Oh my god. I cant believe, this is actually happenin

Ahh' Brad grunted. "Grace baby. Now I know why dad married you." Grace gave his cock to Alyssa, stroking his nuts she smiled up at him. "Giving you a good BJ, is the best way for me to apologize, for punching you last month." She kissed his belly button. "Am I forgiven baby." Brad chuckled. "Oh yes...you are, so forgiven." They sucked his cock, kneeling on the floor, for a good long time. Grace began furiously sucking him, bobbing her head back and forth in lightning quick motion. Brad feels cum churning. "Grace....I'm cumming, stop." But she doesn't stop, she keeps sucking his cock. Alyssa played with his nuts, watching her mother suck her lovers cock. Brad let himself cum in her mouth. He thought of the night she punched him, it's his little twist on sweet revenge. He came hard, Grace swallowed every drop. Alyssa exclaimed astonished. "Mom...You ate his stuff. I never thought, you'd do something like that." Grace removed her lips from Brad's cock. "Huh. Look who's talking. Little miss, I never sucked a cock before his. But when he came, I swallowed all his stuff." Grace looked at Brad. "She told me everything you two did, last month, while your dad and I were gone." She laughed alluringly. "Her little story, got me so hot. I just had to try you out. She says you really know how to eat a girls pussy." Grace stood taking his hand. "Lets see how good you are," she said pulling him to the bed. "Me first mom!" Alyssa said childishly. "Don't worry girls," said Brad, his voice beamed cheerfully. "I'll do you both. Lay down beside each other, that way I can compare, who taste better." He enjoyed his chance to help Grace undress, seeing the older version of Alyssa nude, caused his limp cock to rise, almost as firm as before. His hard cock will have to wait, he's just promised his beautiful step mother, and her pretty young daughter, he'll eat both of them. Brad's a somewhat experienced boy, but he's never been with two girls at the same time. As he removes Grace's black lace panties. Seeing her well trimmed black bush, waxed perfectly smooth between her legs. He hopes he can complete the feat he's promised to take on. He's kneeling on the floor, the only thing he's wearing is a black Metallica T-shirt, his shorts underwear and shoes have been dropped at the door. Alyssa's standing next to him, dressed in a sexy black lace baby doll nightie she borrowed from her mother, along with matching black panties. Brad lifted the nightie, he's about to pull her panties down, but he's suddenly overcame with shame. Grace is watching him, that's the problem. "Grace...do you mind, if I take her panties off?" he said, feeling the need to ask permission. Both Grace and Alyssa broke out laughing. Grace pulled herself together. "Well darlin, she cant have any fun with them on. Take them off, for gods sake." Alyssa agreed. "Takem off baby, I need your tongue between my legs." Before long Grace and Alyssa are laying beside each other, sideways on the king-size hotel bed, with their legs tangling over the edge. As promised Brad began eating Alyssa's pussy first. He licked her clit, her young body shook from the pleasure. It's been a month, since Brad performed cunnalingus on her sensitive cunt. The pleasure he's giving her, is so much better then the constant masturbating she's been doing with herself, since he left home. --- Grace lay watching her stepson lick and suck her daughters sex. As she watches, she vigorously strokes her pussy. In part, she cant believe she actually came up with this harebrained scheme. Since Brad was sent away, she and Alyssa have been at extreme odds with each other. Friday night, after Jack left on his business trip, she decided to call a truce with her one and only beloved daughter. She offered Alyssa; what was supposed to be, one glass of wine, in the end they both had more then one glass. Being drunk and maybe, just a little too curious. Grace asked Alyssa why, she's so addicted to her handsome sixteen year old step son. Before to long into Alyssa graphic description of his teenage virility. Grace found herself telling her daughter, she's had fantasies of having sex with him too. This morning, Grace devised a plan to get Alyssa back with Brad and, in return satisfy her sexual curiosities as well. --- Now Grace lay watching her sweet young daughter, enjoying the feeling of her step brothers tongue, lips and fingers. Grace feels jealousy rearing its ugly head although, she is deeply in love with Brad's father. She wants to experience what her little girl is experiencing. Seeing Alyssa cum hard, when Brad vigorously fingers her cunt, licking and sucking her clit at the same time, Grace exclaims her need to be satisfied. "Now eat me Bradley....Oh please eat meee now!" Brad hears her pleas. "Alyssa. It sounds like your mom needs a little oral attention," he kissed Alyssa's wet cunt. She moaned. "Yes eat her baby. Show mommy, why I love you so much." With Alyssa's strange show of permission, Brad shifted his attention to Grace. His step mother laughs nervously, as he pries her long legs apart by the knees. Brad quickly overcame any shame he has, about having sex with the woman his father loves. Brad was a little over thirteen, when he first met Grace. He's had sexual fantasies about the attractive older woman, now his fantasies are coming to life. He lowered his face between the her legs, inhaling the scent of her sex. He finds himself comparing the mothers fragrance, to her sweet young daughters scent. In doing so, he discovers why his father loves this woman so deeply. Every thing about Grace is perfect. Tasting her cunt lips, she begins to buck her ass up and down moaning. Telling him without speaking, she's enjoying what he's doing. Her sweet musky flavor, is slightly stronger then Alyssa's. Not overpowering strong, but it's the only way he can describe the difference between mother and daughter. Alyssa reached down, gently pressing his lips and tongue to her mothers sex. "Do it Brad," giggle. "Lick mommies pussy, real good. I told her how good you are," giggle. "Don't let me down baby." What she said egged him on, to do even better. He began vigorously fingering the woman's already soaking wet snatch. Grace trembled and shook, she came so hard, she squirted over Brad's face and chin. He's heard of female ejaculation, but he's never experienced it before. He happily swallowed her tangy juices. Grace exclaimed her pleasure. "Wow...that was fucking incredible," her voice trembled sensually. "I do believe, Bradley Wilson," she joked. "You've inherited your cunnalingus skills from your daddy." Grace was born and raised in Georgia, when she spoke, her southern accent sounded out. She's an educated woman, she took four years of collage in a northern university, she lost her southern accent, until now. Brad kissed her wet pussy, looking up from between her spread legs. "Grace, you tasted so good. Now I know why my dad fell in love with you." Alyssa kissed her exhausted mothers cheek. "I told you, he was good," Alyssa smirked. "Didn't I." Grace replied breathlessly. "You were right, sweetie. He's good at it," Thinking of her true love, she added. "He's almost, as good as his father." Brad's cock has grown hard once more. Now all he can think of is, completing his fantasies, doing both Grace and Alyssa, as they kneel on the bed, before him. He asked politely, being as he's played roll of the good stepson for so long. "Um...Grace. Can I, um. Have sex with you, and Alyssa...at the same time?"
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