Panties Down Skirt Up

You were nearly 19 years old, and this was your first time travelling alone. “This is a nightmare,” you reflected in frustration.” "What the fuck...??" you wondered, as the security man at the airport scanned your purse for the third time. "Ma'am, please step into the body scanner," you were ordered by the TSA worker. You stood there, on the yellow foot prints, with your hands in the air, while the machine hummed around you. He signalled you to come out, and you were made to stand off to the side, with a heavy-set, dikey looking lady staring at you. "This is bullshit!" you told her. "I'm going to miss my flight," you said, disappointed that it sounded a little whiny. She stood like a stone. Next, an older guy, mid-forties maybe, in a jacket and tie, walked up. He was kinda cute. About six feet tall, gray and brown hair, and probably had a decent body. "Come with me," he snapped, gesturing at you with his finger crooked. "Officious prick!" you thought to yourself.
He stashed you away in a little room with one straight-backed steel chair. The place was brightly lit with florescent bulbs, the walls painted pastel blue. The officious jerk sat down and regarded you, a smirk on his passive face. "I'm Mr. Rigby, which is how you will address me for the duration of this interroga...err...interview, that is to say." He waited for you to speak, but you just stared at him hatefully, wishing you could do that "jedi-mind trick" thingy, and make this asshole let you go. "But if you prefer," he droned on,"you may call me, Sir." "Fat fuckin' chance of that you fascist," you blurted out at him. "Good to go..." Rigby said icily. "Looks like you wanna play." He continued," I've got more games than Milton-fuckin-Bradley. And I have all night, little girl!" As he said the last part he stood up quickly, menacing you with his greater height and size. For the first time, you became a little scared. Wolf-like, he sensed your fear, and attacked,"Go stand in that corner!" he snapped at you. Angry tears of humiliation stood out in your eyes, but you obeyed. "Turn your face into the wall!" Rigby barked. "You act like you've never been naughty before." You slowly turned to face the wall, the hesitation being your only remaining form of defiance. "Go ahead and move slowly, too!!" your tormentor jeered. "I'm going to my office for a few minutes. When I return, you'd better still be standing there! And I mean right-fucking there, honey!!" You heard the door close as he left you alone.
About 15 minutes later, and cursing yourself for a gutless fool, you turned, strode to the chair, and sat down. You told yourself that you intended to stay seated there, but inside you were keenly listening for his returning steps, and were ready to bolt back to your corner. Aleast an hour later you heard the Tap...tap...tap...tap... of approaching feet. You popped up like a jack-in-the-box, and literally pounced back into the corner, heart racing in your chest. The door opened, then closed. "Oh, hell no!" Rigby exclaimed. "Get over here!" you were commanded. You walked over to stand near him. "What the Fuck, Missy!?" he queried, pointing at the chair seat, which held the distinct imprint of your bottom in the orange vinyl-covered cushion. " were sitting there," you mumbled lamely, unable to look into his face. He reached down and caressed the seat with his fingertips. "Well now, it feels pretty warm. Like somebody just had their nice hot little ass right there." "B...bu..but..." you began to stammer."Shut your fucking cock-holster!" he snapped, shocking you into immediate silence. "Do you understand how much trouble you are in?" he asked, looming over you. Now you really were scared,"P...please, Mih...mih...Mister Ruh...ruhh...Rigby..." you began to sob. "Do you need something shoved in that pretty little mouth to shut you up??" Mortified, you stood still, trembling slightly. "This can go two different ways..." Rigby began, "One: I run you right up the flagpole. FBI, Federal Holding Facility, the whole enchilada. How does that sound?" You shook your head rapidly from side to side. "Number two: we handle it right here, in house, and it doesn't go outside these walls." Now you nodded, bobbing your head