The Thrill Of Being Caught

Brad wasted no time getting home. Once he parked in the driveway, they both raced inside. As he closed and locked the door behind him, Alyssa became the aggressor, pressing him back against the door. They kissed passionately. Brad unbuttoned her white cotton blouse, pushing her white lace bra up away from her small firm breast, rolling her pert tan nipples between his fingers. Alyssa unbuckled his belt, then dropped to her knees, unzipping his fly. She yanked his pants and underwear down exclaiming. "I've been thinking of doing this, all day!" She took him into her mouth. He leaned against the door looking down at her. Her warm lips and wet tongue, send immediate sensations of pleasure through his body, starting at the tip of his cock, to his earlobes, to the tips of his toes. She knows she's doing it right, he's breathing harder, he's thrusting gently into her mouth. His cock becomes completely stiff as she sucks it. Just feeling its warm girth swell between her lips, causes small orgasms to trickle over her wet cunt lips. She strokes his groin, while rubbing the tip of her middle finger against his asshole. He moaned. "Oh baby, you've never done that before." his voice trembling as he spoke. She stopped and looked up, her green eyes showing, she's just as excited as he is. "Do you like it?" Her voice sounded childish and sweet. He moaned. "Yes...I like it. Keep doing it." She worked her lips and tongue along the length of his shaft, gently working the tip of her finger over his anus. Brad sees the family's plush blue velvet sofa, in the living room. Although he's enjoying her lips service, he knows they don't have much time before Grace comes home. "Lets move to the couch." he said. Thoughts of their long weekend home alone, and how they screwed on the family sofa while watching Jersey shores together, comes to mind. It's one of his fondest memories, he's been hoping for a replay. She stood quickly and began pulling him towards the sofa. Memories of her high school wet dream, are on her mind, she wants him to fuck her senseless. He tries to follow his energetic step sibling, but trips due to his pants and underwear being wrapped around his ankles. "Alyssa slow down girl. Are you trying to break my neck or something!" he said with a chuckle. Quickly pulling his pants up enough to walk without tripping, he met her by the couch. Dropping to his knees, pushing her scotch plaid school dress up. She held the skirt up, looking down at him. He slowly removed her soft sky blue cotton panties. She sat down laughing playfully. He wasted no time diving his face between her legs, inhaling her intoxicating scent, lapping his tongue deep within the folds of her perfectly pink sex. Alyssa bucked her hips and ass wildly, moaning watching one of his finger slip deep inside. "Mmm...I love it when you finger me." Pulling his mouth away, he inserted two fingers and began fingering her vigorously. Looking lustfully into her eyes, he hissed with a cunning grin. "You little really like that don't you." She gasped. "Mmm...ugh. Oh yes I do like it!" Before their affair, if anyone called her a slut, she'd be angry. But when she's with Brad, it's such a turn on. Her voice trembles. "I want you to fuck me like a dog," She reached down, grabbing a handful of his thick dark brown hair, pulling his face from her wet cunt. "Fuck me Bradley...Fuck me like a bitch in heat." He fumbles out of his pants, taking time to retrieve a condom from his pocket. Within less then a second, he rolled the thin ribbed for her pleasure Trojan over his stiff cock. She scowled. "That thing makes your dick look, so ugly." "Oh stop complaining girl. Get on your hands and knees, it's time to fuck!" She quickly moved her body for him, she's been thinking of doing this since history class. Now its time to stop dreaming and start doing. Alyssa shook her ass, teasing him. "Well...come on big boy," giggle. "Fuck me. Fuck me like a dog!" She watched him kneel behind her, she felt the warmth of his cock forcing the lips of her wet cunt. She pushed back gasping. "Fuck meee!!" He replied provocatively. "Damn! You really want it, don't you girl. Okay. Here it comes!" He began ramming into her so hard, his hips smacked against her ass cheeks, causing red marks to appear. She pushed back into his thrust. Her body trembles, as small orgasms rush over her. Her daydream fantasy has suddenly became reality, and it's much better than expected. She screamed. "Fuck...fuck Me!" He thrust in deep, suddenly stopping he teased her, gyrating his hips, moving his cock inside her, causing her first major orgasm of the day. Her body shook, her legs gave out. He held her up by the hips, and began ramming into her once more. "I love fucking you like this," he gasped. "It makes your little pussy so fucking tight." She teased him, clinching her cunt tightly around his cock. She