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Her name is mini.She is 5ft2in and has a slim figure.But at the same time she has 34DD boobs which are as soft as cotton balls which hang on her body like heavy dumbells. she has one of the best ass god ever made and all of this makes her a must have.I hr she cad an affair with her for 2 years my name is sidd.Most of our sextual experience were good as a result even after leaving her she cant stop thinking of me and to be frank even my dick miss her a lot .She made various attempts to lure me and take our relation back on track but i was not taking any of those as the reason which caused the break up was very strong.But then she started to hang out with my best friend and seduce me by any way possible.That is the time when i decided to teach this bitch a lesson.
It was in summer when her family went on a vacations and she was forced to stay back because of her exams.She knew ki she she had this 15 days of freedom and was going to take total advantage of that and make me fuck her but i had some other plans in mind.One morning she phoned me and told that she wanted to meet me and talk something important,hell ya i knew what she wanted and i instantly phoned my best friend and
told him all the things mini was doing and she was furious and i told him my plan and he agreed.I told him that mini should be gangraped and fast.Initially he was not were sure but later he said yes both of us were waiting for the night to fuck this bitch like insane.I phoned her and told her that we will meet at a local pub at 8 30.I told danny my friend to be at her place till 9 30 and getting in the house was very simple as i knew that mini always left a set of keys under the door matress.

.She had now both the cocks fucking her in unision and she loved it. "cum in me both of u fast i want it i have cummed atleast 10 times noowwwwww please do it" even we both knew that we were both very close and we emptied all our load in her holes.That night we both fucked in every hole possi and every position anybody knew. we emptied liters of cum inside her and she knew that she had the most erotic and plesurable experience of her life. that continued for rest of the days till her family arrived.

It was 8 30 and i reached the pub wearing a black shirt and a blue jeans which i knew made me look hot. I am 6ft tall with a average built and having an 8inch cock which has loads of arrived in 5 minutes wearing a black evening gown with a cowl neck which showed all of her clevenge. i knew that instant that she was not wearing any bra and her boobs were swinging like hell.The gown wat rater too short as it covered only 1/4 of her sexy thighs.The gown was so bodily fitted that it was showing her well toned body to its fullest.Looking at her i knew that she was here to get fucked but only from me and totally unaware of what i had installed for her.We exhanged vows and sat at the bar she ordered shots of taquella and made my life simple as after taking 4 shots she was drunk. mini said "sidd can u please drop me off at my place as im drunk and anythin can happen with me if i go alone"
I agreed and she hold me tightly and we went towards my car.We went at her place and i knew ki everybody was there at her house as they had mess me.She removed keys from her purse and opened the door.She said "Sidd could u please wait here for the night aas im feeling very scared and lonely" I answered "Of cousre mini i have everythin planned" she was bit surprised and said " what have u planned?"
Suddenly danny came from the beedroom and she nervously said "what the hellllll.. how did u came in . what do u want please get out or else i will call the cops" he laughed and showed her the broken telephone and snached her purse and took the sim card out of her cell and broked it in 2 pieces and made sure that there was no way she could contact anyone. She looked at me and said "sidd what are u doing please tell me you will not do anything wrong plzzzzz" i said "mini u forced me to do this.All this time u were seducing me and going out with my friend at the same time and it didnt go down well with me nor with danny " And saying this we both started to unbutton our shirts and unzip our pants. She wanted to get fucked but not like this atleast for now as a result she stared to cry.She knew how much drunk she was and she didnt have any match for our strenght.I ordered " take her to the bead room" danny hurriedly grabbed her by her hands and forced her in the beadroom. I went close to her and told danny to move away for sometime. i slipped my hand in her gown and strated to press her boobs and forced her to kiss me initially she resisted ti but then i slapped her and forced her to kiss me.I slipped my other hand in between her legs and removed her black Gstring underwear and pusshed her on the bed. All this time danny was holding his dick which was 7 inch long but more thick than mine in his hands and stroking it as he knew that i was trying to break her resistance.I forced my way into her pink well shaved pussy and started to finger her.She was so desperate for it and she knew that she wont be able to hold longer.I unhook her back strap and unzipped her dress entirely and here she was copletely naked in front of both of us .Danny came on the other side as he could no longer control and took one of her boob in his mouth and started to suck on it with his other hand hand he started to twist and perss her other nipple she was getting weaker and weaker and her resistance was broken when i started to suck and lick her pussy she started to moan"ohhhhhhhhh noooooo i cant pleaseeeeeeee" and i stated to suck even harder as i knew that she wont be able to hold much longer and she finally said "suck me guys suckkk me harder more harder and she pressed dannys mouth on her boobs and crossed her legs and pusshed my mouth more in her pussy. after 10 minutes I said "common mini suck us off now it your turn."She oblighed and took my cock in her mouth and at the same time started to jerk dannys cock.She was not gr8 in giving blow jobs but i must say the alcohol made her someone diff. she took all of my cock in her mouth and with her toungue started to tease it. she sucked on it for some time and then sucked my balls and made spit on my cock her saliva and now she was jerking both of our cocks at the same time .She then ordered " common sidd fuck me fuck me like u did all those years i want it i want everything now" she slept on her back and i went in between her and pusshed my cock between her she was so wet that i hardly had any sensation .danny now went over her and started to fuck her mouth and the thick dick of his was really making it hard but mini was taking it all inside her mouth and proving herself.I was now stroking very deep inside her and i could fell my cum building in my bally i started to get more faster and faster and said" im going to cummmm bitch im going to cumm" she said "cum inside my pussy dont hesitate cummmm i want it desperately" hearing this made me weak and i shot a whold load of hot inside her pussy and fell on my back.Danny wasted no time and spilled his entire cum in her mouth and on her face and she drank all of it and even licked both of us clean. Then i ordered danny to get on his back and mini to get over him.Instantly she knew it and smilled and me and went over danny. cum was floing from her pussy like a river and i used this cum and made her asshole moist. SHEwanted it bad and even before danny knew it she put his dick inside her pussy.I also wasted no time and started to force my dick in her tight ass."ohhhhhhhhhhhh lorddd push it harder common u moron" she said lustfully. i forced it and now my entire dick was inside her ass
I hope u liked my story!!!!!!!will post more on how my ex went on and had more than what she could catter for!
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