special London sexolympics report : 2

First Nip Slip of the 2012 Olympics
It belongs to . . . 22-year-old Urantsetseg Munkhbat, a 106-pound judo competitor from Mongolia.

Only a couple days into the Olympics, and there's been a nip slip. It belongs to 22-year-old Urantsetseg Munkhbat, a 106-pound judo competitor from Mongolia. She was competing against Paula Pareto of Argentina yesterday, when Pareto yanked on her shirt, exposing her right nipple . . . to whoever happened to be watching live streaming judo online at the time. It wasn't broadcast on NBC. Munkhbat went on to lose the match, and didn't win a medal. Pareto also failed to medal.


Has anyone mentioned the Olympics will be a sex-fest?
I’m thinking the real reason so many athletes lodged appeals over their non-selection for the 2012 London Games had nothing to do with Olympic glory. The real reason athletes were desperate to board the plane was because the media has been building up the Olympic Village as hot-bed of booze, sex and drugs.
And I’m pretty sure the Independent Olympics Appeal Committee knew that too. 

I’d be appealing my non-selection. Looks like this Olympics is going to be off the hook!
I’ve counted more than 50 separate articles foreshadowing rampant promiscuity at the London Games. I’m not sure if that’s more of a reflection on me as a consumer of web content or on the mainstream media itself.
The London Games will see some 10,000 athletes – all in their prime of their physical lives – bunk down together for three weeks, with 150,000 of free condoms to be made available.
The Daily Mirror helpfully points out that equates to 15 condoms per person – or, according to researchers, four hours of pleasure with R-and-B star Usher.

The sexual angle has dominated all reportage on the Olympics so far. Sex-starved journalists are furiously channelling their inner E.L. James (author of Fifty Shades of Grey, for those with literary taste) in describing how the village is set to descend into a frenzied, no-holds-barred orgy not seen since Roman times.
Little has been made of the actual events themselves, with most athletes apparently viewing the competition a mere curtain raiser to the inevitable sex romp.

Who cares about the number of medals we’re expected to take away from the Games when we can discuss the ratio of condoms per athlete?
With all this in mind, I can only feel for Nick D’Arcy and Kendrick Monk, who were ordered home by the Australian Olympic Committee for their part in the firearms photo controversy.
I’ve heard that D’Arcy is set to take matters into his own hands on the flight home, but that can’t be the same as being there.


The Most Beautiful Female Athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics
With the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympics happening yesterday, our minds are all racing with anticipation for the competition, the thrill of achieving victory and glory for one’s country, and of course, the beautiful women competing. But we here at TheCelebrityCafe.com are never ones to objectify women. You’ll notice that the women on this list have skills just as stunning as their looks. Here, we select some beautiful women athletes competing in the Summer Olympics.

T’erea Brown – Track and Field – USA
This 22-year-old track star is one we want to keep up with. A graduate of the University of Miami, she’s coming into the Olympics after a third place finish at the U.S. track and field finals earlier this summer.

Margaux Isaksen – Modern Pentathlon – USA
This pistol is coming into the 2012 Summer Olympics after snatching up a first place win at the women’s pentathlon event at the 2011 Pan American Games. 

Rebecca Soni – Swimming – USA
Rebecca currently holds the world record for the 100- and 200-meter breaststroke. At the London Olympics, she doesn’t intend on losing her status as one of the best American swimmers when she competes in those two events again. 

Misty May-Treanor – Beach Volleyball – USA

A beach volleyball veteran, Misty, and her partner Kerri Walsh are going after a third consecutive gold medal. After their victory against Australians Tasmin Hinchley and Natalie Cook Saturday night, she’s on her way to proving that the first, second, and third times are always the charm. 

Marlen Esparza – Women’s Boxing – USA

In May, Marlen became the first American female boxer to qualify for the Olympic gold when the event included women’s boxing for the first time. With endorsement deals for CoverGirl and Coca-Cola, as well as a feature in Vogue, this 22-year-old knockout proves pretty girls can also throw a punch. 

