My Dirty Wife

She has the most beautiful legs on any woman I have had the pleasure of. Long, slim and soft and seem to wrap all the way around you during those special moments.
We were at a country fair on summer and we did the usual things people do at these events, eat, drink and wander around ridiculously expensive trade stands, most of which had their fair share of eye candy to tempt the male of the species in to empty their wallets. I was no exception! But it was difficult to disguise my lecherous gaze from the better half as I wandered from stand to stand. It was completely impossible at one particular stand, where three sexy, young ladies, were doing their very best at showing off the stands range of country clothing. Although I have to say I don’t think I have seen many women roaming through the heather in tweed mini-skirts. The midges and ticks would have a field day!
Never the less, mini they were, and very definitely sexy. My lustful gaze didn’t go unnoticed by her in doors. “They look nice! The skirts I mean!” she said, and eased a skirt from the rail as I drooled over the blonde assistant who had slid across to us.”Can I help you with anything?” she asked.
“Do you have this in a size 8?” my wife responded, “I’ll take a look” replied the blonde filly, and walked out to a store tent. “Stop drooling!” my wife responded, “You can’t blame me, any man would drool over a woman in one of those” I said as the assistant returned, with a smile and a size 8 for the wife. “You can try it on in there” she said pointing to a partitioned area marked changing. “Thanks” said the wife taking the very skimpy looking garment from the bombshell, and walked over to the changing area.
A few minutes had passed, and out she came looking fantastic. “Well?” she asked, “Fantastic” I replied, “Good. I’ll take it and he’s buying!” she said to the girl gesturing towards me with a giggle. “Can I leave it on?” she asked, “Of course.” Replied the girl as she took my credit card from me, and while I was paying for my wife’s new skirt, she wandered out of the stand.
I soon followed her, but stopped to look at some gents hats, which resulted in me following behind her some 20 yards or so. This was when I realised just how hot she looked. Long slim, tanned legs and a cute little bum. I wasn’t the only one to notice! I watched a middle aged guy walking towards her, who couldn’t take his eyes off of her legs, and as they passed each other, his head almost turn 180 degrees to maintain his stare. He passed me and I just smiled.

As I sneaked around the side of the tent, I saw my wife kissing the younger looking one, as his hand groped her breasts, and the other guy stood behind her, and began to lift up her mini skirt. Then I knew why the younger guys jaw dropped. She had no knickers on. She must have taken them off when she had gone to the toilet earlier, and made no attempt to stop his fingers probing her ass and pussy

A few minutes later she attracted some more attention, this time from two younger blokes, probably about 22 years old, who made no secret about what they were thinking. Their dirty smiles and comments to each other made it pretty obvious they liked what they saw. Then to my surprise, she stopped to look at some other stuff on a stall, at which point the two guys did the same, but they were looking straight at my wife, and in particular her bum and legs. That skirt really did make her look fantastic, and seeing these two young studs giving my wife the once over, gave me thoughts that a married man should never have. I walked up to her and asked if she was hungry?
We always treat ourselves every year at the Game Fair, and visit the Loch Fyne oyster bar, where we treat ourselves to a dozen oysters, and this year was no exception. While I went in to get them, she went to find somewhere to sit. Well just outside the bar was some straw bales with wooden planks across to create a basic bench, and as I returned with the oysters, there she was perched on the seat. This had caused her mini skirt to ride up a little showing off more of her thighs than ever. I sat alongside her and together we ate our oysters and chatted. It wasn’t long before I realised that several people were staring in our direction, including the two studs from earlier. At first I just assumed they were looking at some of the signs on the tent, but then I realised when I went to put the first 6 empty shells in the bin, that my wife’s skirt had ridden up and was giving anyone who cared to look, a very clear view of her thighs and knickers. I didn’t say anything, as even I couldn’t help find the view horny.
We polished off the rest of the oysters, and decided to have a walk around the other stalls.
An hour later, it was time for a drink so we made our way to the poachers bar, where she found a seat again, and I went for drinks. There was a large queue at the bar, and it was sometime until I had been served and returned to find my wife sitting down next to the two young studs. They were chatting and she had managed to acquire a drink while I was away. I stopped for a second or two, and decided to fall back to the tent and watch what was happening. She was handed another drink by the guys which she took and giggled.
I had no idea what they were saying, but she was obviously having fun, and probably hadn’t even noticed my absence. After she had finished the second glass of wine, she excused herself and had to give the one guy a real good look at what was underneath her skirt, as she had to lift her legs over and around, to stand up from the bench. She pretended not to have realised what she had done, and went to the toilet. The two guys laughed to each other and made some lewd comments and made it pretty obvious they wanted to do more than talk.
When she returned, she sat down again, this time a little closer to one of the guys, and had to give the other one a glimpse of her legs, as she sat down once again. Something was different this time! As swung her legs over the bench, the younger blokes face nearly fell off and he appeared completely speechless. However after a minute or two, all three were supping back the booze, and giggling to each other. I realised then that she was not only flirting and enjoying the undivided attention from two young men, but was actually getting a little frisky with them. When she gets horny, she very often becomes quite tactile and this occasion was no different.
Her hand began to wander during giggles and found a place to rest on one of the guys legs, it only rested for a short while, but after a couple of times, the guy returned the gesture, and placed his hand just above her right knee. I expected him to remove it, but no, he left it there with no complaint from my wife. In fact she returned the gesture by placing her hand behind him and gentle stroked his back. This gave him the green light, and I saw his hand wander a little higher, and encouraged by the widening of her legs, his hand went higher still until after another bout of laughter, his hand was disappearing under her skirt. She opened her legs wider still and it became crystal clear that he had defiantly reached her pussy, as she clearly thrust her pelvis forward in order to allow his probing fingers better access.
His mate could see clearly what was happening, and his hand wandered to her other leg. I had the biggest hard on ever. But then she pushed their hands away and stood up, swung her legs over the bench and smiling at them, walked off. I was confused at first, but then as the two guys necked back their beers, got up and followed her. I had to do the same, but keeping my distance watched as they disappeared behind a tent, where a white van sat. I left it a few minutes, and then crept around to see if I could find them.
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