely and knew he would not take it too far. His breath on my face felt good. I could feel him running his hands down my body to my breasts. Suddenly I felt a pinch on my nipple and gasped. “How does that feel?” he asked. “It’s good… I like it” I replied. Suddenly a pinch on the other one. Again I gasped as a jolt of pleasurable pain surged through my body. I heard the drawer again and the sound of a small chain. I knew he was grabbing the nipple clamps. I stood in anticipation, my wetness starting to drip down the inside of my legs. His hands hadn’t wandered any further down than my waist and I was eager for him to touch me. I felt his hot breath on my breast as he sucked on my nipple to get it rock hard. He bit down and another surge of pain jolted through me. Suddenly I felt a sharp pinch as he put one of the clamps on my nipple. “Turn around. I want to put the chain behind you” he said. I obeyed and could feel him putting the chain under my arms and over to the other side. Again he sucked until my nipple got hard and again, I felt a sharp pinch. I cried out softly. The pain was almost unbearable but yet was so intoxicating at the same time. By breasts were being pulled apart by the chain and the clamps.
He started to kiss me again and then told me to sit down on the edge of the bed. I sat slowly so as to not miss the bed. I could sense his presence in front of me and smell the musk of his skin. He didn’t have to tell me what to do… I knew what was expected. I opened my mouth and started searching for his cock with my tongue. He was already wet with pre-cum and oh, it tasted so good. I swallowed his cock into my mouth, wanting to take all of it. I could hear him moaning as I went back and forth on his shaft, licking and twisting, sucking and kissing. I felt him grab my head by my hair and new it was now or never. Take it all or gag on it. I opened my throat as best as I could and went down on him just as far. I could feel his head banging at the back of my throat. His shaft pulsating while he shot his load my gullet. The tingling in my pussy was getting too much to bear but I dared not ask him to satisfy it. I wanted to be a good slave to him and knew if I was, he’d reward me. I swallowed every bit of his juice and then continued to suck and lick until he was clean again.

He was fucking me harder and harder w/ his toys and I was holding it in as best as I could. I felt his breath on my back as he took the chain in his teeth. “Now!” he yells. “Let it go!” I felt him pull on that chain and my body started to shudder as an endless wave of orgasm took over me. I was screaming into the pillow as my pussy squirted out fluids that I didn’t realize I had. My pussy was pulsating violently and my body felt like it was being hit w/ a sonic boom, over and over again. I had come on his hands and his stomach. My nipples were aching from the chain being pulled so hard but it was such an exotic feeling at the same time. I collapsed my weight onto the bed as he let go of the chain and slowly pulled his fingers and the vibrator out of my holes. ‘That was good. You did well. Lift yourself up for me.”

By this point my pussy was soaking wet. My juices were dripping down my legs and my pussy was pulsating, ready to explode. He spread my legs w/ his knee and then pushed my head down into the bed. I felt his hand running up the inside of my thigh and the heat was emanating from my pussy. I felt his fingers reaching forward and then gliding back from my clit to my ass. My skin jumped to life and I moaned. He continued doing this until my entire nether regions were coated in my juices. Suddenly he plunged two fingers into me and I lurched forward. He fingered me for a minute or two as I moaned in delight and then he found my G spot. He started massaging it, slowly and softly at first. I was moaning and I could feel my orgasm building. The harder he massaged, the louder I moaned. He could tell I was getting ready to cum. I felt a jerk on my chain and a sharp pain raced through my body from my nipples. I was just about to cum and he let loose and removed his fingers. “No. Not yet... Hold it. Don’t cum until I say so.” I let out a little moan letting him know I understood. My legs were shivering and breathing was heavy and it took everything I had to concentrate and not let my orgasm go.
He started rubbing the outside of my pussy again, smearing my juices and lubricating everything. He started massaging my clit and then running his fingers back to my asshole and back again. I felt him squirt some lube on my ass and knew that every hole I had was going to be used tonight in some way. I heard the drawer again and knew either the butt plug or the G spot vibrator was coming out. I was right. He toyed w/ the outer rim of my asshole w/ the lube, getting the lube nice and warm. I felt his finger go in and again I moaned. His other hand kept exploring my pussy, switching back from my clit and my hole while he fingered my ass. After a moment I felt a second finger go in. It was getting to be too much. I was having a hard time controlling my orgasm. He put the vibrator in my pussy and turned it on. Oh my god…. I was being taken to a place I had never been. My head was swimming. My body was on fire. My pussy was begging to explode. I was moaning again…loud. “Bury your face in the pillow” he commanded. I did as he told me. He started fucking me harder and harder w/ that vibrator and with his fingers. “You’re going to come for me in just a minute. When I say let it go, let it go. Do you understand?” I nodded. I was moaning loudly, almost screaming. 
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A Light Bondage Story

Annie had long dark hair with hazel eyes and a curvy figure. She had more of the Marilyn Monroe body type, which is exactly what Markus liked. Markus had dark brown hair with light chocolate brown eyes. He was muscular but not to muscular. Annie always enjoyed walking arm and arm with him so she could feel his bicep. At the end of their dates when he would pull her in close and wrap his arms around her for a tight hug she never wanted it end. They had been dating for two weeks and tonight was the night she decided they would be together. When Markus picked her up for their date he was wearing a pair of charcoal grey slacks with a tight fitting black t-shirt that showed off all his upper body muscle definition. Annie could hardly contain herself. She was in a red knee length dress that defined every one of her curves. He reached to give her a kiss and hug.
“You look sensational.” He said.

He kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe. She was on the verge of exploding. He finally entered her and that was all it took to send her over the edge. Her entire body shook with pleasure. He smiled and continued on slowly determined to drive her to that point again. She wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips at a faster pace. Without a word spoken between them he got the message and matched his strides with hers. Within moments they both reached the point of ecstasy. This time she moaned loudly with her release and he let out a deep guttural sigh. He kissed her deeply and reached up to release her wrists from their restraint. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again.
“I wasn’t sure if you would be into that.” He said.
“I had no ideal that you were into that kind of thing. It was a complete turn on for me.” She said.
“I could tell. Maybe we can try something a little more in depth next time.” He said with a sly smile and a wink. She smiled as her mind raced with the possibilities of just were this could go.

“Thank you, so do you.” She replied smiling.
He kissed her with more passion then he ever had before. She didn’t want him to stop. She pulled him in for another kiss and this time she wasn’t stopping there. She reached and pulled his shirt off.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes.” She answered breathing heavily.
He kissed her again reaching behind to unzip her dress. He pulled her dress part way down and held it there restraining her hands. Her mind raced. She was getting more excited at the possibility of her being tied up and him having his way with her. She kissed him more fiercely and he responded with a harder kiss of his own. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom all the while still kissing her. He laid her on the bed and she reached to undo his belt. She slipped it off and he took it from her. Slowly raising both her arms above her head he looped the belt and slipped both her wrists through it and tied the other end to the bed post. She was growing more excited as the moments passed. 

He leaned over and kissed her hard sliding his hand over her breasts and down her stomach. She arched her back in anticipation of what was coming next. He slipped his hand into her panties and she moaned. He could feel her wetness at his slightest touch. He slipped of her panties and his pants. He knelt between her legs and kissed and bit gently on her inner thigh. She moaned loudly and he smiled to himself. He ran his tongue up her clitoris just to taste her and she quivered. He kissed her navel and worked his way to her nipples. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and was even more turned on that she couldn’t. He gently licked and bit each nipple. Her breath caught in her chest and she gasped. He continued to work his way up to her neck. 
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Tease lil

I had been teasing him all day. Bending over in front of him, showing him my cute lil ass, brushing up against him as I passed by, whispering in his ear how wet my lil pussy was. I guess I teased him just a little too much, because here I am bound to this chair. The ropes tied tight around my chest, exposing only my breasts. My arms and wrists bound to the arms of the chair. My legs and ankles spread achingly wide apart and tied to the legs of the chair, giving him full view and access to my sweet lil cunt. Blindfolded and gagged I sit here waiting, and listening. He leans over me and whispers in my ear "Babygurl wants to act like a lil slut, now she'll get treated like one" He laughs, that evil laugh that always makes my heart jump. I feel a finger brush against my pussy. "Mmm my lil whore is really horny isn't she." As the lips of my lil pussy instantly part and open for Daddy. I feel his breath on my neck, and cold metal between my breasts. My body stiffens, my heart races. I feel soft leather. Oh god, his mini flogger. I try to wiggle but its useless. His voice "haha you know whats coming don't you" I shake my head frantically as he drags the flogger over one breast, then the other.

I groan in his ear "Im going to cum" "Do it you fucking whore, cum on my cock." I exploded, my juices flowing over his cock. My pussy squeezing it so hard. I feel his cock start to throb and he moans in my ear "Im gonna fill my babygurl" He thrusts harder and starts shooting his warm load inside me. My head falls on his shoulder my arms wrapped around his neck holding onto him tight. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me so close, kissing my neck. He whispers in my ear "I have such a good babygurl." 

 The cold steel hardening my nipples. Then its gone. Just as I start to breathe again I feel the leather and metal hit my nipple. Before I can even feel the pain, 3 more swats. I try to cry out but the gag only muffles it. My body shaking, the pain shooting all over. 3 swats on my other breast. My nipples on fire. Tears rolling down my face from under the blindfold. "Babygurl will listen the next time Daddy tells her that's enough teasing wont she?" I nod slowly and feel daddy kissing away the tears. Then something warm and wet on my nipple. His mouth. First kissing, then a soft lick, before he sucks it into his mouth. His hand groping at my other breast. Twisting and pinching the nipple. My head swimming from the pain and pleasure. Then he switches, giving the other nipple the same sensual attention. He moves away and im smiling inside and out. But only for a moment. Another swat, this time on the tender lips of my lil cunt. 2, 3, 4 , 5 more before I can even catch my breath. The pain was almost unbearable. My pleas for him to stop muffled once again by the gag. My pussy was on fire. And wet at the same time. My tears soaking the blindfold. I feel his breath on my thighs. Soft kisses moving up and up. A kiss on my sore clit. 

Then his tongue, flicking over my ravaged cunt. The feeling was wonderful. His tongue pushing inside me. In and out, tongue fucking me. Im so close to cumming. He feels this and stops. He reaches up and takes the gag off. "is my lil slut really horny now?" "yes" I whisper. He takes off the blindfold. "Do you want me to fuck you?" "yes " I whisper even lower, almost breathless. He unties me, but tells me not to move. He walks over to the couch in front of me, takes off his clothes, sits down on the couch and starts stroking his big hard cock. I stare at his cock, the only thing I can think of is having it deep inside my hot lil pussy and him pounding me over and over. He gets harder watching me, looking at the marks he left. "Do you want my cock" I didn't speak, just nodded and licked my lips. "Are you horny lil slut?" Another quick nod, not taking my eyes off his cock. "Look at me" he says sternly and I look up into his eyes. Then he sees the look he's been waiting for. That animalistic spark that drives him crazy. "Come get it my cock hungry lil whore." That's all I needed. I jumped up and in seconds was straddling over him with his cock in my hand trying desperately to shove it into my hot lil hole. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. "That's it bitch, fuck me!" I slam my pussy down on his cock and scream out. Heat searing through me like a hot knife as his big cock tore into me and stretched me beyond anything ive ever felt. I start riding him hard and fast, his hands on my ass, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pushed me down and matched me thrust for thrust. 
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The Neighbors New

