Home alone with Alyssa

With Brad and Alyssa's parents home, from their long weekend away. They cant express the passionate feelings for each other, they've kept hidden with petty step sibling squabbling for the passed two years, since Alyssa's mother married Brad's father. Its night time now, just a few hours since Jack and Grace came home. Now both step siblings lay awake in their own beds. They lay thinking of all the taboo games they played with each other, during their long weekend home alone. The passed few hours have been completely agonizing for fourteen year old Alyssa. When her mother left her alone with her experienced sixteen year old step brother, she was a virgin. Before their steamy weekend together, she never even kissed a boy. Now she cant seem to get enough of her handsome brown eyed dark haired step brother. She's became addicted to his touch, to the way he kisses. And most of all, she's addicted to the way his stiff cock feels when its being thrust deep within her sex. Chapter 5: A Hot October Night, Somewhere In Florida Alyssa's doing her best to sleep tonight, she looks at her bedside clock seeing its 11:45 she has school tomorrow. The last time she remembers getting a good nights rest, was when she and Brad had sex in their parents bed; before her mother and step father returned from their weekend wedding anniversary getaway . She remembers how satisfied she was that night. And how safe and secure she felt, as she fell off to sleep with her step brothers arm draped over her nude body, with his strong hand caressing her breast. With these taboo thoughts in her head, she tosses and turns. She sat up quickly, tossing her legs over the edge of her pink and white canopy bed. "Dammit!" she whispered. "I cant take it any longer. I'm going to Brad's room. I don't give a fuck if I get caught." She stood quickly, her white cotton nightie hiked up exposing her bare sex. Her panties are laying somewhere under the covers of her bed. She slipped them off just after she went to bed, feeling the need to masturbate, hoping to satisfy herself and forget Brad's touch. Before she leaves her room, she quickly stacks some extra pillows under her blankets. Just in case someone peaks in, they'll think she's still in bed. Her heartbeats almost painfully against her chest, as she opens her bedroom door. Poking her head into the hallway she listens for any sign of her mother or step father. Not hearing anything downstairs, where their bedroom is she crept out. Fear of being caught sneaking to her step brothers room both excites and terrifies her. Her hand shakes as she touches the doorknob to Brad's room. Turning the knob slowly, she took one quick look towards the stairway then slipped inside. In the darkness its quiet, the only sound she hears is her heartbeat. She lurches suddenly when the silence is broken. "I see you cant sleep either." Brad said in a loud whisper. The sudden sound of his voice frightened her, her body shook. Not speaking she slowly tiptoes to his bed. She sees him in the autumn moonlight, he's laying on his side, with his head propped on his hand. He pulls the covers back. "Climb on in babe, I've been laying here wishing you were here." He says in a charming tone. She wasted no time climbing in bed. He pulls her to him, they kiss passionately. He inhales the floral scent of her long chestnut brown hair, his voice trembled. "Alyssa I need you...so bad!" Her voice trembled. "This is driving me crazy," She kissed him. "I wish my mom and Jack were still gone," "Lets make love." She begged. He gently held her head in his hands. "We need to be quiet. Their bedrooms right below mine." Alyssa slid from his embrace, she began tugging on his orange and blue Florida gators sweatpants. She hissed. "Help me take your sweats off." Chuckling softly Brad lifted his butt, allowing his step sister to remove the only clothing he's wearing. Once completely nude, he tugged on her white cotton nightie. "Take it off. I'm naked, you should be too." He lay back watching her remove the nightie. The autumn moonlight shines upon her showing off her perfect teen body, small round firm breast, a thin patch of dark pubic hair; just above her cleft. Her green eyes seem to glow in the moonlight as she looks into his eyes. He pulled her down, whispering. "You look so fucking sexy in the moonlight." A sly smile appears upon her lips, she doesn't speak. She kisses him on the lips then began kissing her way down his chest. Playing with his cock with her free hand. Finally after teasing her step brother, planting soft kisses down his body, she kisses and licks the head of his stiff cock. He moans softly thrusting his hips upward. She licks her tongue around its circumcised tip. "Mmm. I've been craving a midnight snack." She said seductively. "Well go ahead sis have a snack." He stroked her hair. "While your sucking me, I'll eat your sweet pussy." He doesn't need to tell her what to do, she quickly swung her leg over his chest. Placing her cunt just inches from his face. He inhales her scent, its clean and fresh, just slightly musky. He spread her wide with his fingertips, then began tonguing her sensitive little clit. Her body shivered with pleasure. 