Sexual Awakening Janes

I was working in France at the time of this episode. My wife Jane and I were in our late thirties and we kept ourselves slim and fit. Jane is very attractive and has longish dark hair (normally worn down), green eyes and has retained her great figure even after having two children. She has a beautiful pair of breasts and a sexy backside. A very sexy person, but who doesn’t know it. Our daughters were away staying with friends for some of the school holidays and I suggested that we go to Holland for the week and spend a couple of nights at each place. The weather was lovely and hot, the height of summer (our favourite time of year).
We set off on Friday after work and arrived at our destination early evening. We booked into a hotel and then after unpacking and freshening up went out for a meal. After eating we went to a bar for a couple more drinks before going back to the hotel. Jane had been getting admiring glances whilst we were in the bar, which she always chooses to ignore. We had another couple of drinks in the hotel bar before going rather unsteadily up to bed. I told Jane that as the children weren’t with us we could really relax and enjoy ourselves, we were away from home and nobody knew us, so we could do what we liked without it all getting back home for everyone to talk about. Jane agreed and we snuggled down for the night and drifted off to sleep.
In the morning we had a shower together and after donning our clothes went down for a lazy breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Jane looked very nice in a tight pair of shorts and a loose T-shirt, unfortunately she was wearing a bra. After breakfast we went out for some sight seeing and later on chose a nice little restaurant beside the river for lunch where we could sit outside in the sun. It was lovely to relax and with the meal we had a bottle of wine which went straight to our heads because of the sun. It was all very light-hearted and we were having a really good time, Jane was getting the usual glances and me as normal suggesting she should wear something a bit more daring for her devoted fans, me included. No reply and so the topic of conversation turned to something else and then the meal was over and we left.
After lunch we went for a river cruise and had more to drink with Jane and I both getting a bit tiddled. There were quite a lot of passengers and we were discussing their appearance. The drinks had affected me and I just blurted it out that I enjoyed looking at the attractive females who wore miniskirts or a sexy top and I wished that she would wear them as well as she has a great body and should be proud and show it off a little bit. She went quiet for a while and I thought that I had buggered it up but then she looked at me and said that she would think about it. I said “Great”, and then we carried on talking and drinking. By the time we got back we were quite merry. We thought it best that we find somewhere cooler to sit for a while to let the alcohol wear off before we went out for the night and so we found ourselves in a restaurant/club which was only a couple of streets away from the hotel. We had been there for a little while having a cup of coffee when some music started and a girl came onto the stage and performed a striptease. The stage was about a 3 feet lower than the seating area so that we looked down on it. There are a lot of strip and sex clubs in Holland but I hadn’t realised that we had walked into one. There was a couple of more strip acts and as the girls were quite attractive and being a red blooded male I had a hard-on watching them.

The guys turned to the video to stop taping and as they did they saw me looking at them, they knew that I had seen everything and gave sheepish grins as Jane came out of the cubicle and came towards us, her sexy tits bobbing up and down as she walked. They looked at the video and then looked at me. I smiled and told them to switch the machine off because she had left the cubical. One of the other customers who had been watching and much to my enjoyment said that she was a really sexy and would love to have his cock where the dildo had been. I turned to him and said “Well I’m the lucky bugger because my cock had been there a bit earlier”. He started to apologise but I stopped him and said it was ok.

