Someone was Cheating at Poker

My name is Maggie, divorced mom at 26. When my X husband & I were first married I was working for a law firm as a secretary and convenience store for some part time hours.

 After several months later I was full time & quit my part time job. “Marty” my X was driving as an over the road truck driver. I knew from the things I’d heard that truckers are not as faithful as they seem to be. He was away from home often for long periods, sometimes weeks at a time. As a young couple Marty busted my cherry before me were married. Sex was frequent at the beginning of our marriage and I found sex kind of boring, un-eventful and unsatisfying to me for years. I was having difficulty in reaching a true orgasm. I would fake the orgasms to get Marty’s nuts off so he would leave me alone & I could go to sleep. All of his stuff works good. I got pregnant 3 years into our marriage. Our son was born.

As time went by, one afternoon he arrived home after a long trip. Marty came in & through his dirty clothes in a pile as he always did & told me to wash them. Sorting thru his clothes I found a bra, a bra that was not mine. I wear a 36c & this one had to be a 40 with humongous DD sized cups. I couldn’t have filled up that thing with both my titties in one cup! Looking further I noticed a lipstick stain and his white underwear and the crusted over cum. Bingo I had the SOB! I always suspected him of cheating on me & we divorced shortly after that.
Since then I haven’t had sex with anyone for 4 years. I was lonely & my son of 8 years knew it. My son told me that I would to love again someday. He is so mature at 8 years old. I have some toys that I play with from time to time. I was still having difficulty in reaching an orgasm even with the vibrating dildos I had in my dresser. I centered on my activities on my son & my job and never gave sex a whole lot of thought.

The thought was getting me wetter & I could smell the sex pheromone on myself.
We all sat there in the nude and nervously I had another drink, when someone said “Since we’re all naked now, let’s place our bet on sex acts, kind of truth or dare poker, I think it was Cindy.” I was so horny & wet by now that I was ready for whatever happened, happened. I kept inventing excuses for Clint to get up for something so that I could see him and he could see me. I suggested we keep playing, and the winner of that hand would say what the looser was to do. Bob, Ron, Brenda & Cindy all agreed. Clint lost the next hand and we all flipped a quarter to see who was to tell Clint what to. Bob won that hand with a full house. 8’s & 6’s. Not a good hand, but good enough to win, that’s what counts.

My work was going well & my fifteenth anniversary with the company was coming up, they have their annual awards banquet during this time of year and I was invited to attend. I dressed for the outing. I wore a light yellow low cut neckline evening gown that showed a little too much cleavage, I liked it & It’s kind of reveling, but that is what I wore anyway. It was during the annual award banquet. I received awards from three lawyers. I never missed a day of work, no tardiness. My work performance was above the firms’ stats from the work performance appraisal I had weeks before & it came with a nice raise in pay that put me in 6 figures.

Dinner was the greatest, after having a few drinks for dinner I was feeling rather good because of the booze. After the awards were handed out & the banquet was winding down, it was the normal BS sessions & I didn’t even take this to heart in the office. I wasn’t going to listen to this crap here. I headed to the wet bar, I wanted another drink.
I headed to the open bar & while standing in line I heard of a poker game in one of the hotel back rooms. I loved to play poker and was rather good at it. I thanked everyone there at the banquet & excused myself from the nights festivities as I was going home and headed out the door.
I shortly returned & came back in and went to find the poker game. I asked at the hotel desk clerk where I could find the game. The clerk advised me that it was a private game and I was unable to join, but with a little searching I found the room anyway & I lightly knocked on the door & asked if I could join and play a few hands. I introduced myself. There were four men and four ladies sitting at the table. Clint, Bob, Tony and Ron the ladies were Sue, Cindy, Barbara and black lady named Ruth. Some were married & some single, but none of them were married to anyone else seated at the table. They were all from other law firms discussing different cases they were handling as they played.

I learned that one of the newest attorneys was “Clint” and asked if I played & how good I was. “I replied I can hold my own,” I was asked & welcomed to join the game. I had a few more drinks & we played for about two half hours. When one the ladies (Barbara) said “Let’s play some Strip Poker” I was unsure of that, because that may lead to some embarrassing things happening. After a little coaxing I reluctantly agreed.
We played a few hands. It was my turn to deal, as I dealt the cards out, Cindy asked to be excused for that hand to go potty. I noticed as she got up her panty lines were outlined rather well across her butt. When she returned her panty lines were gone & the smell of a wet feminine pussy filled the room as she walked by. I am not lesbian or even bi, but this stranger’s aroma was really a turn-on as my thoughts went wild & I felt a twinge in my insides.
That hand I lost a high heel shoe. I had won the next four hands & everyone there lost a few parts of their clothing. I was only missing one shoe.

 Then I had started a losing streak hand after hand & lost a shoe here & my panty hose there. My whole damn dress came off all in the next twenty minutes. I was thinking things were stacked against me! But when I lost my bra, I was really thrilled by the way the room full of strange men & women I was feeling a turn-on how these strangers were looking at my breasts. My breasts are rather well formed & I could feel my nipples grow erect as I unhooked my bra and slid it down off my 36c boobs. I tried to hide myself a little with my arms, but at the same time I was enjoying the fact that they were able to see my upper body.

Clint lost his slacks on the next hand. Then I lost my panties, and I quickly stood up and removed them and sat back down. The people commented on my closely shaven Coochie. She was nearly bald, except a thin line of hair like an arrow pointing to my clitty. I always keep her neat & pretty. This is gross when women let their pubic hair continue to grow. It looks like an over grown jungle with a wide canyon right down the middle. Men like to see it neatly trimmed. I don’t know why but I always kept her look sweet, even in this dry period with no sex with anyone. I just kept her looking like I just came from a barbershop.

I was getting more excited and feeling moisture between my loins & knowing that I was sitting there naked in front of the whole group of perfect strangers. When Clint lost his underwear, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. It was at least three full inches longer & bigger girth than Marty’s, and it was really amazingly stiff. I never thought a dick could look so good. 

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