'Mmm' She moaned, then began rocking her hips gently over his mouth. She keeps working her lips and tongue over his cock shaft, while immensely enjoying the way her step brothers tongue feels as it laps its way inside the folds of her sex. Now every time she gives him oral pleasure, just the taste of his cock flesh turns her on sexually. He cums a little, she swallows his seed. Brad began fingering her faster, shoving one then two long fingers deep inside licking and sucking her clit at the same time. An orgasm rushes through her young body, she shook violently. She stopped sucking his cock, laying her head on his thigh trying to catch her breath. "Come on babe," He begged. "Don't stop." Once she regained control of her body she sucked his cock back in. After sucking his cock for a good while, almost making him cum she stopped then moved her body around laying her head next to his. "Why're you stopping," He whined. "You almost made me cum." She whispered. "Lets make love," She spoke seductively, letting her lips caress his ear. Her voice trembled passionately. "I wanna fuck you sooo bad." She looked into his dark eyes, waiting for an answer. "I don't think we should babe. I came inside you a bunch of times this weekend," He paused. "I don't wanna get you pregnant." He noticed a sly smile on her seductive lips. "Oh come on. Please...I need your cock inside me," She kissed him. "I'll lay on bottom. That way you can pull out when you cum." She kissed him again, this time with more passion. Pulling away she pleaded. "Please fuck meee!!" He gave in. "Okay...okay..I'll fuck you." She rolled on to her back. Kissing her passionately he lay over her body, guiding his cock between her legs. Feeling the head of his cock pressing against the folds of her sex she spread wide for him. Feeling his warm cock slip inside she moaned. "Mmmm...It feeels sooo good," She gasped in his ear. "Fuck meee." Brad placed his lips over hers. Not just to kiss her, but to quiet her. Thoughts of being caught suddenly come to mind, as he shoves deeper inside the wet folds of his step siblings sex. Placing his lips to her ear he spoke. "Try to be quiet baby. Okay?" She giggled nervously. Her laughter causes the hair on the back of neck to stand up. "Okay!" she said softly. "Keep kissing me...and Dammit, stop laughing." He thrust in deeper, her body shook with pleasure. She placed her lips over his, letting out a loud moan. Feeling her body tense and shake, plus catching her moans in his mouth, cause small orgasms to roll down his spine. She wrapped her slender legs around him, softly gasping. "Fuck me." Placing his lips securly over hers, he began thrusting into her. She's tight, he loves how tight she is. He feels the warmth of her inner walls as he goes deep then pulls back. Speeding up his thrust, their mouths catch each others moans of pleasure. Small orgasms rush over their young body's with each thrust. Alyssa's body naturally begins thrusting back against his thrust. When they began making love, the room was cool. Now it feels as if someone turned the AC off, their bodies begin to sweat. She tastes his sweat as it rolls down his cheek into her mouth as they kiss. In return he taste her sweat. The taste of her sweat, the smell of sex in the air spurs him on to thrust harder. He feels cum rising in his groin, but he doesn't stop fucking her. The feeling of Alyssa's tight cunt wrapped around his cock is way too exciting to stop now. Alyssa's thrusting back against his thrust. She feels a major climax rushing from the inner walls of her sex. Her legs tighten around his backside. He hisses out. "I'm...cumming.. unwrap your legs." She's lost in passion, she doesn't hear him. Not wanting to cum inside her he pushed upward, forcing her strong legs from his backside. He lay over her panting as if he just ran a 10k marathon. She feels warm sticky semen leaking over her belly. She hugged him tight, speaking softly. "That was fantastic," giggle. "Lets do it again." He joked. "Shit. I've turned you into fucking nympho." He rolled over on his back, sweat rolled down his temple. She rolled over, laying her head on his shoulder. She spoke softly. "This was such a thrill. Doing it right above mom and dads bedroom, with them home." Brad kissed the back of her head. "Yeah you really surprised me coming in here tonight. I thought once your mom and my dad came home, our little affair would be