in exaggerated assent. "Smart girl, now shake on it...!" You took his large, hard hand, and he crushed yours as he jerked it slowly up and down. "Run you smart-ass mouth, question me in any way, or refuse to obey instructions, and the deal is off. And by the way, I'm a decorated Marine Corps combat vet, and you are a wise-ass little brat, so guess who people will listen to! " You swallowed hard. "Are we clear?" he asked harshly. Again, you nodded. Rigby sat in the chair. "Very well. I'm much less worried about the security issues, than I am about your piss-poor attitude, and total lack of discipline. So that's what I intend to address." " I know exactly how to fix little bitches like you!" Rigby smirked. Then, fast as a whip, the wretched man grabbed your wrist in his strong hand, and jerked you hard so that you practically fell face-first onto his lap. "Ohhhnooo...!" you moaned, as Rigby began to lift our light cotton skirt up over your hips. Ignoring you dismay, he next started to slowly peel your tight boy-shorts down below your firm young ass-cheeks. "Not so fucking clever now, are you...?" SMMAACCCKKK!!! His large palm slapped hard down on both cheeks. "OUCH!!" you yelped, as your hips jerked away from the pain. CRRAAKKK!!! This one fell, stinging badly, onto the right side of your tender, exposed bottom. "Unnhhh...!!" you grunted loudly, your eyes filling with tears, and goose-bumps breaking out all over your young ass flesh. Your right arm reached back reflexively to ward off the next incoming blow, but Rigby caught it by the wrist, pinning it high up behind your back. "Oh, I see...the little girl doesn't want to take her spankings." SSLLLAAAPPPP!!! "AIIYYEEEeee...!!!" you squealed loudly as the hardest swat yet rained down on your naked round ass. Your hips began to writhe around, trying to find a way to avoid the punishing strikes. "That's it little girl! wiggle that naughty little ass!!"
KRRAAKKKK!! WHHAAAPPPP!!!SSPPAAAACCCKKK!!! "OHHH...!! MYYYyy...!!! GGODDDD!!!" you screamed as the powerful volley of spanks rippled your tight young ass with stinging force. Your bottom was on fire, your eyes streaming tears, and you were panting from the pain and intensity of the whipping Rigby gave you. The spanking stopped, and your abuser placed his big hand gently across your hot round rump. Rigby started to softly caress the raw naked globes of your young tail. He began to run his fingertips down your ass-crack, from your tailbone, all the way over your tight pink ass-hole, and lightly stroking the moist little lips of your young twat. "OOhhhhhhhhh.....!" you moaned at the feeling of his rough fingers touching your ass-hole and cunt. Involuntarily, your thighs parted and your hips cocked up, trying to give access for this dominant alpha-male to breed your young fertile pussy-hole. Accepting the invitation, his big middle finger dipped into your snatch, pushing up to his second knuckle. "Ummpphhhh!!" you grunted as your back arched, your ass cheeks flexed, and your pussy gripped tightly around the invading digit. You had not realized, until he penetrated you, just how large his hands were. His finger felt nearly as fat as your boy friends cock. Your stiff nipples got harder as Rigby began pumping his thick meaty finger in and out of your tight little box. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!!" you moaned as your pussy started to twitch and pull at the thrusting invader. Then he stopped moving it in you. "Nuh...Nuhh...Nooooo!!" you whimpered, your horny hips jerking up into his hand, humping your pussy on his big finger. "Mmmmm...Mmmmm...Uhhhh...Uhhhh...!!" panting and grunting, you started to hump his finger with bigger and longer strokes. You were literally riding his thick digit with your slick young cunt. You no longer cared if he was an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, or that he was violating and using your young body. Al that mattered was the incredible sensations radiating out from your clutching little twat. You were very close to cumming. Just a few more pumps.... "OHGODD...OHGOD...OHHH...MMMYY...GGODDD!!!!" your pussy convulsed hard as the violent orgasm hit you, tightening your ass, and causing your hips to buck wildly. 