Serena Williams – Tennis – USA

A two-time Olympic gold medal winner in the doubles competition in tennis (which she won with her sister Venus), Serena is now stepping out for the singles gold on her own. She would add that victory to her 14 individual Grand Slam championships. And proving there’s nothing like a girl that can dress, she did all of this while proving that tennis players can dress like rock stars too. 

Heather Mitts – Soccer – USA

Heather has won two Olympic gold medals in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics as a member of the U.S. National Women’s team. This blonde also appeared in the Sports Illustrated issue in 2005. 

Hope Solo – Women’s Soccer – USA

A goalkeeper for the Seattle Sounders Women, Hope has played for the U.S. women’s national soccer team since 2000. She proved her moves go beyond the soccer field when she competed in the 13th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars last year, making it to the semifinals with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Lolo Jones – Women’s 100m Hurdles – USA

Even though Lolo, who specializes in 60- and 100-meter hurdles, has won three NCAA titles, that’s not all she has to brag about. She’s also a staple on Twitter with almost 200,000 followers. 


Found: The Most Butt-Obsessed Camera Man At The 2012 London Olympics
by Dan Fogarty

The web roundup for Monday, July 30th. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See anything that should be on SportsGrid? Send it to tips@sportsgrid.com. Now, our starting five.

1. Olympic camera guy just can’t get himself enough butts.
Slovenian triple jumper Snežana Rodić caught the eye of one camera man at the 2012 Games, and he decided to dedicate the majority of his lens work to her derriere. [Bro Bible]

2. NBC has no idea who Evander Holyfield is.
We already know the Today Show can’t keep its black quarterbacks straight, but now comes word that they interviewed former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield like he was just some random dude on the street. Hire more people who watch sports, Today Show! [twimg]

3. “Carrying a pistol around. Uncool.”
Police are conducting an internal investigation of the March traffic stop of former Arkansas State running back Michael Dyer. (Dyer was kicked off the team Sunday.) In the video, the cop who pulls Dyer over pretty much talks to him like he’s his little brother. [Arkansas Sports 360]

4. Guy learns how to row three months ago…
… is the best ever. [ESPN]

5. Kind of sports related, still important.
The best table smashing moments of the WWE. [Daily of the Day]

And, finally tonight.
The greatest music video of all time will blow your mind eleven times over.


Olympics 2012: Hope Solo's attention grab a big turnoff
Published Monday, Jul 30, 2012

LONDON—Hope Solo celebrated her 31st birthday on Monday. Now it’s time for her to grow up.
In her latest “Look at me” moment, Solo didn’t back off her comments about Brandi Chastain, who had the gall to gently criticize the U.S. women’s soccer team in its win over Colombia.

Chastain’s job is to analyze play for NBC, not be a shill for all things soccer. Solo knows that. She’s also media-savvy enough to know that taking on Chastain will get her some attention.

It often appears she’d rather have that than a gold medal. Solo has been on “Dancing With The Stars” and posed nude in ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue.

She also chimed in about all the sex and debauchery that went on at the Beijing Olympic Village. Solo fondly recalled how she partied all night after winning the gold medal, and was still drunk when she had to be on the “Today” show at 7 a.m.

Normally, I’d have no problem with a woman posing nude or hiccupping in Matt Lauer’s face. It’s just that Solo is turning the Olympics into a marketing launch for her upcoming book, perfume and fitness videos.
Well, all that’s officially planned so far is the book. But you can be sure more Hope Solo products are on the way. She is the lost Kardashian sister, the saving grace being she can tend goal better than any other woman in America.

High-profile Olympians have always marketed themselves, though usually not at the expense of their team. The U.S. is good enough to weather Solo’s act, but why even risk the sideshow? 
“I am sad the current team will have to deal with this unnecessary distraction rather than talk about its first two wins and a great Olympic experience,” Julie Foudy wrote in an ESPNW column.

