Tease sex

How are you today?’ Alice asked as she closed the door behind her.
‘Please,’ I said thickly, ‘I…’
‘Hush,’ she said softly, placing her bag on the table and walking to the kitchen.
I guessed she was getting a drink but it was also an opportunity for her to tantalise me, to allow me to look at her legs in the short skirt she was wearing.
She knew I couldn’t take my eyes from her legs.
Yes, Alice loved to tease and control and like a fool, I fell into her trap.
She returned with a glass of water and smiled at me.
Such a sweet and angelic face; one that immediately conjures up expectations of innocence and even, perhaps, naivety.

Dumbly, I nodded my head.
‘Of course you want to try,’ Alice said patiently, pushing my face closer to her cunt, so close her aroma filled my nostrils and my cock twisted and turned.
‘Please…’ I groaned and she giggled.
‘No,’ Alice said, closing her thighs, ‘not today, puss is a little tender. Remember Jeff? I fucked him last night or, should I say, he fucked me! God, he was glorious, I came at least five times!’

Until you know what she’s capable of.
I know I looked a sight – unshaven and dressed only in a robe, standing hunched in the corner.
‘It’s hot in here,’ Alice said calmly, walking towards me and I dreaded what was coming but couldn’t resist.
Her sweet perfume tantalised me as she undid the cloth hat held my robe together at my waist.
‘Very hot so let’s cool you down.’
Deftly, she peeled the robe back off my shoulders and it fell in a grey puddle on the floor.
Her fingers brushing against my flesh sent electric tingles through my frustrated body. Alice smiled as she looked me up and down.
‘I might take my skirt off.’
‘No,’ I slurred quickly as I could, ‘please…don’t…’
‘Now darling, you know you’re powerless to stop me. We both know you’re all weak and submissive when you’re horny and you are horny, aren’t you?’
Alice smiled and I tried to tear my eyes away as she unzipped her skirt. She bent a little, pushing her bottom back towards me, working the zipper.
‘Please…please…’ I whined, ‘please…take this thing off me!’
I gestured at the cock cage that enclosed my pulsing cock and Alice smiled.
‘Not yet, darling, I quite like you this way. Besides,’ she pouted, stepping from her skirt, ‘it’s only been ten weeks.’
Ten weeks of constant frustration!
Ten weeks of denial and pain!
Ten weeks of being teased by this relentlessly cruel bitch!
‘Look darling, pantyhose with no knickers. Come and have a look,’ Alice murmured, sitting on the sofa.
Alice knew I was powerless to resist, of course, perhaps that was how Alice got her fun but I had to look.
Slowly, I fell to my knees and crawled over to the sofa.
She had trained me well.
Alice put both legs on the sofa and I stared at the silken beige pantyhose that enclosed her lower body and the black high heels.
She kept her pale blue blouse on – Alice knew it was legs and pussy that dominated me – and smiled as her finger smoothed the nylon mesh over her trimmed pussy.
‘It is hot today and my pussy is a little sticky in the pantyhose. Can you see, darling?’
‘Yes.’ I muttered thickly, wincing with the pain in my restricted cock.
‘Why don’t you give my thighs a little kiss while you smell me?’
How could I refuse?
My lips ran over the nylon as Alice stroked my hair. I inhaled and could smell her musky aroma and knew she was aroused from dominating me.
Once I was a self-assured businessman, a man in control of his own destiny but now I slavishly followed her every whim.
All because I allowed her to talk me into that awful chastity cage!
‘Does it still hurt you, darling?’ Alice asked, her fingers stroking my hair and I quivered at her touch.
wanted to come – needed to come!
‘Do you think you could make me come through the pantyhose, darling?’ Alice asked softly, her fingers teasing my ear.
‘Don’t try to speak, darling, just nod or shake your head.’
I stared at the thin trail of pubic hair visible through the nylon mesh. I loved her pussy but I also hated it, as it was what enslaved me!

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