Part 2 My Hot Bi Sister

i woke up early hoping to catch lisa in the shower as i walked out to go downstairs to get some breakfast i heard her talking to someone, as i got to the bottom of the stairs she was talking to her friend from college sara. she had long black hair, she stood but only coming up to the bottom of lisa's neck. she was wearing a short skirt, the shortest i'd ever seen and a tank to all black.

2 weeks went by and i didnt hear from lisa until my mom said that lisa had phoned her asking if she could speak to me at her se i went over that day and we sat down sara was there as well i new this was bad because they wasnt even smiling, it was silent 5 minutes past and lisa looked at sara i then at me she said we hav bad news i then said yea wat is it then sara took controll by kissing me and saying that they wear both pregnant.
it all went wrong after this mom amd dad found out and all 3 of us lived at lisa's waiting for the babys to be born

i was wearing my bath robe and only my robe. i said morning to the both of them as i walked into the kitchen, they followed me in there to go get a drink , as i bent dow to get a glass out of the cuboard thetie on my robe came loose as i stood it opened, i turned exposing my 10" cock to these too sexy women as they looked lisa just gave me the hottest smile i ever saw. sara just stood there staring at me from head to toe. lisa broke out in laghter and said to sara this is who i was talking about and walked over and started kissing and hugging me sara said quietly " lisa thats your bro " lisa responded by saying "so" and started stroking my cock. my cock started to get hard and hit its max sara's mouth dropped open, she then said may i give you a blow job i just smiled and said yes. she walked over dropped to her knees and started kissing and licking the head of now wat was a 12" hardon lisa told sara to take off her skirt and thong so she did and carried on giving me head, lisa lay on her back underneath sara and started licking her pussy and starte to taste her juiceys about 15 minute later i was about to cum i told her but she just kept going i finally came in her mouth she played with it and then started to kiss my sister, there tounges exploring each others tounge and mouth my cum was being shared between these 2 hot women they both swallowed. i then advised that we should go up stairs so that i could finished them off.
we went into lisa's room they both striped whilst playing with each other i just stood staring stroking my erect cock, lisa then lay on the bed sara on her hands and knees licking her pussy about 3 mins past and i decided to join in lubing up saras ass with lisa's lub i then slowly inserted my cock into her ass she stopped licking out lisa and let out a load moan " deeper leo deeper she shouted" i then had the whole of my cock in her ass i was pumping away at her as fast as i could she found it hard to lick out lisa. we both stopped, i then started to in insert my cock into her pussy lisa went into her wardrobe getting her strapon she put it on and then iserted it into saras ass we weear both fucking this tiny girl like she wasnt real i stopped nowing i was going to cum i took the strapon offmy sister and inserted my cock in her i came in her shelet out a moan as she came too sara then put t6he srapon on and told me that it was my turn so she lubed up my ass and inserted the 9" strapon into my ass as she was fucking away i bent lisa over and dun the same to her i was about to cum again so i took the strapon off sara and pumped my cum into her pussy she let out a louder moan then both of them started to suck me off about 1 minutes past and a came in both of there mouths i then decided to jointhem and started kissing both of them sharing my cum in all of our mouths we all swallowed and started laughing after we weent down stairs and carried on the day as normal we carried on the 3somes all week i went home thinking about it all the time.

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