Jane wasn’t saying too much, but when a couple came on stage she took more notice. They stripped off and started making love on stage and Jane couldn’t take hers eyes off them. . Our sex life had been fairly normal up until that time. I had told Jane on numerous occasions that I would love to see her having sex with other guys, but she had always changed the subject. Jane ordered a bottle of wine during an interval and commented on the act and then admitted it had really turned her on, watching them having sex. I was happily surprised by this admission but before anything more could be said the final act started.
In this show there were two guys and one girl and when they started screwing her I could hear Jane’s breathing quicken as the girl took both cocks at the same time. One holding her head as he fucked her mouth while the other guy fucked her from behind. They then changed position and Jane gasped as she sat astride a guy and fed his cock into her pussy. When his cock was buried in her she leant forward allowing the other guy free to play with her arse and then he slid a finger in, fucking her arse. After a moment he positioned his cock and pushed into her arse burying his cock inside her and then she was fucked to an orgasm, crying out as they both rammed their cocks into her. Jane was groaning now and quite loudly as the guys started cumming emptying their balls into her cunt and arse. The guys were still hard and the girl knelt between them sucking their cocks and after several minutes of this with the guys playing with her tits the guys were near to cumming again. Jane put her hand on my leg and squeezed, running it up my leg to my cock, which of course was rock hard, she squeezed it. As it was dimly lit inside I put my arm around her shoulders and let my hand slide down, my fingers just touching her breast. As she didn’t object I slowly traced the line of her bra and then lightly over her nipple. I was expecting her to push me away as she normally does if I try anything in public and was very pleasantly surprised when she leant closer to me allowing me to slide my hand further down and cup her right breast and gently squeeze it, and I felt her hard nipple beneath the material ( I wish she hadn’t worn the bra). The show ended with the girl sucking both guys off and then them both shooting their cum all over the girls neck and tits, she then rubbed the cum over her breasts and licked her fingers, what a sexy sight. They got up and then to loud applause left the stage.
The lights slowly came back on which meant we had fifteen minutes to finish our drinks and leave so that they could get the place ready for opening that night. Jane finished her drink and then whispered that she really loved it when the guys spunked over the girl’s tits, seeing the cum oozing down them, and said was feeling extremely randy and was looking forward to a good fuck that night and that she wanted me to cum over her tits, something I had never done before. I whispered to her that I would love to see her getting a seeing to just like the girl on stage. I had said this to her before when we had watched films at home but she had always said, “No” but this time she didn’t say anything and just squeezed my cock tighter and kissed me with a passion that I duly returned. I suggested to her that she obviously enjoyed the part where the girl was fucked in her cunt and arse at the same time. She said that up until that moment she had never thought about that position and it had blown her mind when she found it so erotic.
A waiter coughed loudly behind us and we came apart to find we were the last to go. We smiled at him and then hand in hand we left. We left the club feeling quite merry again, thanks to that bottle of wine Jane had ordered.. After walking for a few minutes Jane said she couldn’t stop thinking about that last act and that she felt so horny and wet, she couldn’t believe the effect it was having on her. Just then we saw a sex shop and before I could suggest that we go in Jane walked in ahead of me. They had a nice display of sexy clothes e.g. mini/micro skirts and see-through blouses, elasticised stockings, sexy knickers, bras, dresses, various outfits and of course the sex toys, mags and films. I asked Jane if she would like to get some clothes for herself and whether it was the drink or the mood she was in she said that she would love to get some nice outfits that I would love to see her dressed up in and a couple of toys. She said that she wanted to choose without me there and so I went and looked at the books and movies.
I saw her moving amongst the clothing but couldn’t see what she was picking up. I gave up trying to see and went toy browsing and looking through the video section. After about twenty minutes I wondered what Jane was doing. I looked around but couldn’t see her and guessed she must be in the changing cubicle I looked over and saw the two guys behind the counter staring at a monitor screen out of sight of most of the customers and moving closer, I could see they were watching a female and I suddenly realised that it was Jane in the cubicle. The guys were too engrossed in the monitor to notice me as I edged closer and one of them checked the video machine, which I noticed was in the record mode, so my beautiful wife was now on tape in various states of attire. Now I realised why the cubicle was so large, so the picture wouldn’t be too distorted. The camera lens must be behind the mirror because there was Jane in a cheeky French maid’s outfit looking directly at the camera but obviously totally unaware that she was the centre of attention. I could see several items of clothing hanging behind her, but couldn’t make out what they were. I was turned on by the fact that these two were ogling my wife. I turned back to the monitor, the French maid’s outfit was really sexy; a black micro skirt and a see-through lacy apron that tied around the waist and neck but she had kept her bra on, but then I noticed that it was a quarter cut bra and her nipples were clearly visible. They must have already seen her beautiful tits when she had put the new bra on. She turned to one side and the apron would do very little to hide her tits, what a pity the bra was in the way. As if reading my thoughts she reached up and unclipped her bra, and slid the straps off her shoulders, letting it slip to the floor. The lacy apron did nothing to hide her beautiful tits, her large nipples were hard and jutting out against the flimsy material, she must be really turned on.
The two guys were commenting on her and making unmistakable gestures and even though they spoke in Dutch it was pretty obvious what they were saying. She stood with her hands on her hips and slowly turned, looking at herself in the mirrors. She slid her hands up under the apron and cupped her tits and then began pinching her nipples making them harder still. She actually had her eyes closed as she caressed herself. Her right hand went down sliding under her skirt, her fingers pressing against her mound. She tugged her panties down, kicking them off and sat down on the only chair still facing the camera. She leant back at the same time she caressed her tits and rolled and pinched her nipples. One hand slid down her body and she started finger her pussy, pulling her legs wide apart, the camera was looking right up her open cunt as pushed three fingers into her wet pussy, grinding her hips as she fucked her self. She stopped and picked up a box and pulled out a large long and fat black vibrator. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she leant back, opening her legs wide. The camera was in direct line with her splayed legs and we could see straight up her gaping pussy, she looked very wet.
A couple more guys had come up behind me and were also watching the action. Her pussy was wide open, her prominent bud glistened with her juices. She started playing with her pussy and at the same time kissed and licked the tip of the vibrator and then opening her mouth, sucked the black vibro. She was looking at herself in the mirror as she sucked on the vibro and played with her clit. She then rubbed the vibro over her clit and then pushed the tip into her. This was a bigger than she had taken before and so it took her time to stretch to take it all but her face was a picture of lust as she finally got it all inside her, she looked down at the dildo buried in her pussy and then closed her eyes as she switched it on and slid it slowly pulled it out, then pushing it all the way in and then out again and as she speeded up she started rubbing her prominent clit and then throwing back her head, her mouth open as her body convulsed as she had an orgasm. She continued slowly fucking her pussy with the dildo. One of the guys behind me said “Fuck, look at that horny bitch” and said a few things he’d like to do to her. Jane slowly pulled it out and licked and sucked it until it was clean and then re-boxed it. Then she slowly stood up and tidied up. She didn’t hurry and it was nice to see her in that outfit. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she slowly removed the apron and micro-skirt. Standing there naked and then doing a slow turn looking at her reflection in the mirror and smiling as she slowly dressed. minus the bra. She looked at herself in the mirror and then her hands cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples through the t-shirt making her nipples push out, She then picked everything and opened the door to the cubicle. 
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