We live at the end of the street, we had no neighbors, I owned the lots around me so that would happen, but I never dreamed of them building in the field across the canal. I was in my work shop and I heard the machinery come in, I watched them over the months clearing the land, bringing in the concrete for the foundation, then starting to build it, it was going to be a large house, it had a pool laid out, and a changing house to the side, it had an outside grill area, the master bedroom was almost the entire up stairs, it was going to be very nice, I knew they couldn't see my house even if they had a telescope, so I had no fears of being spied on, since we don't like to wear clothing. After about eight months the house was ready, we went over to see it before they started to move in, it was beautiful, a strong Latin influence, and decorated very nicely. We waited for the owners to move in, they never came to the shore to meet us, so we didn't go over. I finally heard they were having a party and it sounded like it was a good one, I was out in my shop, I pulled out the binoculars, I had to dust them off, nothing to see around me except birds, so I didn't use them often. I adjusted them to see more clearly, I looked around and what I saw almost made me sick, I focused on the pool area, that's where the noise was coming from, I saw a woman with a collar around her neck and a leash, she was tied to a pole, the guys were all touching and feeling her, they had there fingers and hands all over her, she was trying not to cry, but it was close, then this man, I'm guessing the owner, came over to her, told her something and she shuck her head no, he raised his hand to her and he let it go across her tits, she cringed and started to cry, she shook her head yes after that, he untied her and tied it back lower letting some more of the rope out, she got down on all fours, she spread her legs and the guys all took turns fucking her, she took them in her mouth, pussy and I'm guessing her ass, she had four guys at once in her, she was doing her best, but she was not able to, when they all came, she laid there crying as the guys all laughed and one even pissed on her, that made all the other do the same thing. The boss of the lady took her over to the shower and turned it on, she washed off the pee and the cum from her, she stood there cold, the wet body, the cool spring air, she was shivering, the man finally got her a towel, she tried to wrap it around her but he would have that, she was to dry herself off and they started in on her again, she took them all again, and then again, she was to suck them off until they were hard and they fucked her again, I was boiling at that point, she obviously wasn't a willful participant in this, so I was ready to go over and take this guy out, permanently. I called over the intercom, and had Amanda come down and watch this, she was in tears when she saw what the woman was forced to do, there isn't any reason for this, I said I could go over and end this right now you know, she pulled me close and said no, not yet, lets wait until morning, then we'll go over and find out what's going on, ok, I said she could be dead at that point honey, she said Jack, if you go over there, you'll kill this guy, then I won't have you any more, so please, wait, for me, I said ok, but I still get my time with him, ok, she said we'll see,

 I said Amanda, she said we'll see, she had this power over me to keep me cool and calm, if not, I'd probably be in jail for murder or hurting some one so I listened to her. The next day we waited until we didn't see the guy any more, we did though see the woman that was tied to the pole, she was walking around the pool area, not perfectly walking but walking, we went across the canal in my little john boat, we yelled out to get her attention, she met us at the edge of the pool area, she introduced herself as Anna, and we introduced ourselves, she shuck our hands and we told her we came over to meet out new neighbors, she invited us in and showed us around, we got the grand tour, but when we got upstairs, she was a little timid there, we went up the curved stair case and when we got upstairs, we found out, it was a torture set up, there was straps and chains, a sex swing, the whole nine yards, there were whips along the wall, and dildos of all sizes and shapes, she said my husband likes this stuff. I said yea, we can see that, she just hung her head down low, she took us into the master bedroom, it was a smaller version of the main top floor, it had straps and cuffs, chains everything, even some face masks, and butt beads, it was a BDSM dream. I said your really into the torture thing aren't you, she didn't answer at first, she said her husband likes to entertain his clients, so I help out, I said you do this willingly, she said it's for his business, I said so, you don't like this, she said he's me husband, I have to do this, it's for his business. That's when Amanda took her aside and we told her that in this country it's called slavery, and it's illegal, so if you don't want to, tell us, we'll get him to stop this, she said oh no, please don't talk to him about it, it will make him angry, please tell me you won't, I said Anna, in this country, you would get everything here, plus he would be in jail, he couldn't hurt you anymore or make you do these awful things, she said but he's y husband, the wife is suppose to obey her husband,

 Anna did get the house and the business, but she canceled all the customers he had and started all over, she wanted nothing to do with them, and she was right doing it, she could have had them thrown in jail also, but she didn't. We hang out a lot, she comes and goes when she pleases, she still likes having sex with us, she loves having Amanda and I do her together, she cums so many times, I love having both ladies fuss over me, hey I'm human.

