Surrender The Project - Chapter 1

This chapter is a work of fiction. The characters and situations in this story are imaginary. No resemblance is intended between these characters and any real persons, either living or dead.
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This chapter was written for fantasy purposes only.
It wasn’t the most exciting night. Miri had decided to go for a few drinks at the dive bar down the street, but nothing was happening and nobody she knew was there. She ended up just sitting at the bar with her beer, pretending to text somebody. She didn’t know how to be comfortable in a bar, alone. Kicking herself for thinking that coming to a bar by herself would be some great adventure, her plan was to finish her beer and go home.
As she was taking her final sip, a large ex-jock looking guy approached her. That big build, wide-neck type of guy who didn’t go pro in college. Guys like that always moved on to something like sales or some type of finance job where they could make good money and continue their jock/fraternity lifestyle. These guys were usually quite good looking but almost always a disappointment in bed. Miri knew this form experience. She had no time for a guy like this, but she didn’t know how to be mean, so she tried to pay and get out of there before he got to her.
“Hey. How’s it going? Can I buy you a drink?” Too late. He came up to her left side at the bar and leaned in, giving her smile that was half arrogance and half lust. She was a little annoyed, but she braced herself for getting out of this without it being too awkward and without being too much of a bitch.
“Oh, hi. Uh, that’s okay. My friends are at another bar and I have to go meet them. I was mixed up on the plans for the night. Sorry.” She waved her phone as she spoke as evidence.
“Oh come on. One beer. Your friends can wait. Just let me buy you a beer and then I’ll let you go.” There was a glint in his eyes when he said this last line that made Miri pause. There was…something. He knew. He knew how to handle her. She sensed it. He wasn’t your average dumb ex-jock, salesman. He might actually be good in bed. There was starting to be something very sexy about him and his cockiness. Perhaps this could make for a better night, after all.
“Okay. One beer, then I must go meet my friends.” Miri sat back on her stool and relaxed while the man ordered two beers.
“I’m Jim.” He put his hand out for an introductory shake and Miri kind of laughed at the cheesy formalness. It was endearing.
“Miri.” She took his hand and squeezed as hard as she could to show him that she was not weak and that he would need to use some effort with her.
“Miri. That’s not one I’ve heard before.” He paid for the beers and then grabbed his mug taking a drink while eyeing her. He appreciated her dark hair. That was his preference. He also couldn’t help but notice her athletic frame.
“It’s short for Miriam, but I always found that too formal.” She nervously turned her glass around on its coaster. She didn’t want to look at his eyes just now because they were really turning her on and she had to make sure that she didn’t give too much of herself to this guy. This was just going to be a fun one-night stand and nothing more.
Jim wouldn’t break eye contact. He smiled at the fact that she was being shy. He could tell that she wanted him, but he also knew that she wasn’t your average easy lay. She was up for more. She was up for being controlled. She was up for intensity, but she also needed to be finessed. She needed to be seduced. No problem, he knew how to seduce a girl and he felt particularly lucky because, if he was right, he didn’t get a chance to hit on girls like this every night.
He felt himself getting hard thinking of her in his cuffs. He knew that he wouldn’t have to groom her into it; she would be into it right away. He didn’t quite know how he knew this, maybe it was that lustful look she had in her green eyes, or maybe it was some subconscious body language she was giving off, but he wasn’t going to hesitate bringing out his bondage gear with this one. He took another drink without taking his focus off her. She was definitely going to be his tonight.
“What do you do, Miri?” He took a drink and made eye contact with her.
“I own my own resale business but that’s boring and you don’t really care anyway.” She was feeling bolder now and she felt like playing. “How do you like sales, Jim? Car dealership or some sort of real estate?” She wanted to let him know just how transparent he was.
“I’m an attorney, actually.” He sounded a little annoyed but also a little amused. “If you want to keep being smug, I guess you could say that I sell souls.” He looked down at her legs, appreciating the shape that could be seen through her jeans.
“Just so you know, up front, mine is not up for sale.” Miri smiled playfully at him. “My soul, that is.” The second beer was making her feel a bit tipsy and she was starting to appreciate his ruffled sandy blond hair. It framed his face quite well, and those eyes. The darkness of the brown made them even more intense.
“Everything is for sale, Miri. Everything. The only thing that changes is the currency.” He was getting hard. He really couldn’t wait to pull her hair. It looked like silk in the bar lights. Her particular dark shade of brown was his favorite. Especially when it wasn’t over processed looking. Natural hair was the best to pull.
“Well, somebody sounds jaded.” Miri laughed as she pushed his shoulder a little bit. This was a sure sign of flirting but also a way to determine what his shape was like. His shoulder felt solid to her. She could feel herself getting wet. She downed the rest of her beer. Here was the test. How was he going to get her to stay after she finished her beer? Now she would find out if he had real seduction skills.
Jim loved the feeling of Miri’s hand pushing against his shoulder. She wouldn’t be using her hands much tonight, though. He couldn’t wait to get her out of her clothes.
“Not jaded, just a realist.” He waved over the bartender. “I think you want another beer, Miri.” He looked at her with a look of confidence that told Miri that she would not be sorry if she stayed. She wasn’t going to be that easy, though.
“I actually have to go. I do appreciate the beer and the conversation, but my friends are waiting for me.” She put her cell phone in her purse and started to dismount the bar stool but stopped when Jim grabbed her upper arm lightly but firmly.

