Looking at my e-mails one morning, I received an intriguing message that caught my attention. “BY SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY” was emphasized. “SexGoddess has requested your presence at a special reading of her new story.” The particulars were given, time and place. I was to let them know by replying online, if I would attend.
I had written some fan mail to SexGoddess under the pseudonym HotGuy. Her erotic stories on the site I joined had always managed to make me hard. The location was close to me and I hadn’t made plans yet for that date. Sure I would go, I wrote back.

I said back my hello to Drake, amid my licks in Devon’s juicy pussy, as she leaned against the kitchen wall. From my knelt position, I had the perfect view and wasn’t about to miss anything. “Devon, feel my lonnnnnnnnnng tongue making its way into your cunt,” Drake said with a sexy undertone, as my tongue slid deeper into Devon’s inner being. Feeling like two men were eating her pussy at once, made her flow effusively. My open mouth the grateful recipient of her sweet nectar.

As a recently divorced father of one son, I was enjoying my newfound freedom. I had been married for 10 years to one woman, but as the years went by Nancy seemed disinterested in having sexual relations. Where was the highly sexual woman I married? The woman I fell in love with, from her tiny heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh to her beautiful long hair, was still there in looks but not in spirit.
We went from having sex a few times a day, down to once a week. The last year of our marriage, I was lucky if she did me a favor and gave in once a month. Divorce was imminent and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and told her I wanted out. She didn’t protest and we had as amicable a divorce as possible, 6 months ago. She didn’t even object to joint custody of our son. I had him every 2nd week.
Yesterday had been especially memorable. Two women that I had met from online chatting had both agreed to have sex with me on the same day. Neither knew about the other; telling them would have been unwise. This “friends with benefits” arrangement I had with each of them, certainly had its benefits, and I was reaping them whenever time permitted.
Yesterday morning I went to Wendy’s house. The divorced mother of 3 children wanted a no-strings attached relationship, perfect for me. She greeted me the way she usually did, robe on with nothing underneath. As soon as she let me inside her home, door shut behind me, she was all over my cock. Unbuttoning my pants, unzipping them, and oh could she lick my balls. “Ohhhhhhhh Wendy,” I moaned as she engulfed my balls in her always-ready warm mouth.
Shifting her attention to my hardening rod, she liquefied my swollen cockhead. Proceeding with her deep throating expertise on my prick, she gave my erect manhood the fuel it needed for its immense release to orbit to its destination, her cum-swallowing mouth.
Removing the covering off her right shoulder, I fondled her sumptuous more-than-a-handful of soft flesh. Wendy uttered her sounds of delight, my signal to continue on this path to her pinnacle of pleasure. My tongue swirled around her thriving nipple before my eager mouth descended on it.
Exposing her other tit upon disposing her robe, I licked and sucked and gently bit the protrusion on her heaving left bosom. Her heightened moans clear evidence of her arousal. My tongue began its sojourn down her body. Licking inside her belly button made her squirm. As I drew nearer to her cunt, the intoxicating smells of her essence overwhelmed me.
Wendy’s pussy lips were large inviting folds of joy, waiting for whatever lucky man would get to suck on it. I was thrilled to be partaking of such a bountiful womanhood, blossoming as my tongue worked its magic along her gushing slit. Her multiple orgasms merely a preamble to what was to come.
The pre-cum on my dick licked off swiftly by Wendy, I teasingly rubbed my hot rod against her postured clit. “Fuck me Mark. Please fuck my cunt,” she begged. My cock, ready, willing and most definitely able, plunged quickly inside Wendy’s soaked pussy. Her squeals subsided and her moans of ecstasy took over, as her yielding hips met my rhythmic thrusts.
Our simultaneous outpouring of satisfaction left us both drained; we lay in each other’s arms, our tongues entwined as we shared some lingering kisses. Knowing I had another visit to make, I soon left Wendy under the pretense of having work to do. She was disappointed that it wouldn’t be a full day of sexual gratification but she understood. If she only knew, I thought.
Before the next woman, I had a quick bite for sustenance. All this sex takes energy and I wanted to be up for it. Devon was single, her 40 years of life exceeded my 32 years. There was something about her being older that really excited me. My fascination with older women hadn’t ceased and in fact Devon reinforced it. She didn’t play any head games. She knew what she liked and exactly how to get it. She was one hot babe. She also was the best cocksucker I ever had.
Devon was a bit kinky. Her favorite thing to do, which was a major turn-on, was having phone sex at the same time as real sex. Arriving at her apartment, she wore a black lacy bra and thong to greet me. I greeted her by moving my hand down her panties. The moistness in her cunt was building up, as my fingers pushed the thong to the side and darted inside then out of her entrance. I was reminded of the speakerphone nearby and that one of her “regular” phone sex buddies was on, as Drake from Detroit said “Hi” to me.

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