 Amanda said to some respect that is true, but what husband would allow other men to take his wife as a sex toy, that isn't what the bible says. She looked into Amanda's eyes, she said what can I do, he will hurt me if I don't obey, I said when is the next time like last night, she looked up with horror in her eyes, I said yes, we saw everything, and if it wasn't for Amanda, I would have been over here and hurt him, but she knows how to keep me in line to some extent. Anna said this weekend, they are all suppose to come over around 6 and I am to be ready for them, I said ok, I'm going to be watching, so act normal, I'm not going to do anything but watch, if they are getting to hurtful, look up towards the canal and mouth help me, I'll be here in a flash. I set up a video camera and had it zoomed in on the pool area, it was a digital so the clarity was great. I also had the binoculars set up on a stand so I didn't have to hold them, I was going to be ready if she needed me, well at 6 they all came out of the house and Anna was bound to the pole again, she was naked and the guys were all fondling her and feeling her pussy, she had one leg tied up so it made it easy for them to feel her pussy, and if they wanted to fuck her right then, so a few of them did, she took them and when they were done, she was to smile and thank them for fucking her so well. This went on for quite a while until two of the guys wanted to fuck her together, well normally that wouldn't have been a problem, but they both wanted to fuck her ass, the husband, Carlos tried to tell them no, but they wanted to, so he finally said ok, she begged them not to do that, the one man entered her ass, he was ok, but hten the other tried to do it, but she was to small, so they both pulled out and they went at her with there fists, entering her ass, she was screaming and she finally couldn't take it any more, she looked straight at the camera and mouthed help me, Amanda called the police, it had to go to the other county, but they were summoned, it would take some time to get there, because they were all the way on the line to my county, so I said the hell with this, I took Amanda with me, she took a base ball bat, she was going to save Anna, I was after Carlos, he was mine, and there wasn't enough cops in the world to save him, we got there and told them the party was over and all to leave, and if I saw them on the street, they were mine. They all took off like a scalded animal, Carlos said that this was his house and we had no authority to break up his party, in the mean time Amanda had released Anna and was waving the bat at him, I was standing back, I know when she is mad, so I was standing clear, she was going off on him, she told him that no one, not even a slave was to be treated like your wife was being treated, so if he wanted to say something, say it to her, and she would smash his teeth in his mouth, she had such a tight grip on the bat, her knuckles were white, I knew she would do it too. He threw up his hands and said I'm calling the police, I said no need we already did, and with the video tape and audio we had, he would see day light for at least twenty years, if he lived that long in prison.he laughed and said that I would be the one going to jail, he's done nothing wrong. I said oh we'll see about that, so when he heard the sirens coming closer, he took off, he ran up stairs, I was hot on his trail, he tried to lock himself inside his room, but my foot didn't see it that way, I went threw the door afterwards, and he was waiting for me with a whip, I took one hit, then I hit him, I hit him so hard he went over his bed and stayed down, I went over to him, picked him up and I was ready to throw him out the window, he actually begged me not to, but I really wanted to, the police told me to let him down, they would take care of him, so I did, as I did, he went for me again, he took the lamp from the table and was going to hit me with it. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, the police already had drawn there guns at him, I kicked him in the chest, that propelled him into the wall, he thudded hard and was out, they took him away, and with the tape and audio I had, the judge put him away for 40 years, with no parole chances.
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Peek you Pay

I got home early one afternoon and heard the shower it must be Dee the woman who lives with my wife and me.She is ten years younger than we are five four redish brown hair and a great body.She got out of a bad marriage and we gave her a place to start over.As i walked down the hall i saw the door was open a couple of inches i just had to peek ! I looked in at the mirror and saw she had one leg up on the edge of the tub she was shaving her leg.As i watched she stated to shave her pussy not leaving a single hair.I could feel my dick starting to come to life.When she was done she let the shower wash away the soap and hair.As she turned off the water and got out she saw me in the mirror.She told me to come in and said you saw me now i want to see you.I felt my face get red as i slowly removed my clothes,i said i was sorry .She said not as sorry as you will be.She told me to put my hands on the shower rod and took a pair of pantyhose and tied my wrist to it.

She tugged the string as she told me to jerk off on her tits and pussy. At this point i would do anything she wanted,i started to stroke my dick she never looked away from my eyes as i stroked faster and faster.She smiled as the cum burst out on to her breast trailing down to her pussy,i milked the last drops on to her clit.She told me to clean up the mess i had made,i did not move fast enough she gave the string the hardest tug yet.I licked her tits clean and then followed the trail down to her pussy as i was cleaning around her clit she came again.After ten minutes she was cum free.She got up and pulled me into the bath room.She told me to get in the tub and lay down she climbed over me and spread her legs,piss came flying out down my chest spilling over my body towards my still half hard dick.She laughed as she climbed out ,untied the string and turned on the shower.Now we are even she said .So remember if you peek you have to pay.I know i will peek again as soon as my ass recovers.

She leaned close to me and whispered don't go any where and laughed as she left the room.A few minutes later i hear the door close behind me that was the only thing i heard before i felt the belt slashing against my exposed ass maybe twenty fast hits. I begged her to stop.after ten more she did.Dee moved to the side of me i could see she had a black vibrator about eight inches long and thick she was pouring baby oil on it.I asked her not to use that one me i promised never to peek again.She said i still owed her for today,she moved behind me and started to rub her toy up and down my crack.After a couple of minutes i felt pressure as she started to push her monster in my virgin ass.I thought it was going to split me open!She worked her toy in slowly at first then faster and harder after about ten minutes she said it's all the way in and turned it on.She reached around and put a leather shoe string around my balls and dick.Dee gave it a slight pull just to show me how she could rip them off if she wanted too.She went back to fucking my ass with her toy,every once and awhile she would tug her string.

Dee told me she would untie my hands but if i did not do as i was told she would pull the string.she pulled her toy out and untied my hands.She led me to the bedroom and got on her hands and knees still holding the string,she told me to lick her asshole.I slowly spread her cheeks and licked between them .She pulled the string and told me to use my tongue like a dick ,i put my tongue in as far as i could and swirled it around in and out slowly.She gave the string a tug and said faster i had no choice i plowed in and out for at least ten minutes i felt her body tighten up a few times and knew she was cumming.
Dee rolled over on to her back and told me to lick her pussy it was soaked with her juices.I spread her lips and licked and sucked the wetness i sucked her clit into my mouth and acted like it was a little dick i was giving a blow job too.She came again more juice to lick up.After fifteen minutes or so she said i only had a few more things to do so we would be even.

