my Mom's Ass

I’d known for a long time what Jim wanted. He wanted to fuck me in the ass but he had a big cock and I just knew I could never get it up there. He’d spent hours, in the past, licking my pooper and fingering it gently, trying to get me to loosen up so he could slip it in. But every time, the minute that big head of his cock got close to my sphincter I tightened up and there was just no way it was going to happen.
I tried everything to try and get his mind off it. I gave him pussy all the time and sucked his cock till my jaw ached but still that desire remained in him.
“Doesn’t my pussy make you happy?” I asked once.
“Of course it does,” he said, snuggling up behind me, his cock between my ass cheeks, still nudging away trying to get up my brown-eye. “I just think fucking your ass would be good, special like.”
“Even though it would hurt me?”
“It wouldn’t hurt you if you would just relax.”
“I’m trying,” I insisted.
It was true, I wasn’t outraged, I wasn’t disgusted and I would quite happily have let him fuck my poo hole, but it was my body that rebelled and said a quite definite no. But Jim was my husband, I loved him and if ass was what he wanted then it was my job as his wife to get him some.
“Do you think I could get him a hooker to fuck in the ass?” I asked my Mom, Janet. “Maybe for his birthday or something.”

My mother was still an attractive woman. She’d retained her slim figure and though she had a few laughter lines her skin was still incredibly smooth. I hoped I looked like her at her age and couldn’t blame Jim for wondering.
“But how do we go about it? We can’t just bring it up over dinner.”
“With complete honesty,” Janet explained, “We’ll all sit down and explain to Jim what I’m offering and why.
“Sounds dangerous.”
Mom laughed. “He’s not about to fall in love with me, Kelly, he loves you. The whole point is that you watch us and see how easy and pleasant it is. That way maybe you can get over your own psychological block.” “Jim’s a big boy, Mom, it might be more than you can take.”
“Oh, don’t worry about me, your Dad was a big boy too and all he gave me was pleasure.”
I leaned back in my chair. “You really came with ass fucking?”

“Wouldn’t that piss you off, him fucking another woman.”
“Normally yes, but I’d like to keep him happy, so what do I do?”
“I think if he was that desperate for an ass he’d have got one himself already,” she answered.
“No, we’re pretty open about things, he’d have told me. What is it with guys anyway? They’ve got a perfectly good pussy right next door but all they want is your shit hole.”
Mom smiled. “It’s because it’s dirty. Forbidden. You tell a man he can’t have something and he wants it all the more.”
My mom and I had always been very open with each other and didn’t have any difficulty in discussing intimate things, but even I was surprised when she added, “Your Dad used to love fucking my ass.”
“Dad fucked your ass?” I almost shrieked, refusing to believe that my late father would have indulged in anything so vulgar.
“Oh sure. He was up my pooper every Saturday night. I’d have given him it more often but I didn’t want it to get too loose. I loved it though. Gave me really intense orgasms.”
“Seriously? How did you manage it?”
We were sitting out in her yard, sipping martinis and she freshened mine with a shot of vodka. “It was never a big problem. Uncomfortable at first, yes, but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it.”
I looked at my 48 year old Mom and tried to imagine her lying underneath my father with his cock up her ass. It was a disturbing vision.
“You know, I think I’d like it too, once it was in, but I just seize up, and Jim gets pissed off.”
“Well, men get worked up, honey, and when they want something it’s difficult to deflect them from what they want.”
“So what am I doing wrong? He lubes me up plenty, stretches me with his fingers and I’m fine, but the minute his cock goes near my ass I freeze and my asshole shrinks.”
My Mom reached over and stroked my hand. “Maybe it just needs some time, honey.”
“Time? He’s been trying to get it up there for five years.”
Janet sipped her drink and I could see her mind working. “It’s in your mind then. Sure, it could be painful if a guy shoved his cock up your ass without any warning, but if he’s prepared you, all you’d expect is for it to be a little uncomfortable till your ass got used to it.”
“Is that what it was like when Dad first ass-fucked you?”
“Yes. Oliver was always a very considerate lover and when he buggered me it was with my consent and suitable preparation. You seem to be in the same boat, but it’s not working.”
“I want it up my ass! I insisted.
“Yes, yes, Kelly, but you’ve got it into your head that he’s going to split you open and it’s gonna hurt, so that’s where your problem lies.”
“I know that, Mon, but what do I do about it?”
She stirred her drink with the swizzle stick and once again I saw her considering the problem. Finally she said, “I think you should let Jim fuck me in the ass while you watch, and maybe that would let you see that it’s not as bad as you think.”
I admit my jaw dropped. “Janet, you’re my Mom!”
“Yes I am, and I admit I miss anal and I’d love to have Jim cock’s up my ass but this is for you, honey.”
Again, all I could do was stare at her. My dad had died two years ago and it was more than likely that she’d never had sex since then, so I could sympathise. But to imagine my husband porking my Mom was a bit weird, to say the least.
“But what if Jim doesn’t want to fuck your ass?”
“Oh, I think he’d like to screw his mother in law. I’ve seen him looking ..”
“He hasn’t ..?”
“No, he’s always been a perfect gentleman, but I’ve seen a wistful look in his eye now and again, wondering about possibilities.”

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