Freida Pinto : body double conundrum

There is a new trend in Hollywood when it comes to nudity. One involves the CGI-shopped nude scenes and actresses quickly blurting out the truth (Olivia Wilde) in interviews. And when artists are quick to announce it wasn’t them but a body-double. There is no way to verify it except taking them on their word. And we all know actors don’t lie …….
IMHO, I’m pretty sure Freida Pinto was bullshitting about the nude stand-in. I edited and sharpen Pinto’s body-double nude scene in Immortals and compare them with Pinto body structure, shape and physical characteristics. And I come to conclusion Miss Pinto is lying through her teeth.

[1] contrary to views about Miss Pinto lacking in derriere department, the photos shows it’s her choice of frumpy dresses that covers bit too well the posterior.

[2] deep cleft on her right elbow if pic is taken at right angle.

[3] distinctive notch on the back of her right knee. Same goes with left knee.

[4] a body double is usually needed for brief sex scene; either shot from distance or close-up to cover the fact it was not the real McCoy. So there is not lot of direction required to instruct the BD in intricate details. Mannerism (is one of them). Look at the way the supposed BD bent her hand at the wrist and clasped her palm. Compare it with Pinto own style. Her thumb is always close to or touches the index finger.

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