"Ohh...Ohh...Ohhkkkayy..muh...muhh...misterr...Ruh...Ruhh...Rigby...!"the dirty old man was going to make you cum again. "Whose pussy is this, little girl...?" he asked you, still rocking his huge organ deep inside your tight womb. "It's...yuh...yuh...yore...puh...puh...pusssyyy...!!" you panted heavily. "That's right , baby...and next time your parents are out..."he picked up the pace of his fucking. "OhhhGODDD!!" you gasped. "I'm gonna come over and fuck you in your mommy's bed!!" Rigby told you. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....!! Cummingg...!! cumminggg...!!! CCuummmmminnngggg!!!!! MMmmmmmmmmm......!!!!" Now he stood up, but kept your young body impaled on his dick. He walked over to the wall, pinned you against it, and began to slam your pussy with fast and viscious strokes. "OHH...Goddd...Muh...Muh...Mister...Rig...Bee!!!" you were close to cumming again already. 

SMAACCKKK!!!WHAPPPP!!!SSLLAPPPPP!!!!! He was suddenly spanking you again! Pounding on your flailing ass. Your tight little pussy was cumming hard, and he was beating that firm young ass. "AAHHHhhhhJJEEEZUSS...!!!" THHWAAKKK!!!!! "OHHHFFFUUKKK!!!" Still wracked in orgasm, you humped his lap, howling and screaming while he paddled your round naked backside. Every time his palm came down on your bottom, it made your pussy clamp down, your hips jerk forward, and your grunted like a horny animal bitch. "Tell me why you are being spanked!" Rigby ordered you. "B...Buh...bee...cuh...cuh...cuz...I!" you stammered out in between panting breaths. He gave you twenty more hard spankings, forcing you to count out each one. By the end you were quivering and whining helplessly, and your firm young ass felt like it had been doused with jet fuel and lit on fire. After the last blow fell, Rigby grabbed your panties in his fist, and brutally tore them right off of your trembling thighs. He then pushed you onto the floor at his feet, like a discarded piece of refuse. He stood in front of you, unbuckled his belt, and dropped his pants. "Holy Jesus!!" you thought, looking at his hard slab of dick. It was like a big pink sausage, waving menacingly in front of you tear-stained face. "There's only one way out of here for you, slut!!" and he wagged the stiff member threateningly. Sitting back down he said flatly," Get on Daddy's lap, bitch!!" Getting slowly to your feet, you moved forward, spreading your firm legs to straddle the older man's hips. With his right hand, he held his iron-hard cock pointing straight up at your narrow young hole, while his left hand pressed on the small of your back, pushing you down onto the throbbing organ. "UNNNGGGHHHH!!!!" a loud savage grunt was forced from you as the big head pushed your cunt lips wide apart. The fat, hot shaft forced the tight walls of your twat open as the giant member drove deep into your tiny, young girls pussy. You couldn't breathe, your heart seemed to stop beating. You felt so fucking full!! You were completely pussy-shocked as Rigby eased you down steadily onto his massive prick. Finally, your ass pressed into his thighs, and you felt his heavy, man's balls smashed into your ass crack. RIgby grabbed your butt cheeks, and pulled them apart. This caused another inch of dick to invade your cunt. You began to cum hard on the older man's thick rod. You threw your arms around his neck, clinging tightly to him as your pussy tore off in wild spasms of pleasure. "I'M...!CUMMING...!!I'M...!CUMMING...!!IM...!CUMMMINNNGGG!!!!" you wailed out in ecstasy. Rigby held you tightly as you came down from your orgasm. He stroked your back, your ass, your hair. "There, there..." he gently crooned into your ear. "That's a good little girl..." "Did Mr. Rigby's big dick make that little pussy feel good?" the older man asked you softly. "Y...Yessir...!" you said truthfully. "Tell Mr. Rigby how old you are, honey," he instructed you. "Fuh...fuh...fifteen, sir." you obediently answered. "Mmmmmm...Is this the first man's dick that you've had?" you were asked. "Mmmm Hmmmm....It is, sir..." you responded. You felt his big hands beginning to knead your ass cheeks. Your young cunt started to heat up again. "You are still in trouble, little girl!" he chided. Reaching into his shirt pocket he produced a pad of paper and a pen. Next he made you write down your name, address, and cell phone number. "I'm taking this little pussy...!" Rigby said, as be started rocking his dick into you. "OhhhMyyy...." you moaned loudly. "It's okay, baby girl...!" He began to rock more quickly inside of you.

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