Gym Night

I just turned 40 and though I wasn't in bad shape, I joined the local gym. I wanted to have the best body I'd ever had.
Last Thursday my wife was having girls book night at our house so I would have to be out for a few hours. I figured I'd go to the gym. I'd never went that late at night so I wasnt sure how crowded it would be. To my surprise it was empty. Just 2 little old ladies in the pool and 4 black guys playing basketball. Excellent for me, I would have the whole place to myself. I worked my upper body first, pushing my limits, lifting as much as I could. Then a 1 hour elliptical workout. Wow I was spent.
I usually go straight home and shower, but with the wife having her book club, I knew I had to stay gone awhile longer, so I decided to shower at the gym. It's one of those open room showers like I had in high school. No biggie for me, I'm pretty well endowed and never minded like a few of my buddies who always were embarrassed to shower around others. The shower felt great, my muscles were aching quit a bit. It wasn't long before I heard laughing and guys talking. It was the 4 black guys that were playing basketball. They all came into the shower room. Damn they were all big guys. I mean tall, built and hung as hell! I thought I was good size, but these guys were longer and thicker. I tried not to look, but I was amazed! I turned back facing the wall so they wouldn't think I was gay or anything.

"Turn over bitch " he ordered me. Then he set down on the bench in front of me and told me he was going to make me swallow his load. I began sucking his head and thinking how the hell I was going to swallow his load. I know I cam in my wife's mouth once and it was way to much for her to swallow. With my ass in the air the last guy slowly stuck his cock into me. I had 1 fucking my throat and 1 fucking my ass! They were both pounding hard and high fivin each other. Just then I felt a thick hot load shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I stated gagging and he keep ramming it in. I then felt the guy in my ass let lose! The one face fucking me pulled out and I swallowed the thick load slid down my throat. Oh my god finally they were all done, but not until I had to sucked the last guy clean.
There I laid on the bench cum still dripping out of my ass. "dude you need another shower now" as they all walked away. I slowly got up grabbed my soap and slowly walked back into the shower room. Thank goodness my wife's book club was only at our house every 6 months, cause I wanted that again but need to rest awhile between those fuckings. Little did I realize the next time was going to be rougher, with 8 of them showing up :(

Just then one of them tapped me on the back. Oh shit, what the hell, did he want? I thought. "yo bro can I borrow your soap" he asked. And what was I suppose to say, no? There were 4 if them and they were twice my size. "sure man, I'm finishing up" I said. I handed him my soap and continued to finish rinsing my hair out. I turn off my shower grabbed my towel and tried not to make eye contact to much as I walked out. But couldn't help but peek one last time at their cocks as they were washing and soaping them with my soap.
I got to my locker and tried to hurry up, I felt a bit nervous. Not knowing why, other then I kept thinking about being robbed or something. I set on the bench looking in my locker trying to find my deodorant, when I noticed the guys were finished showering and walked back into the locker room. I continued to search for my deo. Then I felt something on my back as I lifted up and turned around there was a huge black cock hanging right in my face. I jumped, being startled. "relax bro, just wanted to return your soap" I looked up and took it telling him thanks. I took it and put it in my zip lock bag and placed it into my gym bag. Man I could feel my heart still beating hard from the scare. Just then I set back up and all 4 guys were standing there. "bro we noticed you looking at our cocks in the shower room" I cleared my throat and said "na man I'm married and straight".
"dude it's ok, we didn't mine" "but now we'd like to have them sucked" said the biggest guy. He was at least 6'5" 250 pounds of pure muscle and his cock was the thickest of them all! He grabbed his hanging cock and began rubbing on my lips. Oh shit, what the hell was I suppose to do? So in fear of getting the shit beat out of me, I slowly opened my mouth. The head of his cock was as thick as a coke can! He pushed it in deeper and I began to gag. Now I knew how my wife felt when she sucked me. I thought relax, relax that's what my wife does to deep throat mine. He continued to fuck my mouth and I could feel him getting hard. Then he pulled out and said "next". The next one stuck his cock into my mouth and again I gagged at first, but it got easier as all 4 of them fucked my mouth until they were hard. Wow I thought, that was it. I made it through and now I could get the hell out of here. I turned to my locker and grabbed my bag. "where you going bitch? We ain't done with you yet". Oh fuck now what? "lay back on the bench, white boy" said the biggest guy. I laid back and my towel fell off, they could see that sucking them had made me hard. "oh ya, the white boy liked our cocks in his mouth" one said."oh he's really gonna like them in his ass then". I fucked my wife's ass 1 time and she said it hurt so bad, I never got to do it again. Now here I am with 4 huge, thick and hard cocks, getting ready to fuck me!
One guy bent down and grabbed my ankles and lifted them in the air. "bring that jar of Vaseline over here" he told them. He reached down placing a glob on his finger, I could feel his finger starting to slide into me. My natural instinct was to clinch up. "bro I suggest you relax, or your gonna be in a lot of pain later" he said. I felt his finger slide out, he put more Vaseline on and then stuck 2 fingers deep in me. Oh man it was so hard to relax, but I tried. He began fucking my ass with 2 of his big thick fingers. "bro hold his legs up" he told one of them. Then one straddled my face and held my legs up high by my ankles. His big black balls laying on my mouth. "suck those balls boy" he said. Just then I felt the 2 fingers that had been fucking me pull out. Next I felt a sharp pain and I knew he had just stuck his cock in me. Man I could feel him in my lower back. He slowly pumped in and out taking it deeper every time. The pain had tears in my eyes. I closed my eyes and tried relaxing my mind. He pounded me for about 5 minutes, I could feel sweat from him dripping on me. Then with one big thrust he let out a mown and shot his load in me. I could feel the hot cum dripping out my ass hole and down my ass crack as he pulled out. No sooner did he pull out I felt another go deep. By this time I was numb to the pain. The one that had just fucked me then straddled my face and told me to suck him clean. I took his limp thick cock into my mouth and sucked. I could taste Vaseline and a small amount of cum was still leaking from him. He moved out of the way after I licked him clean and another stood over my face, his cock had gone soft from waiting so I sucked it hard again. The second guy fucking me cam and then also ordered me to suck him clean. Oh my legs were hurting worse then my ass from being held up so long. Then the third guy entered my ass, he had the smallest cock of them all which was a bit of a brake. However he pounded hard and fast, he went for over what seemed like 15 minutes, then he pulled out. I noticed I didn't feel him cum

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