Neighborhood Sex Part 2

The following morning David and I woke horny as hell. The night before was so erotic we couldn’t wait for another day like that. I woke my husband with a wet and juicy blow job and asked him if he was looking forward to watching me again with our new friend. It seemed like he grew bigger and bigger in my mouth as I sucked on him and talked dirty. I mounted him putting his very big cock inside of me, kissing his lips I said “fuck me good baby, get me ready for our erotic day.” Well I didn’t know what I was in for. He fucked me like he never had before. In my pussy and my ass ,he fucked me really hard making me cum many times. Finally he came harder than I ever seen before. I asked him where the animal like fucking came from. He said “I couldn’t help thinking of you taking two big cocks baby, it turns me on so much,” he said.

He had to go to his office for a few hours and asked what bathing suit I planned to wear. I said, “That will be a surprise.” “Oh,” he said, that sounds great! We didn’t set a time for Chad to return, we didn’t want any pressure. Regardless if Chad was coming over, this day would be full of a lot of sex, cocktails, and food of course. David left for the office and I went upstairs to pamper myself. While in the shower I couldn’t help but think about the evening before. It had always been our fantasy to have another man, but one I never thought would come true. I lathered up my body carefully cleaning every inch. I made sure I was clean shaven and found myself aroused. I took the shower massager and let the water pulsate on my clit, imagining my two lovers having their way with me. As the massager worked my pussy, my hands were on my nipples making them erect. I thought “wow wouldn’t it be sexy if I had nipple claps to keep my nipples hard.” Knowing I didn’t have time to run to the store, I thought maybe next time. I came again with the help of the massager screaming in ecstasy. I slipped into one of my sexiest suits knowing it would be off most of the day, but thought what the heck! I added some sexy high heels and a little cover up to complete the outfit.

 Chad returned with a comment saying I was the hottest women he had ever seen. I continued to listen and heard David say that he would be out of town and wondered if Chad would keep me company while he was away. Chad commented “no problem.” David said okay, but when I return you have to reenact all that you did with my lovely wife, again Chad said “no problem.” What David didn’t know is that Chad had a friend who he wanted to share me with, and neither did I. That story will come at a later time. In the meantime, Chad invited us over to his place the following day and David accepted. I knew it would be another day of sucking, licking and fucking and wondered if I could handle it. I thought to myself, yes I can because I love it and I know how much my husband loves watching me and fucking me with another hot man. Be on the watch for part 3 with the neighbor and his hot friend.

 As I moved downstairs I wondered when Chad may show up. David was to be gone for a couple of hours and I thought what if Chad arrives before David gets home. What if he and I are alone? Overwhelmed with excitement I prepared the food and the bar for the day. I couldn’t help looking at the clock, gosh only a ½ and hour has passed. David won’t be home for another hour and a half. I was so horny thinking about the night before and wanted them both right then and there. Just then the doorbell rang, it was Chad. Standing before me in a muscle t-shirt that showed his cut arms and board shorts that showed his sexy ass. I got weak at the knees as I invited him in. Closing the door behind him, I lead him to the kitchen then the outside. Knowing he was looking at my tight ass and my long tone legs, I flirted a little by wiggling my ass for him.
I took the cocktails and food from Chad and suggested we go outside so I could make us a drink. Standing behind the bar, I could see his eyes were staring at my tits and hard nipples. As I made us a drink, I managed to wiggle out of my skirt. Moving around to him to hand him his drink, he was amazed at how hot I looked. He said “wow, you look amazing.” I handed him his drink and wondered if we could wait for David. Conversing for a short time, it was apparent we wanted each other. I looked at the clock and thought we have time for a quickie. Now I’ve never cheated on my husband but wondered if this would be cheating after our evening. Knowing we didn’t have much time, I went for it. I kissed his lips with a slow wet kiss and felt his hands all over my body. All I wanted to do is fuck him and fuck him fast! I whisper that we didn’t have much time and turned around and asked him to fuck me. Removing my bottoms, he stuck his big cock inside of my tight wet pussy. He fucked me so hard, harder than the night before. I turned around and said “fuck me harder.” And he did. Suddenly I felt his cock touching my ass, it was ready and I knew I wanted to feel his cock in my ass. I said “Chad fuck my ass, we don’t have much time.” OH my god, it was SO hot, hotter than the night before. He fucked me so hard and whispered, “I wanted you alone and I am so glad that we are.” We both came, our bodies shivered. I looked at the clock and noticed that David would be home soon. I told Chad we had to keep this to ourselves and he assured me we would. Making casual conversation until David arrived, I was hot knowing I would have them both again very soon.
When David arrived home, Chad and I were well on our way to a nice buzz. I quickly brought David to our level so the fun could begin and it did. It wasn’t long before we were all naked and in the pool. Both of them took turns licking and sucking me and I had my own fun with them. David couldn’t wait to watch Chad and I fuck and fuck we did. Chad mounted me while I sucked David’s cock and the harder Chad fucked me, the harder I sucked David. It wasn’t long before they both were inside of me. David liked the idea of Chad’s cock in my ass so he opted for my pussy. I too loved the feeling of a big cock in my ass.
Hours had passed and we needed food. I whipped something up for us (nude of course) so we could continue our erotic day. It was late and we had all had enough. I overheard David mention to Chad that he really enjoyed watching him fuck me.

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