The Punishment

Sunday 03:18 Dom –

enough to compose a reply.
Sunday 12:48 sub –
I can’t come up today. I really can’t even bear to think what it’ll be like to do this in front of him, but I’m willing to do it for you. Xxx
Sunday 12.49 Dom –
Thank you. Can you come up tomorrow tea time? When are you starting your punishment? Do you think he’ll take the opportunity to cum on you?
Frankie had showered in between texts, and by 1p.m. she’d finished applying her make-up. She dressed. Or rather, didn’t dress. She felt cold and vulnerable under her knee length coat in only stockings and high heels, although common sense told her that no-one could possibly know that she was naked if she was careful, it still didn’t take away the dread of being found out in public. One final look in the mirror and she was ready to start the first part of her ordeal.

You said you would do anything at all to return. Your punishment for breaking the submission will be in 2 parts. Very humiliating and very painful. Are you ready to pay such a high price?
Frankie hadn’t expected to hear from him ever again. She’d tried to make it right, offered to do anything to try and make it up to him, but he’d said it was impossible. She’d had no choice but to accept it. Now he was offering her a chance to return, to redeem herself – but as his slave this time, not just a submissive. Could she take it as a slave, owned property with no choice and no limits? She didn’t know, but she knew she would try. No one else, it seemed, could give her so much pleasure or inflict so much pain as he. How she wished it wasn’t so.
She picked her phone up and texted:
I would like you to accept my submission very much. I’m ready.
She lay awake in the dark, waiting to hear what he required her to do. The humiliation part of the punishment would be extremely difficult for her. It was getting on for 4A.M, but there would be no sleep until he’d replied.
Sunday 04:33 Dom –
Stockings, heels, your leather coat. To the Co- Op. Courgette into cunt & arse. 3 pegs in your pocket for tongue & nipples. Go to Paul’s flat. Ask him for a bowl. With him watching remove coat & squat over bowl. Remove courgettes, lick clean put into the bowl. Put on pegs. Pee into bowl then drink.
Sunday 04:34 Dom –
Remove tongue peg. Paul may not touch you at any time however at this point he may wank over your face & tits. If he chooses to do so you will pull on your nipple pegs hard. You will then remove pegs put on your coat & leave. Do not clean his cum until you are home. Part 1 of punishment complete.
Sunday 04:42 Dom –
If you need to clean his cum off before leaving you may totally humiliate yourself and ask him to pee on you so you can wash xxx
When Frankie awoke next morning, she re-read the texts several times, with a growing sense of anxiety. What he asked was impossible. She couldn’t do it. How could she? She was neither shocked nor surprised at what he demanded, just terrified at the idea. How badly do you want this? A voice said in her mind. She knew this calm, reasonable voice well. It had talked her through a lot of hard things and bad times. If she became his slave that she’d be hearing a hell of a lot more of that voice too. It was the one that made her stand fast and endure, no matter what the rest of her was saying.
As she made herself coffee, her imagination kept playing unwelcome images of what might happen if she went through with it. Frankie closed her eyes and tried to will the mental pictures away. She worked with Paul. How could she go to his house and do this? But how could she not? She picked up her phone, watching her fingers move over the keypad as if they were controlled by someone else, and she was just a fascinated bystander.
Sunday 11:06 sub –
I’ve thought about it, and I’ll try and do it. Does it have to be him, though?
Sunday 11:06 Dom –
Who else is there? And I want pictures of every stage on your phone.
Sunday 11:13 sub –
Ok. I don’t suppose there is anyone else to ask, It’s just awkward having to work with him.
Sunday 11:16 Dom –
Paul it is then. Don’t ask just tell him. Think yourself lucky I made it less humiliating than the 1st version.
Sunday 11:22 sub –
What was the first version?
Sunday 11:26 Dom –
Michelle as witness
Frankie shivered. Michelle was one of her friends, she didn’t see how she could possibly do it in front of her. Paul it was then, and think herself bloody lucky, too.
Sunday 11:33 sub –
You’re right, that would be worse. I’ll do it this afternoon.
Sunday 11:34 Dom –
Good girl. Cum 1st. Keep me informed.
Sunday 12.15 Dom –
More I think of it the more I want a witness to your humiliation there. Xxx
Sunday 12:30 sub –
Is it not enough that Paul will see it? I don’t know how I’m ever going to look him in the eye again after this
Sunday 12:31 Dom –
Yes it’s enough for Paul alone. I told you it would be total humiliation. It will be total pain if you come up here straight after. I’m semi hard just thinking of the moment you reveal your body to one you dislike so much. Xxx
Frankie fought the urge to throw her phone against the wall. She wanted to tell him to shove it, no way was she doing it, but her fingers just wouldn’t make those words. After ten minutes or so she had calmed down
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