Gift An Anniversary

My husband & I have two kids and 10 years later. I was finding sex really getting dull and uneventful. Kind of bored with it all. Brandon, my husband thought that he was the reason for my lack of wanting to have sex. I could reach the uphill side of an orgasm but never go over the edge, even with anal sex. It was not Brandon. It was me. Brandon has all the correct tools and his foreplay advances with a cock that would women die for. Fully erect he stands over 8 and half inches and extremely hard. Brandon knew I was frustrated about my sexually. We had even gone to a sex therapist with no mind-blowing results. I just settled in to a routine of making him happy, by him Cumming in my pussy, my butt, and my mouth before swallowing his seed. I even gave him hand jobs to keep him satisfied.

The next chapter opened with Brandon & I standing in front of a nightclub. He asked me if I wanted to go in and get a few drinks. Well sure hun I said. We entered and found a table near by. A cocktail waiter soon was asking what we wanted to drink. I said, I would like a slow gin fizz. He winked at my husband. Brandon wanted bourbon & water. We talked a few minutes and our drinks came. The waiter said there was someone at the bar that wanted to meet Brandon. “Ok thanks man” he said.

He had to leave on a business trip a week before our anniversary. I dropped him off at the airport and headed to work. I walked to my office and closed the door. There were flowers, a gift box, and a card with a DVD on my desk. I read the card for our eleventh anniversary. It read, “This has already been cleared with your office manager. Show this card to your office manager and take to day off and to go home”
My office manager, she just smiled and said, “See on Monday” I asked her when this stuff arrived. “7:30 this morning now get!” I left and went home and laid Brandon’s flowers on the counter and opened the gift box. I was thinking how sweet he is to me and lucky I was to have him. In the box there was a light blue bed jacket, bra and panties to match. Along with a letter he wrote.
I read it, “Baby, my dear loving wife. I love you so much I want you to run a hot bath with your bubbles. Place the DVD in the player and turn the TV around, disrobe and get in the tub slowly while looking at yourself in the mirror” I did as instructed. Standing in the water and bubbles looking at my naked body, the DVD started. Brandon was there with the bed jacket, bra and panties. He said, “He continued by telling me to softly wash my body, and thinking of where you would rather be. My mind wondered. I thought what in the world is he up to.
The forthcoming events of which you are about to read gave me the best, hardest orgasms of my life. In this DVD it had 12 chapters, in each chapter I was the star. I was standing in the Pacific Ocean wearing this bed jacket out fit. The wind was lightly blowing through my hair as this man approached me. It was Brandon. He started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears. That always gets me started. In this DVD Brandon slowly lowered the jacket off my shoulders while he continued to kiss my upper body from my ears to the cleavage between my 36’d breasts. He unsnapped the center hook of my bra. My titties were out in the open. Brandon dropped to his knees while kissing my body passionately, not aggressive, but very passionately. I felt my cunt starting to moisten as I watched the light faded to darkness. I couldn’t wait next begin chapter. I moved my hand to my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples. I was really moved by the seen. I kept trying to figure out how Brandon did this with me. This was a turn-on
The next chapter started with Brandon removing my bra and the jacket. I was totally in his control. Brandon fondled my breasts as he sucked each nipple to erection. My nipples were as hard I have ever known. He reached up and fingered pussy slit. I was feeling so erotic and twiterpatered I kept fingering my pussy. I went shallow and slow at first, but gradually progressed to fast and deep. I watched as Brandon look me by the hand and laid me down in the warn beach sand. He then covered my face with the jacket and continued fondling my breasts, nipple and my moisture-saturated cunt. I felt another pair of hands on my body.
I was able to see through the sheer fabric of the jacket. This tall good-looking black man about 25 was standing over me naked as the day he was born. Well except his dick, it grew along with him. Very proportionately I might add. I had never been with any other man since my marriage to Brandon.
I was still stroking myself to the bathtub water. I didn’t know what to expect next as the chapter started. It started with Brandon talking to this black man. He was offering his wife to this black dude. As I watched the clip I was getting very amours in the hot water & bubbles. Bert this black man took my hand and turned me around with his hand on my shoulders. I swear I could feel his cock was bouncing on my ass with every step we took. He gently laid me down in the soft sand on my back. Bert lowered himself as he took my breast in him mouth. He suckled my tit while Brandon watched as this black man started to have his way with me.
Bert said, “ Connie you are about to cum like you have never done cum in your life, Brandon asked me to help you” I had never been with a black man before. I started to squirm in an attempt to escape. Brandon looked at me and smiled & said, “it’s Ok dear, just relax” Bert got down on his knees between my legs. He stared and smiled at my camel toe of the panty I still had on.
I was still playing with my pussy and squeezing my titties in the water. I started to feel pressure in my insides like I had never felt before. My fingers were probing my snatch with such force the water and bubbles were splashing over the edge of the tub.
Bert. Grabbed his cock by the throat and started drumming my extremely wet slit with his dick. I just knew this strange black man was bound & determined to fuck me. He raised my ass and placed me on his bent knees. This long thick black log was aimed right at my womanhood. He smiled said; I’ll take it easy until you tell me different. I looked up at Brandon and he was gone. I thought he had left me with this man that was going to rip open my insides with this dong.
Bert said, “It’s ok babe. It’s ok!” Bert placed the head of his cock near my entrance. In my mind I wanted to feel just ah little of this black cock, but on the other hand I didn’t. My human instinct took over and I felt myself start to thrust down to meet this strange cock. I don’t think I can do this Bert I said. “Your dick is too much” A frown replaced his smile. He forced the first few inches in my pussy. I gasped for some air, as he continued to add more length into my snatch. I looked down at myself excepting his member. The seen faded to darkness.
The floor in the bathroom was wet because of the water I spilled. Feeling so turned on by this did. I got out and ran for one of Brandon’s toys and quickly got back in the tub. I reached down and plunged this rubber dick in my pussy all the way in. I start masturbating hard and deep. I felt like I had to go pee. I kept plunging this rubber into my body as the next seen came to life.
As this seen opened, Bert had his cock in my pussy so far his nuts were slapping my butt cheeks. I watched as I seen myself start to backing up on his cock as he continued his assault. Faster and deeper he went as I went faster with this rubber dick in my cunt. I wished I were really there with this black dude. Bert was thrashing around in circles as he began to empty his balls in my pussy. I was starting to feel like I had to cum. I started to force this dildo into myself relentlessly and finding that the battery cap was also in my soaked cunt. The pressure was building so fast I started to cum so hard that the female juices that were hidden so long forced out above the water line in the tub. This orgasm was so delightful and welcomed.
The sweat had beaded on my body started trickling down as I almost fainted by the discharge of my own female cum. I was so overwhelmed with I what had just happened to me I just lay there trying to get my composer back until I could continue the did. Bert had cumed hard enough to cause a back flush of his seed from my stretched out cunt. It was all over him and myself. I couldn’t believe that I had cumed so hard. The chapter seen faded into darkness. I just lay there thinking of what Brandon was doing with me next. I got out of the tub and lay on our bed.

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