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Night Kink

We had gotten a hotel room. Cheap for what we had planned that night. We met at a bar called Hydrate. She walked right up to me and slowly slide her fingers up my arm. The tingle alone gave me a hard-on. She had a short black dress on with long high heel boots.
"I love your tattoos," she said following the design with her nails. "Can I see."
I smiled as I lifted up my sleeve and made sure I flecked. Getting a tattoo up my arm was the best idea I ever had; chicks love it! We talked, drank, and flirted from then on. After three shots, she was grabbing my crouch and I her ass. I couldn't wait to feel her tight smooth skin with that dress off. I even lost track of the conversation, but she was asking if I had any fantasies.

I started muffling, and when she looked at me, I indicated that I was still tied. She walked over to, sat down next to me, and instead of untying me, she kissed me directly on my gag.
"Thanks for helping me with part of my fantasy," she said getting up. "It was hot."
"What!?!" I was confused. Wasn't she going to untie me!?! I screamed into the gag and jerked at my ropes. The bitch picked up my clothes with her bag and headed for the door. I muffled as much as I could, bouncing my naked bound body on the creaky bed. She opened the door, shut out the lights, then gave me one last look and wink "Oh, and I love your tattoos" and she closed the door. 

"I don't know," I laughed and check out her breasts. "I like it kinky, maybe to do it someplace sleazy like a hotel room or something."
"Oh really?" She licked her lips driving me crazy. "I like it kinky too. If I help you with your fantasy, will you help me with mine?"
She even winked and I didn't even have to think twice. "Hell yeah!" And we started making out and grinding at that point up until we busted through the hotel room door.
"So do you like this?" She asked throwing her bag onto the floor grabbing at my pants.
"Oh yeah!" I said pulling off my shirt.
She then dropped my pants and exposing my hard cock. That's when realized how chilly it was and I anticipated our body warmth. I reach for her dress, but she stopped me.
"Ready for my fantasy?" She said pushing me back toward the bed.
"And what's that, babe?"
She slapped my bare ass causing me to jump a bit.
"Get on the bed." She said and I quickly jumped back on the bed causing the old metal springs to creak up and down. She dropped down to her bag, unzipped it and starting pulling out rope.
"Wow, you just carry that around?" I laughed and watched as she approached me. "Um, is that for you or me."
She just smiled, took my hand, and started tying the rope around it. "I've never done this before."
She pushed me back down onto the bed and started tying it to the bed post. Pretty tight too. She then walked around and worked on the other hand. When she finished, I pulled at my restraints and I was bound pretty tight. Then I saw her pulling my leg to the corner and wrapped the rope around my ankle, she pulled hard and tied it to the bed post stretching my legs completely out which kind of hurt. I felt my heart race, and I was able see down her blouse, keeping my cock hard. "So this is your fantasy?"
"Part of it," she laughed and finished my other leg. I couldn't move at all.
She then reached in her bag and pulled out a gag, and crawled on the bed over top of me. "Do we really need that?" I asked, my heart still racing.
"I'll have you moaning so loud, you'll need it."
I was still hesitant. How was I going to suck on those tits? But then I feel her vagina press up against my stomach. She wasn't wearing any underwear under that dress! I dropped my mouth open and she shoved the gag right in and tied it tightly around my head. It even hurt and I tried to speak up but I was muffling at this point. She got off of me, I watched her light up a cigarette. She walk around me, watching me like I was a piece of her work. I stared back at her, even a little scared until she turned and pulled off her dress, revealing her perfect ass. All she wore now was those boots. She bent, showing it off. I pulled at my rope; i wanted her so bad. She pulled out a horsewhip, some more rope, and a razor. My heart jump, maybe skipped a beat. She slapped the whip down across my chest, making me jump again.
"You ready for some fun, big boy?"
I tried screaming but everything was muffled.
Now let's tame that beast of yours."
She took the rope, wrapped it around my balls and tying my cock up tight. I screamed and pulled at my bonds, but nothing but the feeling off the rope gripping around my cock.
"I told you I'd make you moan." She picked up her whip. "Now let's disciple that stallion." I scream NO! But she whipped down on my balls. I screamed into my gag and squirmed. She actually took pleasure in it and went to town on my cock. This bitch was crazy! She then picked up the razor and froze there on the bed.
"Now for the grand finale."
I started pleading into the gag. She climb on top of me and held the razor to my balls. After a playful wink, she cut the rope freeing my cock.
"Should I trim some hairs while I'm at it?" She slide the blade around my piece.
My head hit the pillow, my heart racing. Her breasts followed the blade though. Finally show wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked. The pleasure shot out into my limbs as I started moaning into the gag with bliss.
"Better?" She asked. I quickly nodded "Now let's ride that stallion."
She climbed up, letting my penetrate her, and she started riding. Harder and harder, grabbing my pecs, digging those nails in me. It felt amazing. I moaned and trembled like nothing else. I bite into my gag. She road me to I finally let my load go into her, ending in a climatic orgasm for the both of us.
We each took a moment to catch our breath, and she climbed down off of me. "That was amazing" I thought as I laid there. I watched as she lite another cigarette, her body still looked amazing. I couldn't wait to join her and tell her how amazing it was. She stuffed the whip and razor back into her bag, picked up her dress and started putting on her dress. It was a shame to to see that beautiful body get covered up. I looked at my hands, still bound and wondered when she was going to untie me. She finished dressing, packing, and even checked herself in the mirror, like I wasn't even there.