over." She became serious. "Brad," she paused. "Yeah what babe." Alyssa raised her head, looking into his eyes. "Are we lovers...Or just friends with benefits?" He took a breath, thinking of her question. "Well being as I, just happen to be the first boy you've kissed...And had sex with. Lets take it slow." He paused, hoping he's saying the right thing. "I love you Alyssa, but lets just be fwb's for now. Remember sweetheart. This whole thing started after you asked me, to teach you, how to kiss," He took a deep breath, to Alyssa it sounded more like a sigh. "Maybe now you won't feel like that ugly duckling you thought you were. Maybe you'll find a guy, that isn't your step brother." "Yeah," she said reluctantly. "I guess your right. You're the first guy I've been with," sigh. "Maybe I should try someone else...You know just to see if what happened this weekend, and tonight, was just a fling." She kissed him. The kiss was supposed to be, just a peck on the lips before she got out of his bed to go back to her room. Suddenly, just a simple kiss goodnight becomes one long passionate entanglement. He placed his hand to the back of her head, she did the same to him. Their tongues touched deep within each others mouths. Alyssa lay her soft warm body over his, he feels her thin patch of pubic hair on his skin. He became hard once more. Before the weekend alone with Alyssa, he's never had this much stamina. She feels his hardness laying against the inside of her leg. She spoke seductively, reaching back stroking his cock. "Hmmm...Big brother. Looks like I'll need to fuck you once more, before I go back to my room." Chapter 6: Six A.M. Time To Panic Knock..knock. "Alyssa. Wake up baby, you've got school today." Brad heard Grace, his step mother knocking on Alyssa's door, directly across the hall from his. He looked to his right seeing Alyssa waking up beside him. She's still completely nude, she never went back to her room after they had sex one more time last night. He nudged her, whispering. "Slide down on the floor, hide beside my bed." Alyssa quickly slide from his bed, quietly doing as he told her. Their both sure they're about to be caught. Grace kept knocking on Alyssa's door. Brad leaped out of bed, stepping on Alyssa's white cotton nightie. He threw the garment over the bed to Alyssa, then walked to his door completely naked. He quickly opened the door, hoping to catch his step mothers attention, before she enters Alyssa's room, finding she's not there. He stood in his doorway, just in time to see his attractive step mom clutching her daughters doorknob. Grace is dressed in a short royal blue silk nightgown this morning. Every time he sees Grace, he cant help but compare her to Alyssa. The forty-two year old stands, just a hair taller then her fourteen year old daughter. Grace wears her chestnut brown hair cut pageboy style, just below her ears. Her eyes are the same hypnotizing green as her daughters. They both have the same high cheekbone, and full kissable lips. Family and friends, have often comment, that Grace could easily be mistaken for Alyssa's older sister. Her youthful looks are a bit deceiving to some. Brad pulled himself together, stopping Grace from opening her daughters door. He spoke loudly. "Good morning Grace. How're you doing this fine morning." Startling her, she quickly let loose of the doorknob. She turned around, seeing her stepson standing in his doorway nude. Her green eyes roamed over his body. Raising her eyebrows she grinned as she spoke, he notices she blushes just like Alyssa when she's nervous or turned on. "Well good morning, Brad." Her eyes traced their way down his body. "I didn't know you slept in the buff." Her eyes remained on his half erect cock. Her full lips rolled into an alluring smile. He quickly covered himself with his hands. She smirked. "Hmm..you do take after your father, don't you." He stood speechless for a second, then spoke. "Oops..ha...This is awkward isn't it Grace." She laughed turning her eyes away. "Yes it is," she said. "Do you always run around the house without your pants on, young man." He laughed nervously. "Oh uh, no mam. Sorry I wasn't thinking, I just stepped out to say I heard Alyssa walk down the hall to our bathroom, up here." He laughed nervously. "I've been waiting for her to come out." He smiled nervously. "Ha. You know how she always hogs the bathroom." Grace glanced once more at Brad's nude body, she smiled as if she liked what she sees. "Yeah I know that's something you two always fight about," She smirked. "Brad, honey. Please put some pants on." As she walked away she told him. "Your dad and I are making breakfast, hurry and get dressed. It'll be nice to spend some time with you two, before you both head off to school."
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