time with friends Our second

Our friends came round for tea again on Saturday and our teenage kids were out so the house was ours, after the last time a few weeks ago my wife and I could not wait to see what would happen this time and we had some things we wanted to try out.
John & Karen arrived and we sat and chated about what we had been up to since we last got together over a bottle of wine and we told them that after they left I took Pat up and we had the best fuck we had ever had and we hoped we would get round to some more tonight.
Karen and John both said they hoped we would feel like that and they were up for some more sexy fun.
We had our meal and Pat & I told karen & John to go and take a seat of the sofa while we got the afters sorted out, I quickly cleared the table and Pat striped off she lay herself acrossed the table and I placed fresh whipped cream over her pussy and boobs nad fresh stawberrys on top I placed cream round her mouth and belly button and placed two strawberries on top.

They stayed the night and we never slept I do not think on I know I have never cum so much or fucked so much at one go, Pat was so fuck out she stayed in bed the whole of following day but I did fuck her again that night and it was as good as before knowing my mate John had left several load of his cum inside my wife for me to mix mine with.
I called to Karen and John the afters was ready and they got up of the sofa and turned to the table and John & Karens faces were just a picture John came across the room ripping of his clothes as he came to my wife served up as after, by the time he got to the table he was naked and his moth went down onto my wifes hard cream covered nipple he was like he had not eaten in weeks his cock getting harder and harder the more he sutcked and licked Pat's breast.
Karen undressed and stood by my and I said to her it is self service help yourself, she did not need telling twice she went round pushed open my wifes legs and delved into my wifes pussy eating the fruit and licking of the cream I had made sure that Pat's cunt slit was cramed full with cream and even entered some inside her with my fingers. Karen was now finding this as her tongue entered her slit I could hear her slupping her pussy juice and cream down, Pat was now moaning loud " OOOOOOO god thats fuck great" her body was shaking as John still licked and bit her nipple and Karen eat out her cunt.
I walked round and started on my wifes other breast and her nipples were harder then I had ever known them2 She was taking deep breaths and saiying Yes o yes I am cumming as her whole body shook she raised her bum from the table pushing her mouth into Karens face she had her first orgasm of the evening.
John left her boobs and placed his mouth on hers and pushed his tongue into her moth and the cream I had placed there mix with there kissing.Karen moved up and licked her way from Pat's pussy and started licking her belly button and first taking of one strawberry with her mouth she came to me and placed it into my mouth with hers and kissed me we sheared the fruit together she then went back and eat the second one and licked up all the cream making my wife arch her back again as she did this I saw that Karen had two fingers shoved into my wife cunt and finger fucking her very hard,Pat was on the verge of her second Orgasm John stood up and shoved his rock hard cock into her mouth and Pat started to suck on it heard.
I walked round behind Karen and sliped two fingers into her she was wet and dripping pussy juice I carried on finger fucking her for a while then stood up and placed my cock into her waiting pussy she pushed back as I shoved forward in Karen took the whole thing in one movment and I started to fuck her hard as she finger fuck my wife and licked her clit Pat cam again and again and Karen was not far behind as she orgasmed her face sucked on pats cumming cunt drinking all her cum down I thrust hard as I got ready to fill her with my cum and with one last push help myself into her as my cock spurt out it's cum filling her insides,
we moved away and when over to the sofa where Karen started to suck my cock and I placed my mouth over her very hard niple as I said last time I had never seen nipples like Karens over a inch long and rock hard, Joh had now moved round and was starting to fuck the hell out of Pat she was going mad by the sound of it cum again and again, I took my mouth of Karens boob just to look and Pat had her legs round Johns waist holding him as close and as far into her as she could get him he was lent over her licking up the last of the cream and fucking her hard.
Karen had given me such a good blow job that my cock was on the rise once again so I took Karne and laid her on the floor and got down between her knees and start to eat her filling my mouth with her and my cum,
I kissed her clit and slowly mover up her body until my cock entered her and I wanted to fuck Karen nice and slow this time which I did given her three orgasms each one bigger then the last until I could not hold back any longer I filled her for the second time that evening, Joh and Pat were now sitting in a chair John sitting and Pat kneeling facing him giving John a good hard sucking Karen moved and told Pat to raise her self up on her knees and she sliped between her legs and started to lick her out until she came again.
We were all worn out so we opened another bottle of wine and sat around naked watching porno for a while until we were ready for some more.

Roll on the next time is what we say.
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