The Cop and My Husband

The day had been uneventful, and then....
Work had been strenuous, a long and hot sweaty kind of day that leaves you exhausted. The bath was calling my name, so I filled it up with hot water and sweet smelling baths salts that guaranteed to take the aches and pains away. I put my hair up and eased myself into the bath. The hot water stung my body, but I laid back and let it caress me. I sipped a wine or two and started to relax.
I sat back and nearly went to sleep, the water soothing me all over. I heard my phone announce the arrival of a message, I slowly got up to check it and it was from my honey. He was going to take me for a ride on his bike later on. He knew what I needed. Just when you start to feel trapped and weighed down by life, nothing clears out the cobwebs like a blast out on a bike. I went back to my bath as I had a while before he would come to get me.
As I slid back in the warm water I noticed how my breasts were floating and bobbing in the water, with erect nipples sticking out just above the water and my piercing glinting up at me, the cool air lapping at them. I couldn’t help but feel them between my fingers. The water had made them slippery and so soft to the touch. I was starting to feel turned on, and ran my hand further down my body. I felt my clit harden under my touch. I realised that I needed stress relief that no bath could offer on it’s own. I let myself go with the feeling and felt down further feeling my own wetness different to the warm water around me. Touching and playing for a while, the water started to cool, I did not want to cum yet as I knew later on I would be fulfilled by my honey. I got out and slowly dried myself.

We were all breathless and red in the face. The officer said that he now understood that it had been a true emergency and that we should be on our way. We wobbled back over to the bike, got on and took off. See the old saying about there not being a police officer there when you need one is totally false.
Wow what a night. 

I dressed carefully preparing for the ride. I put on my black leather corset, my black jeans with the red lace ups down the legs and my long black boots. The leather jacket would wait until later. I pottered around the house, waiting for what I knew was to come, playing occasionally to keep the edge there.
I heard my honey pull up outside and slid into my jacket, and walked out to meet him. He had just taken his helmet off and we kissed for a minute, before he handed me my helmet and put his back on. I jumped on the back and off we went.
The wind in my face was cold so I hugged him tight and reached around to feel his chest, letting my hands slowly slip down to the zipper of his jeans. I undid the zipper and top button and rubbed him until he became hard in my hands. He slowed suddenly and put his indicator on. He was pulling into a secluded picnic area and I knew what he wanted.
As soon as the bike had completely stopped and he had kicked the stand down I got off the bike and took off my helmet. He bought one leg over still sitting on the bike and I pulled his jeans down a little more and pushed his shirt up. I started to lick and nibble at his chest, going up to kiss his neck. Then back down to his chest area and lower.
Licking, sucking and nibbling all the way down until I took his hard cock into my mouth. I heard him moan with the pleasure of it. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, one hand supporting my weight against the bike, the other cradling his balls. He was just about to cum so I slowed down and stopped, not letting him cum just yet. He had fire in his eyes as I looked up at smiled and put my helmet back on, getting on the back before he could say another word.
He took off out of the picnic area like a man possessed. I was not game to reach around again. I knew he was headed for his house so I could finish him properly, and so I could be paid back for the teasing.
We sped along the highway, overtaking cars that felt like they were standing still. The excitement of going so fast, the build up of earlier on and the throbbing of the bike between my legs was making it hard to concentrate.
Once again I felt him slow down, but I knew we were no where near his house. I looked over my shoulder only to see a police car with lights on pulling us over. “My goodness this can’t be happening” I thought to myself. All I wanted was to get back to his house fast.
We came to a stop once again down a small access road and the police officer came up to talk to us. He asked if there was an emergency, because I had had a few drinks I was a little brazen and told him that yes there was an emergency, if we didn’t get back to my honey’s house fast I was going to explode because I needed his cock in me, pumping me and making me cum.
I felt my honey stiffen slightly and give a nervous giggle, he knew we were in for a serious fine and possible more given how fast we were going. I reached around and started felling his cock once more while the officer gave a look of surprise. My honey was rock solid within no time at all. The police officer said that maybe I should show him exactly what we had planned so he could tell if it was a real emergency.
I threw my leg over the back of the bike, ripped the helmet off and turned to my honey looking him in the eye while once again undoing his jeans. He shuddered from anticipation. I started to give him head again while he was sitting on the bike and I felt the police officer grab my arse and start to run his hand over back.
My honey looked over and saw this and I felt him start to cum in my mouth. Wow I thought that must have really turned him on. By this stage I was so wet I could feel it through my jeans. I told the officer that he should help me now and give my honey a few moments to recover. He didn’t need telling twice and harshly bent me over the bike ripping at the button and zipper of my jeans, pulling them down while working on his own. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back as he entered me from behind. My honey got off the bike, and stood back to watch me being fucked. He came around and started playing with my breasts. I came and felt the wetness run down my leg. I couldn’t hold my weight up anymore and asked if we could go to the back of the police car. The officer let go of me and we all started walking towards it. When we got there the officer said that it looked like I knew what I was doing when I gave head and could he feel for himself. He stood on one side of the back on the car with the door open while I layed down on my stomach across the seat and started to give him head. I felt my honey lay on top of me and started to fuck me from behind on top of me.
After a while we swapped around and the officer layed down on the back seat while I got on top of him reverse cowgirl and gave my honey a head job.
It wasn’t long before we all came.

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