Laura Vandervoort : Esquire's Me In My Place

Laura Vandervoort : Esquire's Me In My Place
(photoshoot & BTS video)

funny joke from a beautiful woman 

* not a single peep at her jewels. No see-thrus. Missing nippy shots. Where are the camel-toes? Is it me or the canucks have suddenly develop aversion to film nudity in last decade or so? Starting with that Elisha sloppy seconds Cuthbert. Thank god for the Brits and Aussies for picking up the slack.
At prime age of 28, Laura should be an established star with her confident and almost flirtatious screen presence. Svelte figure and face perfectly sculptured (wants to bite those cheek-bones). But thanks to her prudish ways, the Ontario-native is reduced to blink-and-you-miss cameo in ex-boyfriend Chris Pine’s This Means War.

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