Chilean girls are sexy!

* credit and thanks to Stan:
"Vimeo is such an amazing site for nudity. I recently found this little gem there. I don't speak Spanish, but it appears to be a Chilean pseudo-documentary about a film crew that's filming a lesbian sex scene between two young actresses. There's a ton of nudity as the crew goes through several takes to shoot the scene. At one point one of the actresses even breaks down crying as she sits there naked in front of a room full of people. It's pretty hot, although I'm sure it was staged."

Bubble Wand Remixes (feature length)

Bubble Wand Remixes from Cinépata on Vimeo.

Translated -
Bubble Wand delves issues that are not common in the Chilean film: modesty, the body, the feminine, the fear. Technically the film is nine short (remixes) that were re-mixing of the true story of a group of film students trying to make his first job: a short-documentary-musical-porn-stop motion. Both girls are pretending to be 17-years old so there is no underage issues here. 

Watch this one, guys . The girls are cute. Magnificent boobs on one babe (you'll know who I'm referring to). The nude segments are almost surreal with a touch of Pierre Woodmanism to it except there is no anals or DP involved.


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