Another Fine Mess

Back in February I submitted a true story about my wife and I going on holiday to the Gambia. My wife for the first time in our 15 year marriage was fucked by a black male called Solomon. This is just to let readers know how things have progressed.

We returned to the main bedroom and Lisa exclaimed that she had just had anal sex for the first time in years due to the fact thather pussy was so sore!. All four of us slept together and I cuddled into my slut wife. In the morning I woke up with an erection and we played the dvd back from the previous evening while my cock was sucked in turn by both girls. What a weekend! This was our first swinging experience but I'm sure it won't be the last.

For a while after the holiday the affair with Solomon was forgot. Life settled back to normal. However when I was fucking Lisa recently she told me that she could not stop thinking about her sexy two nights with Solomon and missed the attention. I came up with an idea and joined a swingers site.
I submitted a couple of holiday photo's of Lisa in her little Black dress showing off her shapply legs and her size 12 curved body and newly aquired tan. I asked for single males to get in touch. Within a week we had 72 replies!. Most of them were from single guys however there were a few couples that replied to our e-mail. One of these was Tony and Hannah. They live about 12 miles from us , he is a fireman aged 38 with a good toned body and she is a part-time dental nurse only 5 feet 1 inch tall with long blonde wavy hair, with a body to die for. We agreed to meet them for a drink and hit it off straight away. We arranged a greedy girls night for the following Saturday and I got to work on inviting four hand picked males.
On the day of the party I went to a sex shop with Lisa and we had great fun picking out a black frilly allin one which displayed her size 38 d round tits through the partially see through licra material. I set the video camera up in the bedroom and waited for our guests to arrive.
Hannah and Tony arrived and the girls opened there first bottle of wine.Two hours later they were very tipsy and in good spirits. Three of the four men arrived and for a while I did not think anything was going to happen. The girls were wearing summer dresses, so I tok the leed and told them togo and get changed. The girls went upstairs with yet another bottle of vino. I put on some porn, dimmed the lights and made sure our male guests had a full glass.I could hee the girls gigling with sexy excitment. A short while later Hannah shouted down that they were ready and they were going to put a little shw on for us and we were not to interupt.
The women came down stairs hlding hands. My wife Lisa looked stunning wearing her black lacybody and thigh length PVC boots. Hannah was wearing a black leathet dress,semed stockings and red shoes with bright red lipstick. The girls were still giggling as they went into the centre of the room and started kissing each other. I was shocked to see my wife kissing another girl. The ther lads were passing comment as Hannah sank to her knees and strted to tongue Lisa through her black see through panties. In no time the pai were lying on the floor with Hannah finger fucking and licking my wifes pussy.
The room was now deadly silent apart from Lisa's long deep moans. I could not stand it no longer and approached the girls from the side and taking out my erect penis I offered it to Lisa's mouth. She told me that I was being rude as our guests should be firstto enjoy themselves. Two of the males were openly wanking as Lisa suggested to Hannah that they should taste some cock. Both ladies crawled to the sofa were they took in turns to slowly suck our guests. The lads were reaching over and gropping the girls and I announced we should ritire to the bedroom.
Hannah and Lisa were not finished yet, they lay on their backs side by side in the centre of the bed and started to play with thir ow pussies.
Lisa announced that they were ready for some cock and within seconds both girls were being fucked by our guests. Tony and I took turns filming our slut wives suck and fuck for the next two hours.There was no room for us on the bed!. One lad caled Simon who was a welsh Rugby player came three times!, filling both my wife and hannah with his hot seed. One of the sexy sites I will ever see was Hannah straddled over my wifes face dribbling two lots of spunk from her pussy into my wifes mouth. Eventually the males dressed and went and still Tony and I had not played a part in the nights actions.
The girls went for a shower together and announced it was time for bed. Lisa said that she would like to sleep with Tony and Hannah and I made our way to the spair room. I licked her pussy lips very gently as she was very sensertive. She orgasmed on my tongue and I tasted both male and female juices together for the first time. Eventually I fucked Hannah very slowly until I came inside her.

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