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My name is Edward Macy I’m twenty six. My wife name is Karen and she is also twenty six. My mother in-law is named Ester and she is fifty four. I and my wife live four houses down from her mother Ester. Mother and daughter are very close and are more like sisters to one another.
I worked the second shift and then worked over time until three O’clock AM. Karen was sound asleep when I got home but I was horny and wiggled up behind her and lifted one leg up over my hip and her other leg between my legs. Karen moaned as I slipped into her. I like this position because after I get off my cock will still be in her pussy even if we fall asleep. Karen wiggled and moaned some as I shot a load into her. She reached back grabbed my ass and said "Is that you Eddy?”
I laughed and said “Hell no. You don’t think he will be home any time soon do you?”
Karen mumbled as she fell back to sleep “God I hope not.”
I woke around nine O’clock feeling still tired but since Karen had some how slipped out of my leg lock I thought I better get up and work on our soon to be game-room in the basement. I’d been working on it for a month now and it was about finished.
I crawled out of bed got into a pair of cut off jeans and a work t-shirt. Stumbling down stairs I found the coffee pot still warm and poured my self a cup. I then saw the note on the counter. “Ed, darling I’ve gone over to mothers. Back soon.”
I knew once those two got talking it would be longer than (back soon).
I need Karen to go to the store to pick up a few things I needed for the basement project. I did not want to take the time to do it myself and she had a list I had made of what it was I needed.
I picked up the phone and then put it back I thought I’d just walk down and make sure Karen get going straight away. I knew if I just called it could be hours before the left on her own. She and her mother get to talking and they forget time.
I went in the side door and heard the washing machine going in the basement. I thought they might be down there so I went down the stairs to the landing. I did not see Karen but Ester was standing in front of the washing machine with her back to me. I was about to call out when she grabbed her dress and pulled it up over her head.
Ester is five six with a fine plump round firm ass. I locked my eyes on her fine ass and slim thighs. She bent reached up behind her back and unhooked her bra. I could not see those lovely twin globes that hung on her chest like rip melons. I had often thought I wished Karen had bigger tits like her mother. I had never seen Ester’s tits but a blind man could tell they were fine and firm.

I was shaking as I entered the house. “God all might what have I done.” I went up to the bedroom dropped my jeans on the floor and climbed back onto bed as if nothing had happened. I must have been nuts. A guy my age should have been able to control himself. I should have turned around and walked away. But fucking lust and thinking of Ester’s ass got me. Am I sorry I don’t know?
Karen shook me awake about one thirty. I had slept all day. She said she had my dinner ready and my lunch pail fixed. I had just enough time to shower, eat and get to work on time. My shift started at three o’clock. I had always liked second shift. It allows you time to do things during the day and your home at a little after eleven. If you don’t work over time like I had been doing the last three weeks.
Karen had a pan of fired ham and eggs all ready as I came into the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks as I saw Ester sitting at the counter. She looked at me smiled and said “Well sleepy head you missed a while day.”

I felt fooling for standing there looking at my mother in-laws fine ass and bare back. But I did not call out or avert my eyes. Just as quick as Ester had pulled off her bra she slipped her panties down and off one leg and then the other. She dropped bra and panties into the washing machine. She was now about side ways to me and I could see her melon like breast swing and bounce. I sucked in my breath and thought “What a great pair of tits.”
My dick was as hard as an iron rod. I was rubbing my hard-on not thinking that Ester might turn around and see me. Shit I was fucking her with my eyes and in my mind. Ester bent over to pick up more cloths off the floor. Her legs were parted slightly and I could see her long blonde hair around her pussy.
I could even see the puffy out line of her fat little cunt. But most of all I was focused on the tiny dark spot between her ass cheeks. I loved to fuck Karen’s’ ass and after a year Karen was getting off this way. Karen was into me fucking her in the ass. I was thinking of this when Ester bent over again. I was not thinking of even aware of what I was doing. But seemed to sense some thing Ester stopped stood up and slowly turned around.
She froze but did not say anything. I froze and did not speak. I was holding my cock in my hand milking it slowly. It was so hard it hurt. It was swollen and throbbing as I stared at Ester beautiful nude body.
Ester looked at me my cock and how I was stroking my cock. She seemed to be mesmerized her gaze fixed on my cock. She brought up her hands to her breasts. Not to cover the nipples but to caress them with her fingers. She was pulling on the nipples while twisting them.
I let my cock go and it hung out in the static charged air between us as I caressed my balls and lifted them so my cock was bouncing up and down.
Ester licked her lips and dropped one hand to her crotch. She placed three fingers on her mound covered with natural blonde hair. She was rubbing her clitoris. I watched as she wiggled a finger into the puffy crack of her pussy. I was back to stroking my cock with long slow strokes. I wanted to get off. I wanted to shoot a load half way across the basement. I wanted Ester to see how much cum I shot out and how it would arch high into the air before splashing to the floor.
Ester went to her knees and then she sat on the pile of cloths on the floor. She lifted one legs out to the side and very excitedly pushed two fingers into her pussy. She was wiggling then inside her cunt. She was finger fucking herself while looking at my cock.
I started to beat my meat jerking off with rapid jerks determined to cum so Ester could see it fly free into the wind.
I don’t remember moving off the landing. But there I was on my knees next to my mother in-law kneeling close offering her my cock.
Ester never took her fingers out of her pussy yet she leaned close taking my cock into her mouth. I cum so quick it surprised me. Ester grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. My cock disappeared as I let go with the second thick spurt. Ester dug her fingers into my ass cheek as I shot off with a third thick load. Ester swallowed and kept jerking my ass back and forth as if I were fucking her in the mouth.
My cock kept pumping cun from somewhere deep inside me. It seemed as if that well was never going to go dry. I had reached down and forced two fingers into her pussy. I felt her spasm squeeze my fingers tightly as Ester reached her climax. She fell back on the pile of clothes ripping my cock free of her mouth. I shoved three fingers I her pussy and wiggled them wildly. Ester screamed and lifter her ass off the floor. A slippery fluid ran out around my fingers. I kept up the motion of my fingers going and out of her pussy until she blinked rolled her eyes back into her head and passed out.
I some how knew she was not hurt or in any danger so I stood grabbed my jeans from the landing and left.
I had gotten off like a cannon and was I walked back to my house my brain rushed from my cock back up to my head. MY first thoughts were “Christ was a fine cock sucker. The reality set in and I thought Ester will tell Karen and that will be the end of my six year marriage. Karen was a fine lady, a great wife and the best fuck I’d ever had. I had never cheated on her. Hell I’d never even thought of cheating on her. I had looked a few sexy girls but never gave it a serious thought.

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