My Wifes Friend Slutty

My wive has a sexy slutty frend called Minky. 

32 d cup breasts dark hair, brown eyes and boy what a ass! It all started one weekend when minky came to visit up . She was dressed to kill in a minni skirt and tank top . I could feel my cock get hard just looking at her. Whe joked around during the day and told jokes .

 When night came whe all whent one after the other to bath and get ready for bed. I went first and put on my boxers . Minky went second and put on a short pants and tank top. While my wive whent for a bath Minky and i sat in the tv room chatting. She was watching tv and i was watching her body . She looked at me and see that i was looking at her and getting aroused. She tried to cover her self a little but also tried to show more. I was so got when i see her watching my lump in my boxers with lust in her eyes. My wive finnished in the bath and we al went to bed. 

 She shouted that i should fuck her hard and fast. And that was al i need to hear. I grab her as and ram my hard one in to her rock asshole i made her scream and sweat . She cryed out of pleasure and pain. My wive pull out of Minky and took of the strap on she open her legs and i forced Minky head down between my wive legs . Minky tung fucked my wive as i fucked her ass hard. Minky started shaking and as she came my wive shouted out cumming with her. The moment was to big and my balls exploded a hot load of cum in to Minky ass. It was the greatest night eva. 

On my way to bed i part Minky in the hall and i brush agianst her sexy ass with my hard cock. For a moment she pushed agianst my had cock and the whent in to her room. That night i could not sleep thinking of Minky. I wanted her body bad and i wanted it now. My wive was fast asleep when i got up from bed and sneaked over to where Minky was sleeping. She was fast asleep as i enter the room. She looked so sexy lying on her tummy ass in the air. Softly i whent over to the bed and got on it next to her. Minky was fast asleep and i found myself running my hand down her back and ass while touching myself. She did not wake up and i loved the deal of her body under my hand. I got very hot and knelt over her and sub my hard one agianst her ass. Minky waked up with a fright and them when she see that it was me she relaxed. Her hand whent down and started to rub my hard cock. We kissed and i felt her breast threw her top. She moan and let of lie on my back. We kissed agian and she whent slowly down to my hard throbbing cock. She pull down my boxers and slowly started licking at my 8 inc cock. I was so hard . She stripped off all her pants and top and was naked. She put my cock between her breasts and wanked my cock as her lips slowly started sucking my hard wett head. I moan as i was given the best blow job ever. Her tung ran circles around my head and she started to take more and more of of in to her hot mouth. She sucked harder and i was going crazy. And then all of a sudden she gasped hard and her nails diged in to my sides. She moan hard and was out of breath. I looked over her and what would i see. My wive naked knelt at the back of Minky fucking her with a strap on dildo a 9 inc one. She prank Minky ass shouting to her to suck my brains out. Minky was gag ing on my hard cock but kept sucking it as my wive fucked her hole hard. After ten min of this i wanted her ass i told my wive and we switched my wive entere her from below and Minky stared ridding her like she would a man. I watched them fuck as i start rubbing my wet cock agianst Minky as.

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