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Milk Spill

I use the city bus to get to work and do errands. I see a lot of guys that I would just love to have them lay a whole yard of cock in me. Now the kind of guys I like are the geeky glass wearing, nerdy pencil thin stature, introvert computer dweebs. I just find them attractive because I know there is a lot of deviant sex fantasies going through their minds when they are sitting at their boring desk jobs filling up the hours of their mundane lives.
One late fall afternoon, I accidently dropped my bag of groceries right after I got off the bus. I bent down to pick up the plastic pint of milk when the handle broke off crashing to the ground only to have the milk splash up to my neck. I was so embarrassed so I quickly took out a tissue from my purse and wiped off the milk that was streaming down my neck running straight down my cleavage. All of a sudden, this guy helped me pick up my groceries and I recognize him as a regular on the bus. I saw his hazel eyes beam at me through his dark rimmed glasses as I thanked him for his help.
After that day I started to fantasize about him on a nightly basis and used his image as the focus of my masturbation sessions. Each time I inserted my dildo into my tight ass I would imagine him ramming me from the back.
Each morning, I would pick an empty seat to sit in and place my purse next to me so no one would sit with me until the bus pulled up to the bus stop of the guy with the dark rimmed glasses. I would immediately place my purse on my lap and hoped he would sit next to me. I would stare straight ahead expressionless in order to ensure I would not look desperate at my attempt for this guy to fuck me silly. But he would never sit next to me. So after a week and a half I stopped using him as my focus for my nightly masturbation sessions.
Then, one day I got off the bus and started walking straight to my apartment, I felt a slight tug at my arm. I turned around swiftly ready to stare down the person who was attempting to assault me. To my fucking surprise it was the guy in the dark rimmed glasses. I guess he saw my mad stare and he kinda backed away a bit and then he explained that I left my scarf on the bus. He recognized my scarf since I was wearing it that day he helped me pick up my groceries. Talk about a god given opportunity for me to take him home and have him screw me up against the bathroom wall. But I wanted to play it cool. So I asked him if I could buy him a drink since it would be my way of thanking him for helping me with the grocery incident and returning my scarf to me. Of course he accepted, I could see that fuck hungry look in his eyes. He knew he was going to get some by the way I arched my back and pointed my tits right in his face.
After I bought him a gin and tonic, I found out he was an accountant working “for the same god-damned company for 9yrs”. I ordered a pink zinfandel. To my surprise this pencil pusher was kinda funny and if you can make me laugh well you certainly got me sopping up my panties. I finished off my 3rd glass of pink zin and he finished his drink I bought for him. I was nicely buzzed, the kind of buzz where I would be a good lay since I would be up for anything. He said he wanted to walk me home since it was getting late. I awkwardly mumbled something about pink zin being my favorite beverage after a long day, he responded by saying “a mouth full of pink pussy was a way he liked to end any day of the week.” I immediately rubbed my tits up against him and said” I was ready and willing to end his day right.”
He stared straight at me and said nothing, then he forcefully grabbed my hand and we headed straight out the door.
I told him I lived right around the corner, he said “no” sternly and then he leaned up to the side of my ear and deeply whispered “I want to fuck you hard because I want to hear you moan and beg loudly for cock, I have a sound proof bedroom at my place.” I was too tipsy and too horny to disagree so I let him lead me to his place.
As soon as we got there I started to paw at his crotch. He grabbed my hand forcefully and twisted it behind my back. I started to breathe hard, quickly and deeply since I liked the way he was dominating me. He then said “I thought you were a heartless bitch by the way you never would return my glances, but now I see you for what you are…. a hungry cunt, drooling for cock”. I was so turned on because he seemed like such the passive type. We headed straight for the sound proof master bedroom.
He immediately pushed me up against the wall next to his bed and told me “I love your tits especially when I saw the milk all over your chest that day you dropped your groceries, I would fantasize titty fucking you everytime I rode the bus that week.”

 He said“fuck no” and after awhile ignored me and just looked straight at me when I beggted, I was never fucked 20 minutes non-stop. I came twice in that 20 minute session and before that night I never came while I was being fucked lying on my back. I was so wet and he wouldn’t give into my pleas for other positions that he could fuck me or for him to stop, he had that smug smile that just kept me getting wetter and wetter. We fucked throughout the whole night and before I went home at 5am we did end the session with him having a mouth full of pink pussy. Needless to say I called in sick that day in order rest my stretched out pussy and asshole. I still see him on the bus and on occasion when he has had a bad day he takes me to the bar to have a drink and a whole night of hard core fucking.