Foudy was Chastain’s teammate on the U.S. 1999 World Cup team. That core group won a silver in Sydney and gold in Athens, and has been treated like the Founding Mothers of women’s soccer in the U.S.
Foudy wasn’t just defending an old teammate. If she were, it would be more than Solo’s teammates did in 2007. She went on a rant after being replaced in the World Cup, and nobody peeped a word of support.
It’s not as if Chastain doesn’t know a thing or two about the sport. But Solo told her 471,673 Twitter followers that Chastain needs to “get more educated,” and “I feel bad 4 our fans that they have 2 push mute.”

Doesn’t Solo know the first rule of P.R. is there is no such thing as bad publicity?
The ensuing furor prompted a Come to Jesus meeting Sunday with U.S. coach Pia Sundhage. It apparently didn’t have the intended effect. When asked about the controversy Monday, Solo opted to keep it alive for another news cycle.

“I have my beliefs that the best commentators and the best analysts should bring energy and passion to the game and a lot of knowledge,” she said, “and at some point need to help build the game. And I don’t think Brandi has done that.”

Chastain’s spent years building soccer. Solo’s spent years building herself.
If she has a mute button, it’s high time somebody hit it.


Olympic Reporter Gets Surprise Kiss From Fan [Video]
A reporter for Sky News was standing outside of Old Trafford last week reporting on the 2012 London Olympic Games when a playful soccer fan decided to interrupt his broadcast with a kiss.

The reporter tries to resist her advances at first but the blonde fan wraps her hand around his head and pulls him in for a kiss. His colleagues start laughing and the reporter is visibly embarrassed.

According to Yahoo, the awkward kiss was made even more strange (or invasive) due to the fact that the unnamed reporter was fasting for Ramadan. (During Ramadan, people refrain from food, drink, and sexual contact.)

As his colleagues laughed, the reporter joked: “I am truly fasting.”

At least the woman had the courtesy to say “thank you.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a reporter has had a hard time filing a report due to unruly fans. Major sporting event reports are always plagued with drunk and screaming fans. Usually, the reporters just get surrounded by drunken hollering. This reporter was at least lucky enough to get some gratitude, and a kiss, for his reporting efforts.

Here’s the video of the Olympic reporter getting a kiss from one of his fans.

Antonija Misura : Beautiful Croatian Basketball Star, Turning Heads at London Olympics
Most basketball fans outside of Croatia probably didn't know the name Antonija Misura before the beginning of this year's Olympics. That's hardly the case any more. Misura is starting to turn heads at the London games, mostly because of her striking beauty. The Croatian star is suddenly becoming a main talking point at the Olympics, and her stardom continues to increase as she becomes an Internet senesation. Misura, who is listed at 5-foot-11, has represented the Croatian national team in several Eurobasket women's competitions in addition to the Olympics, even earning a bronze medal at the 2009 Mediterranean Games. But it's really the intangibles that have Misura jumping into the news, with Twitter serving as a common place of praise. The balling beauty is widely considered one of the -- if not the -- most attractive female Olympian at this year's games, showing that the likes of Leryn Franco, Lolo Jones and Michelle Jenneke have company in the hearts of men worldwide.

Business Of Sex: Olympics and Sex Trafficking
It is predicted the Olympic Games will cause an increase in human trafficking and sex exploitation in LondonBusiness Of Sex: Olympics and Sex Trafficking
Turns out the Olympics are a bona fide sex haven for athletes, but the conversation may be detracting from an international crisis hidden beneath the surface of mass sporting events. While athletes may be anticipating post competition sexcapades (American soccer gold-medalist Hope Solo told ESPN magazine that she’s “seen people having sex in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.”), the issue of human trafficking has once again reared its ugly head as we wind down to Friday’s opening of the London Summer Games.

Human trafficking at major sporting events including the Olympics, the World Cup and the Super Bowl has been escalating since 2004, when sex trafficking at the Athens Olympics first became an issue, according to UK NGO Stop the Traffik, who advocates awareness for the cause. There is concern that these are myths, simply fear tactics that drive the cost of major sporting events up exponentially.

