Things to Come Old Friend Gets a Taste of

I had recently got back in contact with an old female friend through Facebook, who suggested that next time she was over to see her parents we should catch up over a drink or two. Back in the day, I had always fancied Jude, but since I had not seen her in almost 15 years, I wondered if time had been kind to her or whether I would even recognise her at all. I was really quite surprised when only a few days later, I got a text from Jude saying that she was back in town and free on Friday night and asking if I fancied meeting up. As my attempts at ‘no-strings-attached’ internet dating had been of late a bit of disaster, I thought what the hell and replied that ‘ I was looking forward to it.’

I took long sip from my now half empty glass and checked my watch again. Just as looked up I heard a voice call my name, ‘Mark?’ I swung round to be faced by a woman who even after 15 years, I immediately recognised as Jude. ‘Hey, look at you….wow you look amazing…’ I stuttered slightly as I reached out to hug her and kiss on the cheek. ‘You don’t look too bad yourself’ she responded, looking me up and down. I could barely hide my blushes

 sat at the bar of The Swan, nursing a pint, checking my phone for texts, half hoping that perhaps she had had second thoughts about meeting. .
I got us both some drinks whilst she grabbed a nearby table. As she walked over to the table I copped a proper look at her. She was wearing a pair of skintight electric blue jeans, high heeled sandals and a sheer blouse which showed off a matching blue bra underneath which she filled to perfection. She was tanned, toned and with long dark brown hair which fell down her back. She was sex on legs.
We instantly hit it off, both feeling comfortable in each other presence. There were no embarrassing silences and we moved from pub to pub, laughing, chatting and drinking. She was a pleasure to be with, not only because of the jealous looks I was getting from groups of blokes on nights out, but because as the evening wore on Jude was becoming gradually more flirtatious with me, occasionally resting her had on my knee and looking straight into my eyes as we talked. We chatted about the old times, ex girlfriends and boyfriends and the conversation got quite racy, as she told me which of her ex boyfriends had been good in bed and which ones had been flops. We laughed at the fact that we had never got it on even though we had always liked each other.

I slid her thong to one side and proceeded to steer the bulbous end of my cock towards her pussy lips, rubbing it around the moist edges for a few seconds as she let out another soft moan. She then reached back and grasped her buttocks, opening her wet hole wide. I thrust my full length deep inside her. It felt so good, I nearly exploded on the spot, but I managed to regain my composure and with my hands firmly holding her hips, began to fuck her, first of all with long slow movements and then faster, shorter strokes. As her sighs increased in volume, I reached forward and gently covered her mouth with my hand to stifle the noise. I felt her body begin to shake and she reached forward to steady herself on the wall. By now I was bursting to come and quickly pulled her around. She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide as I shot my load, covering her face as she greedily gulped my warm cum down her throat.
Smiling and still kissing and hugging each other, we managed to get cleaned up and dressed and slipped out of the toilets, completely undetected. After saying a long goodbye, we parted, pledging to remain friends. As I reached home, I received a txt from Jude, that said. ‘Great 2 c u, even better to taste you - at last.” Fair to say that since that since that night, Jude has been visiting her parents a lot more than normal.

We decided to end the night off in The Hive, a live music venue in the city centre. It was busy and lively and the atmosphere was great adding to the good time we were already having. We got another drink and managed to find a space to stand. At this moment, Jude pulled me close to her so that I could hear over the live band that were playing; “I always wondered what it would be like,” she said. “What, would be like?” I replied. “ I always wondered what it would be like to have you.” At this her hand moved to the front of my trousers and slowly began to rub my crotch, which immediately turned me on. We fell into a long, deep kiss, and without a word Jude gave me a smile and took my hand. “What the…,” I began to ask, as Jude led me willingly through the main room of the pub out to the back where the toilets were. Giving a quick look around, she opened the door to the ladies toilets and beckoned me into to one of the cubicles. “ What if someone comes….” I mouthed. “I’m hoping that will definitely happen.” She whispered back in my ear. I pulled her tightly towards me, our hips meeting as my back hit against the locked toilet cubicle door. My fingers grasped greedily at her bottom through her jeans, my hands then moved over the soft yet firm flesh of her stomach and up to her breasts which felt firm through her bra.
Without saying a word, Jude, sat down on the toilet and undid my belt and unbottened by jeans, all the time not taking her eyes off me. She then steered my already nearly fully erect cock out of my boxers and began to lick it, slowly to begin with, before letting out a soft moan and opening her mouth wide and taking its full length into her mouth. I closed my eyes and stroked her hair as the heady combination of the evening’s alcohol and the excitement of being given a blow job by a gorgeous woman who I had always fancied, in a toilet cubicle, took over. Occasionally women would come into the toilets and having to be quiet so as not to get discovered added further to the excitement. I was so taken away by the moment that it was not until I opened my eyes that I noticed that Jude had by now removed her shoes and jeans completely and was playing with herself through the edge of her lacy blue thong. Seeing this just turned me on further, especially when she guided my hand towards her pussy which was now soaking wet. I took my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up, planting a big kiss on her lips before turning her around and bending her over the toilet. 
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