I told him he could titty fuck me if he would fuck me up the ass hard. So I quickly led him to his bed and straddled him. But before I could start grinding on his crotch, he tore a whole in crotch of my pantyhose for easy access. He started calling me an easy fucking cow and I started getting off on it. He kept calling me drunk cunt over and over and was just getting off on it. I finally said fuck you and grabbed his adams apple. He quickly pushed me off his crotch and onto the bed and flipped me over. I looked back at him a started laughing up at him. He was behind me and put his full weight on my back and said the following “I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you, not because of how you looked but because you seemed like a fucking bitch!” He kept calling me filthy fucking bitch in my ear as he started rubbing my clit and eventually finger fucking me with 3 fingers. I started calling him a fucking asshole and he told me to scream it louder since no one could hear. Each time he shoved his fingers into my pussy I started to cream more and more. He then said fuck this, and he took out his beautiful throbbing cock and started fucking me. He said he needed to lubricate his cock since he was going to stick it up my ass. I started laughing at him and asked him if he knew how. Then without a moments noticed he said, “If you only knew” and he gave a hard deep thrusts of his cock right in my ass. I starting screaming and all the while kept saying with every other thrust, “I knew you were a screamer” I was begging for it, “more, harder, faster.” Then he stopped. I started going crazy because I was on the verge of cumming. I turned around and was about to slap him across the face when he grabbed my hand and pushed me on the bed. He quickly maneuvered himself on top of me and used my scarf to tie my hands to his bed post, then he pushed my tits together and started to tit fuck me. He started to call me an easy cow and I was getting off because he was calling me an easy cow and because he was tit fucking hard. I started screaming with fucking delight as he was getting ready to cum. He stopped tit fucking me and quickly started to jack off and within seconds his load was all over my face, hair and of course my neck and chest. His grunting turned me the fuck on. After he came, he knew I still needed to get off. So he went into his bathroom and I heard water running. I was drunk with alcohol and drunk with the fuck session that we just had. Moments later, I felt a towel wiping my hair and face and slowly wiping my neck and chest and he whispered, just like that day with the milk.
He then sat next to me and untied my hands from the bedpost and propped me up against him and he placed me on his crotch. I felt his limp dick pressed against my vagina and I said “I don’t think you can play, your soft” He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “Not for long, now rub those pussy lips against my groin area you snobby bitch.” I moaned and smiled as I looked into those hazel eyes and obliged his request. I started to feel waves of wetness soaking directly into his crotch and I knew he felt it too since he commented “Its real easy to turn your faucet on”. I said to him “fuck you” as I slapped him across the face. I was eager for his reaction. And what a fucking reaction it was. He was surprised at first and then he grabbed my hair and pulled it back with my head following the direction of the pull. He had a fist full of my hair and I was on my back. I begged him sweetly for a kiss and I apologized for being such a snobby bitch.. He leaned in to kiss me and his kisses were soft. I started to kiss him and then we started to deeply kiss, all the while he is rubbing his cock up against my clit and he still has his fist full of my hair. I then bite down hard on his lip drawing blood, he fucking screams straight into my face and immediately I feel his dick harden up. I laugh at him. But then in one swift motion, he slips his huge bulging cock into my pussy and starts to bang me hard. At first I take him all in and I moan with pleasure since this is what I want, I wanted this badly. I think he will cum in a 10 minutes but he straight fucks me for 20 minutes. I know because he had digital clock by his bed and he noticed me glancing over at it and said “Take this cock bitch since this is what you wanted, I wont cum for awhile so I suggest you get comfortable and wait for me to cum” I begged him to fuck me from behind or let me ride him.
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Distance Long

Me & Derek, *boyfriend* were talking one night, that night it was the same as usual, since it was long distance, i got use to this, we always talked on AIM. It's okay sometimes I guess, i've been with him a couple times, only about 5 since he took my virginity, but he only does sweet things, it annoys me so much. I like it hard, fast, really dominated, you know, him taking advantage of me. Usually in these stories you hear that they're using chains & whips, i'm not that freaky. But I do like being tied up & blindfolded.
So anyway, we were talking, for hours, then I sent him a picture or something, saying would you do this to me? It had a picture of a girl tied up w/ a gag thing in her mouth, he just bluntly responded, "no." I was immediately turned off again. He just went on talking about how his life was, but all I could think about was his dick, I wanted his meat so badly, but I wanted him to fuck me harder than any other time. I needed him to tie me up, & get hot from my weak body.
He started rambling something about how the tests at school sucked, & guys kept telling him how hot I was, & that they'd bang me so hard. Without thinking, I responded to that, "Maybe they should," it took him a little longer than usual to respond, & he got really pissed, "What? Why?" I responded, already having what I would say typed out, "Because atleast they'd fuck me the way I want it, unlike you, you're always doing it the sweet way, i'd fuck any guy who wanted to give me the best senstation ever, because you fucking wont," this time, he typed like speed lighting, "Oh yeah?" "Alright, just wait, i'll give you what you want. & You're not gonna like it, but i'll leave you begging for more," he signed off before i could respond.
I was brushing my teeth the second it happened, my dog, cornillieous started going crazy, barking so loud, & it sounded like someone was coming into my house. I got really scared, but slightly excited, as a wave of pleasure spun up my spine & down my clit. Just like the rest of those dumbshit whores in horror movies, I went into the living room, & walked toward the front door, which was still locked & everything. My excitement slowly wore off. I heard someone in my kitchen, I ignored it, not ready to get my hopes again. So I sauntered off to bed, wishing that there would be someone in my doorway. I wandered back into the bathroom, to turn the nightlite on. I've been afraid of the dark since I was a little girl. Right when I started walking out, something on my shelf fell, I hadn't noticed that my bedroom door was slightly cracked open. I picked up the fallen picture of me & Derek. I stared at it for a second, then set it on the shelf.
As I turned back to my bed, I felt a cold blade against my neck & a hand with a leather black glove on, then a muffled voice next to my ear, "Do anything, or scream, i'll fucking kill you," I was just as excited as I was terrified, there was a storm outside, & the power went out, including the only light. I started getting more & more turned on, I moved my hand back to feel a slight buldge in the masked man's pants, I started grouping it, he pulled the knife away, moaned softly, then pushed me onto the bed. I landed on my stomache, my ass was facing him, I tried to crawl away, but I felt a soft cloth around my wrists. He was tieing me up! I felt so excited, i felt my panties slowly get soaked.
Feeling horny, I started to kick, he flipped me over, holding the blade to my throat again, "Don't fucking move," then I was picked up a little thrown down onto my bed, he got on top of me, grabbing my right wrist, then tieing it up, & repeating untill my legs & arms were secured to the bed posts. He wripped off my little gown, sending shivers down my spine & tingles up my clit. He looked at my body for a second, then got out another thin piece of cloth, then tied it around my eyes, so I couldn't see. He pulled his hands away after making sure it was tight, I felt his hand move up my thigh, when he noticed that I started to pant a little, he stopped, making me wish he would keep going. He pulled down my silk panties, revealing my hairless mound & wet pussy lips. I felt his dick on my thigh, which only got me more & more excited. He got off me, & cut the panties with his knife, pulling them off.
Suddenly he touched me softly in all the right places, caress my skin so gently, makin me tingle more & more. Moving his hand past my waist, his big hands stated rubbing my pussy lips & sticking his long big fingers between them, his thumb was teasing my clit. The second I started cumming again, dripping from my vaginal walls, he pulled his hands out, & rubbing my cum along my clit, just making me cum more. He get between my legs beating off his dick to my little pussy. As he started to move the head of his dick inbetween my wet pussy lips, he moved up & down slowly, I was moaning to the sensation building up inside me, right before he was about to cum a little he got out from between my legs & he wouldn't do anything else but let me beg for him to come back. As he stood at the foot of my bed i could hear him beating off to me, I was begging for him to just come back & touch me one last time.