However, human trafficking issues are so severe that in 2000, the United Nations introduced the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children. One hundred and seventeen countries including Canada and the United Kingdom have signed to date. Human trafficking is the second largest global criminal industry, preceded only by drug trafficking, raking in tens of billions of dollars per year. Sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking, representing 79 per cent of all slavery.

Concern over London in particular stems largely from the basis that Europe is the largest destination for human traffickers. In a short documentary on human trafficking and the Olympics produced by Bournemouth University, it was said women can be sold for between 500 and 8,000 pounds – or $780 to $12,600 Canadian. They’re often forced to work for 16 hours at a time and sometimes servicing tens of men a day.

Women are threatened and forced into the sex trade, with increased numbers being brought into cities during these times. They’re forced into drugs and often abused by their captors without medical aid. In the documentary, an escaped victim tells the interviewer she would “prefer to die than continue to live like this.”
It is predicted the Olympics will cause an increase in human trafficking and sex exploitation in London.
In 2010, British Liberal Democrat Annette Brooke passed an early day motion recognizing that “4,000 people had been trafficked into the UK to work as prostitutes,” and that there is concern that the “advertising of sex for sale increases greatly when large numbers of tourists gather together for sporting events such as the Olympics.”

It is feared that the increase of young male visitors and increased trading results in higher demand for prostitutes and cheap labour, something organizations in the UK such as the Purple Teardrop Campaign are trying to not only raise awareness of, but prevent.
“We’re being been told that there’s training going on with the police and front line workers, but we’re also getting requests for help. We’re not sure that the government are actually taking the right precautions,” Penny Bartless from the Purple Teardrop Campaign told Bournemouth University regarding Friday’s Olympics.
The documentary also devolves that there really is no proof that sporting events increase the numbers of human trafficking or just draw attention to and awareness of the numbers, which is in stark contrast to articles published here in Canada.

These concerns are not unique to international incidents, and were alive and well during the Vancouver Games in 2010. An article by the Vancouver Observer reported, “Winn Blackman, from the Salvation Army, revealed that human traffickers have already been here in Vancouver for at least one year. They view the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as the biggest opportunity for them in decades.”
The Women’s Memorial March is held each year in Vancouver to raise awareness for the hundreds of murdered and missing women, many who were prostitutes. It started two decades ago with the brutal murder of a Coast Salish woman and continued with significant force during recent years with high profile serial killer Robert Pickton. The Observer reports that 3,000 women have been murdered or gone missing since the 1970s. On the second day of the Vancouver Games, hundreds of people participated in the march but little coverage seeped into the Olympic festivities.

According to the Washington Times, the Super Bowl is considered the largest human trafficking event in the United States and possibly the world. Children are frequent prey. The Times warned parents to protect their children and escort them everywhere during the Super Bowl. But it was the World Cup in 2010 that heightened concerns over human trafficking at sporting events, not only for an increased numbers of prostitutes but also an increase in the number of new victims. This story by ESPN offers a disturbing look into the various crimes and abuses that happen to the victims – and how difficult it is change this.
While it sounds like something from a Liam Neeson movie, human trafficking at sporting events is a very real issue that hides behind the spectacle and fades into the background behind shiny gold medals.

Sheena Lyonnais is Toronto Standard’s Tech and Business Editor. You can follow her on Twitter at @SheenaLyonnais.


Antonija Misura, Beautiful Croatian Basketball Star, Turning Heads at London Olympics (Photos)

Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/07/antonija-misura-beautiful-croatian-basketball-star-turning-heads-at-london-olympics-photos.html
Antonija Misura, Beautiful Croatian Basketball Star, Turning Heads at London Olympics (Photos)

Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/07/antonija-misura-beautiful-croatian-basketball-star-turning-heads-at-london-olympics-photos.html
Antonija Misura, Beautiful Croatian Basketball Star, Turning Heads at London Olympics (Photos)

Read more at: http://www.nesn.com/2012/07/antonija-misura-beautiful-croatian-basketball-star-turning-heads-at-london-olympics-photos.html
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