Treat Halloween

My husband Nick & I met at a sex orgy while we were in college. We dated three of the four the years I was in college. This all began back in the early 70’s. My parents were having marital problems & mom always accused dad of cheating on her all time they were married. I know that he hadn’t & never did. Mom & Dad divorced and went their own ways. We never heard from dad again. My brothers & I lived with my aunt until I when to school & later married my husband Nick after my graduation from college.
I was 22 years old when I married Nick. Our sex was great, always trying new tings to do to and with one-another. The other day Nick mentioned he wanted to continue the sex orgies. We talked about it for a while. But I wanted my children to have Nick as the same father and it wouldn’t be safe. We just settled down to a dull life existence, work and home work and home again. Nick was bored, just working every day. Nothing exciting happening, nothing to look forward to. I realized that Nick needs those orgies. So I called him aside to talk about for some time & I said Under 1 monitory condition! That we both have our out of marriage partners use birth control & he agreed. Because some men don’t pull out when they get the urge to cum. I want and demanded the use of condoms. I don’t need any (Oops)
Next day Nick called his old college buddies and set up a Saturday evening orgy in 2 weeks. It was a Halloween season theme costume fuck party. The guests had to wear their costume masks until midnight. All week he was the happiest I had seen him in months. This was good for him & me too. The word spread like wild fire that Nick was having a fuck-fest. We received all kinds of RSVP’s via e-mail, phone calls, cell messages. The numbers of acceptances that we had gotten women had out numbered the males. Ladies Rule! I ordered the booze & snack goodies. I drained & cleaned our hot tub. Everything was looking great & in order. I was getting horny just anticipating this event.

With one thrust he hit the bottom of my wet hole. This other man came as a Mush-kin from the “Wizard of Oz” he slipped between superman’s legs as superman moved from my snatch to my ass. And lowered me to this Mush-kin’s dick. He had his dick aimed at my pussy. I was getting dicked in both orifices, Long soft, strokes to hard & fast. I looked below me at who was fucking so deep and so good. He increased his sexual assault on my snatch, he was great!

Our guests started to arrive around 6pm. The costumes were pretty inventive, some of them were homemade. Kind of cool. There was Halloween theme costumes as well many others. Nick was “Dracula” & I was Dracula’s Witching Bitch. The party started pretty good talking with our guests drinking. I brought out the snack tray for everyone. There was some petting going on, until I seen a strange couple sitting on the sun porch necking pretty heavy and almost nude except their masks. When everyone else seen this couple that’s all it took. The clothes started coming off. There were a few people in the hot tub naked as the day they were born. One of Nick’s former classmates came up to me and took me aside from everyone and asked if she had to remove her clothes also because Lacrisha (A light colored black lady was concerned about her C-section scar. I said know one will even care and since you’re here & this is a sex party you don’t have to, but you will anyway. She started looking around at the people joined kissing, petting and getting down to fuckin’
An un-married couple caught her eye. Lacrisha was watching them intently. I could tell by her eyes it wouldn’t be long for Lacrisha to get naked. I stripped and joined this ball of people on the floor. This guy in a superman costume grabbed my hand & pulled me to the floor. Said he was Clark Kent, his breath smelled like a litter of kittens. I didn’t stay there long. He asked me what was wrong. I told him. He called me everything but ah white woman. “Oh Well” As I stood up to find Nick, I seen him beneath two women having a snack of raw pussy. I saw this man on his back, about 30 from what I could see. “Batman” was on his back; I just straddled his head and stuck my wetness right in his face.
My clit was already hard and wanting this guy to eat me all the way to my heart from the inside. He took the hint and began sucking my little pee pee from under its hood. Long soft sucks and ran his tongue down the entire length of my slit with soft loving touches. He increased his sexual assault on my snatch, he was great! He looked up at me as if to say “My tongue is not long enough to reach where I want to go” I lay down as he reach in his pants for a condom. This guy put his condom on his cock and unrolled it to its base. My cunt was wetter now just watching this guy take such care in putting on a rubber. I thought wow this guy’s cool. He placed his helmet at the entrance to my hole and slowly pushed it in to the bottom, slow easy strokes half way in and drive it hard to the bottom. He was causing me to cum delightfully. “
Oh Shit I’m Cumming right now I said! He stopped before my climax was over. He pulled it out a little and with one exhale of his lungs his dick came out of the condom, but the condom stayed right there Wow what was this guy doing to me I asked myself. He slid a couch pillow under my ass to raze my ass higher in the air. He knelt between my legs and began to blow up this condom inside me. Damn what a feeling. This filled the void of my pussy with light pressure surrounding the interior walls and then he would release some air from the condom. Oh that feel of that latex condom. This had never been done to my pussy before. It felt so sensational. It’s hard to describe!
I started to cum wildly. My whole body seemed to be turned inside out. It was so delightful. The pressure of the latex covering my cervix and lightly hitting my G spot. And upon releasing air would send a sensation over my body that can’t be explained here. I had cumed many times with this guy dong that magic.
I got up and almost fill over. My knees were weakened. I managed to get to the bar for a drink & wondering what just happened to me. Because I had just been screwed and & a blown up condom and after a short get-it-back-together period I got my drink and headed back the stack of bodies on the floor. I had drunk enough booze and I’d fuck anyone at that time. I finished my drink and looked around the room for more fucking possibilities. There was this superman again sitting on the edge of the coffee table. And had his balls being sucked by Scarlet from “Gone with the wind” while another woman “Little Bo Peep” was sucking his dick.
This superman’s dick impressed me, he was an older man by the gray hair at the temples. His cock was 8” or better & like 6” in circumference. And like a railroad spike and just as hard. I thought I had to get some of that. I looked around the room for my husband. I saw him on the patio sitting in a lawn chair. His date was hanging from her knees over his shoulders while he was tongue fucking her bung. This put my Coochie on fire I had to get some of this Superman’s Dick! Even though his breath was unbearable. I wasn’t there to kiss him.
Superman was the closest to me. I took his dick out of Little Bo Peep’s mouth and started stroking it like it was an oil derrick waiting for a gusher. And soon it did. I struck pay dirt. It was cream-colored oil. Us three women lapped it up and cleaned this gooy cum from superman’s pride. I kissed these ladies he started fingering my pussy. Us ladies kissed and sucked his dick. Soon he was hard again. I stood up and turned around to offer my pussy to him. This old guy knew where to go.

I felt their cocks swell and ready to pump that hot sticky cum into my holes almost simultaneously. I'm Cumming! I shouted out loud. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......put it in Hard .....Fuck me hard, Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee,,,,,,, I'm cumming! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Oh Fuck My holessssssss. While I was coming down from many orgasms this woman dressed as May West. She really looked the part too. She heard my screams and came to investigate. This Mush-kin was on his back, I was on top of him, on my back & Superman was face down. May West dropped herself on my face and she was grinding her hairy pussy into my month. Oh Damn I was getting loved that night. I had a double penetration fuck and this lady sitting on my face.
Just then, I heard the Coo Coo Clock striking midnight. I announced that the costume masks would now come off. I pulled off my mask & looked at Superman & there was my father with his cock stuck in my butt and my Uncle Bill buried in my pussy. It turned out that May West was my husband’s stepmother.

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