spoke mischievously. "You like it nice and tight. Don't you big brother." Thinking of Brad as her brother, not her step brother, is such an arousing taboo thought. Just thinking of this causes her toes to curl, orgasms flow over her body, in prickly electrical shock waves. Brad feels an orgasm churning deep within. He holds back, thrusting harder, his hips smacking against her ass. He's griping her hips so tight, he feels her body trembling. He hears her moans of pleasure, he cant hold back any longer. He cums, gasping and moaning, sweat rolls down his forehead. Alyssa feels his cock pulsating against the walls of her sex, another intense orgasm rushes over her body. She gasps and moanes, her body shakes. He stopped thrusting into her, and leaned against the back of the couch, trying to catch his breath. His cocks still pulsating inside Alyssa's sopping wet cunt. They don't speak, they're both too exhausted to move. Suddenly, from of the corner of his eye, he sees a flash of light. There's a picture window at the far side of the living room, its where the flash came from. In his sexually induced stupor, the flash of light has his attention, but its not computing in his mind, what it might be. Next he hears a clunking sound, he realizes suddenly, its a car door slamming shut. He quickly pulled his deflating cock from Alyssa. The condom he wore fell off, dropping on the sofa cushion. Neither of them notice it laying there. "Alyssa. Get up, your moms home!!" he said in a panicked tone. They both stood abruptly, Alyssa looked out the window, watching her mother. "Hurry, she's opening her trunk for groceries," she said. Fluffing her dress back in place, looking at Brad she exclaimed in panic. "Pull your pants up, come on hurry." Looking at herself in a full length mirror across the room. "Oh god. I look like I've been having sex." She quickly ran upstairs, leaving Brad standing alone. "Hey wait. Where're you going." he said in a panic. "To our bathroom to freshen up." She quickly disappeared, leaving him alone to deal with her mother. He heard Grace's keys jingling, she's unlocking the door. He quickly pulled his pants and underwear up, just as Grace opens the door, she stepped in. "Good to see you honey," she said cheerfully. "I was hoping someone would be close by." She smiled sweetly, almost seductively, like she often does to Brad when she wants his help. "Come out and help me bring the groceries in, we need to hurry and get things inside." "Oh uh, yeah sure mom. I'll give you a hand." His voice trembled nervously. "Is something wrong," she said, looking into his eyes. "No I'm fine, just tired that's all," he flashed a charming smile. "The first day back to school, after the long weekend was pretty hectic." She looked around the room. "Where's Alyssa?" He shrugged. "She's upstairs. Hogging the bathroom again." "Yell up to her. Tell her she needs to help too," She paused, pointing to Brad's lower half smiling. "Your barn doors open," she smirked. "This is the second time today, you've exposed yourself to me. Huh. At least your penis isn't hanging out this time!" His fingers shook, reaching down to his fly. "Oops, sorry. Guess I forgot to zip up, after using the bathroom." She turned and walked out the door, exclaiming. "Hurry up son, we need to get these groceries out of the heat." He sees Alyssa's panties laying on the floor. Stooping to pick them up, he notices the cum filled condom laying on the sofa. Grace yelled for help once more, setting his nerves on edge. He quickly wads the panties around the Trojan, then shoved everything in his pocket. "Bradley what are you doing!" Startled, he looks up, seeing Grace standing in the living room, her hands full of supermarket grocery bags. "What are you doing down there," she whined. "Come on, get the groceries, before this heat thaws everything out." She scoffed walking to the kitchen. "You've been acting a little weird lately. I hope you're not addicted to prescription drugs or something." He replied sarcastically. "No Grace. I'm not on drugs." He joked mischievously to himself, walking outside. 'But I am, addicted to your daughter!' Chapter 10: Later That Night Brad's father Jack returned from work a couple hours after Grace, almost caught them in the act of passionate step sibling sex. The rest of the evening went pretty normal. The family ate dinner together, they all talked about their day. Of course Brad and Alyssa, left out one major detail of their day; being, they had a quick after school fuck, on the family sofa. Later on, they all retire to the living room, to watch American Idol. Brad notices a white crusty stain on the cushion of the sofa, where his used condom lay just a few hours before. The sofa's Grace's pride and joy, he knows she'll make a fuss if she sees a stain. He watched slightly amused as Grace sat on the stain, to his delight, she didn't see it. His