He moves my hips faster, & starts cumming inside my tight pussy, he leans over & places my tits in his mouth once more, his tongue ring was playing with my hard nipples, my voice recovered a little bit, I started moaning louder, he stops again, leaving his dick inside me. He leans over me, "I want your ass, but I dont wanna pull my dick out," I scream as an orgasm erupts through my entire body. I start panting, but manage to say, "there are other things, you can use, to fuck my, ass!" He smirks, from the laugh I could tell he was pleased, I tense up & cum shoots everywhere again, it drips down his dick, hitting his balls. He starts pounding my pussy harder & harder, then he whispers, "how about a couple fingers?" I cant even speak I start panting softly, "ohhh...goddd, yessss,!" I feel his cum shoot in me again.

I had begged for him for a good 5 minutes, wanting him to cum on my naked body so badly. Just when I couldn't take it anoymore, he stood beside me, stroking faster on his hard big dick from what I felt, a good 3 inches atleast, I desperately wanted to know how long, feel how long, taste how long. I heard him moan, then I felt the warm sensation of his cum along my thighs & hips, I moaned as if I was having a major climax. I wanted to taste his cum so badly, just the thought got me so excited, I felt him move over me on the bed, his dick brushing my tummy a little, turning me on so much. He was over me, I didn't know what he was doing until I felt a warm substance all over my breasts, he rubbed it in, then placed his mouth over my nipple. Sucking & biting ever so slightly, I got chills, the excitement just burst inside me & I spasmed everywhere, my body went into convulsions.
He never stopped sucking, just calmly moving over to my second breast. This time sucking a little harder, biting less, I rolled my eyes back into my head, the cum was dripping down my pussy & inner thighs, his dick was inbetween my thighs, I heard the slight moaning, & little vibrations coming from his mouth as he felt me cum. He brings a hand down & jacks off one last time, it wasn't long before he shot his load all over my pissy, he starts pulling his mouth off, soft complaints came from my mouth, but they just sounded like soft pants of "stopp" His hand moved down my stomache, tracing my belly button, I felt the sensation coming back, the excitement, there was something familiar about this soft touch, but I ignored it, just enjoying this, his hand moved down and started stroking my clit, I felt the warm cum on his hand, he first stuck in two fingers, going hard & fast, making me scream in pleasure, then 3, making me scream & moan in pleasure & in pain.
I started cumming from all the teasing, I yelled at him, from the excitement, the adrenaline, & the pleasure, "JUST FUCK ME! I WANT THAT SEXY FUCKING THICK LONG MEAT INSIDE MY TIGHT PUSSY! FUCK ME TILL YOU CANT FEEL YOUR DICK, YOU FUCKING KNOW YOU WANT TO!" From my amazement I felt the head of his dick at the entrace of my pussy. He waits for a few minutes, the anticipation was killing me, when I heard breathing near my ear, he whispered, "Boo," then shoved all what felt never ending 10 inches of dick inside me, I nearly screamed, but his mouth was over mine right as I was about to. His kiss was soft, sweet, & it was electrifying. His dick was moving so hard & fast I met my orgasm sooner than expected, but he didn't stop. His mouth released mine, then he bit down so hard onto my neck, making me bleed, then he sucked so hard, making me scream.
He's fucking me the hardest now, i'm screaming & moaning, panting & sweating, cum covered my body, it was squirting from where his dick was pumping my pussy. I tell him, "Stop, get off me, it's hurting!" I felt a warmer liquid, he was making me bleed, oh god, how long has it been? Long enough for my hymen to grow back? Fuck! He just yells at me, "Shut the fuck up & take what I give you, fucking slut," this turned me on so much, I arched my back, realeased a moan louder than anything ever before, & I started to push his dick further in, wanting so much more, I felt him explode inside me, he was moaning, so was I, it was hotter than any other experience, or story i've ever read.
He stops, leaving all 10 inches inside me, then to my surprise he sticks his fingers in, & immediately hits my g-spot, I scream in pleasure, my scream was faded from all the other noise I had made, I realized I was losing my voice, so if I needed help, I wouldn't be able to call for it, he laughed & moaned at my cum squirting everywhere again. He pulls his fingers out & grabs my hips extremely hard, leaving bruises, not pulling out once, he moves my hips around his huge meat & I realize who he is, from the soft touch, the kiss, the whispering, the hard but gentle sex, I realized it was him, & just said as loud as I could, "Ahhhhh fuck me baby, I love your dick! Keeeeep doing thattt, oh god, i'm gonna orgasm all over your dick more than once, over & over!" I start cumming, feeling the orgasm hitting me.

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