Grand Mothers Need Sex Too

Everyone eventually looses their virginity and the experience is usually not that memorable when time has passed. But for me, it was an occasion that I will always cherish. It all happened in such a beautiful way.

I grew up on a farm in western Canada and had one sister who was about a year younger then I was. My parents were very "Victorian" and never discussed sex with us. To them, it was something that was wrong to talk about. I also had one grand mother who was still living at that time and I loved to visit and stay with her whenever I could. She was my dad's mother, and as you read this, you will see that she was much more liberal about sexual matters.

In fact, I would have to say that as far back as I can remember, she seemed to like to spend a lot of time touching and washing my cock when she was bathing me. It was with her that I had my first sexual experiences which I'm going to share with you shortly. But, before I do, I need to explain how I started to have sexual feelings and the different things that made me aware of them.

I can't remember exactly when I began to be inquisitive about sexual things. But I think it was around the time when I was about eight or nine years old when watching the bull and the stallion mating. Sometime after this, I remember wanting to see my sisters "thing" as we called it then. I think it was mostly childish curiosity that was causing me to want this, but I do recall vague sexual feelings attached to it too when I think back. And also hearing the other boys at school talking about girls likely got me wondering too.

So one day while we were playing outside, I remember getting up enough nerve and asking my sister if she would let me see between her legs. I think she replied with something like, "I will if you let me see your thing too." When we both agreed, we both ran to some bushes away from the farm yard because our mother would have spanked us severely if she knew what we were doing.

All I can remember about my sister's pussy at that time was that it had 2 lips like a small mouth or slit with 2 pieces of skin sticking out from it. (It was later on that I came to understand that this was her inner labia.) When she was looking at my cock, I remember the nice feeling I had when it suddenly got all hard and stood up as she touched it.

When I think back, it seems this caught her attention too when this happened and she started to play with it. I will never forget how good it felt as she was touching it. Since I wasn't circumcised, my foreskin was still covering the head on it, and oh the feeling I was experiencing when she pulled it back down off the head. But for some reason, that was as far as we went. We both seemed to stop and then ran back to our yard to do something else. It could have been that we were scared of getting caught.

Then one day about 2 years later when I was about eleven and she was ten, we got the idea that we wanted to see each other's sex organs again. This time, I remember doing something different with her. Because we had cattle on the farm, both of us had often seen the bull licking the cow's pussy many times and for some crazy reason, I wanted to do that to her. So I got her to lie down on her back and I started licking her pussy. I'll never forget the strong pee odor she had on it. And the wetness between her lips had a sour and salty taste. As I licked her, my tongue made her jump because she was very sensitive down there, especially around the top of it. 

However it eventually ended up with us being very intimate with each other anyway. When I was almost thirteen, she started to do some things that usually gave me tremendous erections and I'm sure she knew what was happening to me. In fact they made me so horny sometimes that I could hardly sit still. 

Even though she liked the feeling it was giving to her, I soon got tired of doing that and quit. I think it was the smell and taste that I found unpleasant since I hadn't yet learned to enjoy that special odor like I do now. As soon as I stopped, she wanted to look at my cock, and when she started to play with it, I still remember that wonderful feeling she was giving to me again. But it wasn't long before she got tired too and we both went our own ways. Once again, I think it was because we were scared of getting caught. If only we had known about masturbating and giving each other an orgasm back then, just think of the fantastic pleasure we could have shared with each other.

Some weeks later, I heard a couple of boys at school talking about "jerking off". Not really understanding what that was, and yet I knew it had something to do with their cocks. So that day when I got home, I went up in the loft of the barn and started playing with my cock. As I did, I began to feel the same nice sensations that I had experienced when my sister was moving my foreskin up and down with her hand. So I started doing the same thing.

I remember it getting hard very fast, And it didn't take long for that wonderful feeling to keep getting stronger and stronger by the second. Even my balls started to feel hot inside and ache all over. Then suddenly, that wonderful feeling got extremely strong and turned into a powerful burning cramp-like pain that seemed to explode in my cock and spread all over my whole body. It was so intense that I got really scared and I couldn't stop it no matter what I did.

I remember how my mind was spinning like crazy and I had to grab onto something because my legs felt like they were going to give out from under me. Now, when I think back about it, what really scared me too, was the way my cock was acting. Along with the powerful spasms of burning cramp-like pain exploding inside it, the veins on it suddenly expanded as if they were going to burst open. And at the same time, the head got bigger, and had turned to a dark purple color.

When it was over, I just couldn't understand what had happened. Although not knowing it at that time, I had just experienced my first orgasm and I had a little bit of clear sticky syrup oozing from my pee-hole. After it was over, I think I just stared at it for a few minutes as I collected my thoughts together. This was when I started to realize how wonderful that feeling really was.

In fact, it turned out to be the most beautiful feeling I had ever had in my life and I wanted to have it again. But my cock-head was just to sensitive to touch and so I just squeezed it lower down and played with my balls until things cooled down. As I looked at the sticky syrup still oozing from its wet pee-hole, I continued to wonder about my new experience.

I remembered how it didn't loose its erection either. It continued to stand straight up next to my belly, remaining as hard as iron and aching all over. Even my balls were still hot and swollen. Eventually, I started to move my foreskin up and down again, and once again it began to feel so good. And just as before, that same beautiful throbbing aching feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. Then all of a sudden, the same unexplainable powerful cramp-like pain exploded in it again, first in the head, then spreading down my cock into my balls, and then out all over my body. Once again its intensity scared me for a second, but because I knew what to expect this time, I enjoyed it so much more. It was so beautiful that I couldn't find words to explain it. And it lasted much longer this time and I think the pleasure I was experiencing made me almost delirious for a few moments. When it finally came to an end, I was so exhausted that I had to sit down on a bale for a little while. From that time on, I continued to masturbate at least 2 or 3 times a day, and even a lot more than that sometimes. I seem to need it all the time.

As I mentioned earlier, I loved to visit and stay with my grand mother or "granny" as I called her. As far back as I can remember, she would always be with me when I had a bath. One thing she liked doing, was to get me to stand up in the tub so she could wash my back and legs. And then she would wash my cock for me. As she did that, she would always pull my foreskin back and I remember how she would make me jump as she soaped her hand and rubbed my cock-head with it. And I always got such a hard-on as she did that.

Now, as I think back about that time, I'm sure it made her horny, but she never said a thing. She just continued as if that was normal. Then, as she dried me off, she once again pulled my foreskin back and patted the head dry with the towel. This continued up until I was around ten years old, and then for some reason she let me bath alone. I think she may have been worried that I might say something to my parents.

For example, one night when I was sitting on the chesterfield reading a magazine, she came from her bedroom with just her night gown on and she wanted to show me her varicose veins on her legs. So while facing me, she lifted the bottom of her night gown up just over her knees and pointed to one or two of them on her lower legs. Then she turned around with her back to me and showed me much, much more. She lifted the back of her nightgown right up to her bum and spreading her legs apart, she asked me if I could see some on her upper thighs. 
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