father cuddled next to Grace, on the sofa. Alyssa sat next to Brad on a love seat adjacent to the sofa. She wants to cuddle with her secret lover, just like her mother and step father are doing. Instead she controls her needs for now, and settles in close to him, enjoying the warmth of his body. After American Idol ends, Jack kissed Grace goodnight. He's a construction engineer at the local shipyard, his company's working on a major project for the Navy. He announced he'll be leaving the house earlier then usual. Seeing Jack kissing her mother goodnight, Alyssa wishes Brad could show her the same affection. As their parents kiss with their back to them, Alyssa ran her fingertips up Brad's leg. She winked, mouthing her words silently. 'Lets go to bed' He knows what she means, she's not talking about sleeping alone. He likes her idea. Stretching his arms above his head, he faked a yawn. "Its been a long day, I'm going to bed too." Alyssa followed suit. "I should get some sleep. I don't wanna fall asleep in history class again." Grace kissed Alyssa goodnight, she hugged and kissed Brad too. "Ok guess I'll stay up a while longer. My favorite show starts in a few minutes. I'm going to have a glass of wine while I watch it." Grace went to the kitchen for a glass of wine, Brad and Alyssa chased each-other upstairs. --- Once they're alone in the upstairs hallway, Brad boldly pulls Alyssa into his arms, kissing her with unbridled passion. Alyssa feels wet between the legs, she's so completely aroused by his lust for her. They continue kissing, walking at the same time, down the hall to Brad's bedroom. Alyssa turned the door knob and pulled Brad in. "Mmm Baby," said Brad, letting his lips caress hers. "Your just as horny as I'm, aren't you." She whispered, letting her lips touch his. "Sitting next to you on the couch tonight!" kiss. "My pussy got so wet." He chuckled softly, backing her to his bed in the darkness. "Hmm. Guess I'll need to take care of that wet little pussy of yours then, won't I little girl." Reaching down with both hands, he lifts the hem of her nightie up. She lifted her arms, letting him remove the thin cotton garment from her body. "Lay down," he said softly. "Spread your legs." Knowing what's about to happen, she obeys his request. Not speaking he undresses, looking down at his lover as she lay waiting with her legs draped over the bed. Gently dropping to his knees, he reaches up tugging her white cotton panties down slowly, teasing her to the point of lustful insanity. Her voice trembled. "Stop teasing me." he replied gruffly. "Spreadem for me." Spreading wide, she feels his fingertips touching the sensitive lips of her vulva. When he traces one finger, then his tongue over her clit. She cups a hand over her mouth, quelling her moans. Her body trembles, she thrust her hips upwards, forcing his tongue to go deep. Ugh...mmm. Her moans are muffled, but he knows he's pleasing her. Touching her, he finds. She wasn't lying about her pussy being wet tonight, during family TV time. Her cunt lips were soaking wet, way before he started licking her. Just tasting her juices and inhaling her sweet musky scent, excites him. His cock is so hard, it almost hurts. He stops eating her and fumbles through his sock drawer for the box of condoms, he bought this morning at the drug store. She whispers playfully. "Why'd you stop. What you were doing down there, felt so good." She doesn't know, he's rolling a fresh condom over his stiff cock. He raised up, laying over her whispering. "I wrapped a present for you," he kissed her. "A present ?" she enquired, quelling giggles with her hand. He whispered caressing his lips over her earlobe. "Yes I have a present for you, I think you'll like it. Its really long, and really hard," kiss. "But, you cant unwrap it with your hands. You'll have to unwrap it with your tight little pussy." She whispered seductively. "Okay...big boy. Put that big long hard present in me." She reached down, stroking his cock. "I'll unwrap it, real good!" They kiss, moving to the center of the bed. He reached back, guiding the head of his member to her cunt. She spread wide for him, just like she did last night. As he enters her, they kiss, their moans of pleasure mingle together. She wrapped her legs around him, he began lovingly thrusting into her. He moans softly, enjoying the feeling of her vaginal walls gripping his cock so tight. As they make love, they hear the family television downstairs, Grace is still awake. They both block the noise out, once again they're in a sexual high together. Nothing maters to either of them. She whispers mischievously. "Do me doggy style." He chuckles. "You're such a naughty girl." He pulls out, whispering humorously. "Up on your hands and knees, you cute little doggy." Alyssa wasted no time, its one of her favorite positions
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