Miri pushed the bar door open and stepped out into the parking lot. She started to turn around to say goodbye as she felt him behind her. Jim grabbed her and pushed her against the outside wall of the bar. He used her shock to hold her head and kissed her hard. She was, at first, so shocked that she pushed him away, weakly, but still tried to push him away. His strong presence was too intoxicating and she melted into him, kissing him back. Miri’s scent of vanilla rose around Jim and immediately Jim pulled a handful of her silky hair to move her head back so that he could kiss her neck. It was the cliché stolen kiss against the wall, but that didn’t make it any less exciting.

“Come on, Miri. You don’t want to go. Stay. Have another beer. We only just started getting to know each other.”
“Really, Jim. I have to go. I appreciate your insistence and I’m flattered, but I have other people to delight with my presence.” Miri gently pulled her arm out of his hand and stood from the bar stool while arranging her purse. She was disappointed that he wasn’t more creative in trying to stop her. Maybe he wasn’t what she thought.
“I like the hard-to-get game sometimes, Miri, but right now I am going to be honest. I don’t want to miss this chance, because I feel that if we don’t stay in each other’s company, we might miss out on something quite memorable” He was standing now. “Let’s forget the beer and walk out to the parking lot together. I want to kiss you Miri and if, after we kiss, you still want to leave, then I won’t put up anymore resistance.”
“What? Sorry, what?” Miri was shocked at his forwardness. She wasn’t offended and it turned her on even more, but she couldn’t show that right away. “You just met me!” She looked at him in feigned shock.
“Yeah, and I like you. Go ahead Miri. Walk to your car and I’ll follow. I want you to kiss me before you go. I can tell that you’re not completely against the idea. Stop playing games and just go with it. If you don’t like the kiss, tell me and I won’t bother you anymore. If you like it as much as I think you will, then I’ll put you in my car and take you to my place. Let’s be honest, neither one of us are interested in staying at the bar.”
Miri stared at him in astonishment and arousal. She had never gotten such a direct invitation to sex from somebody this sober before. She snapped out of it and hoped that her arousal had not shown on her face. Shaking her head to cover for any excitement she might have shown.
“Really Jim, thank you, but I have to go. Maybe we’ll see each other again when I don’t already have plans.” She turned around and started walking towards the door with purpose. Inside she had butterflies and hoped that he would keep pursuing her. This was her game and it was probably a little tired, but when it worked, it was exciting and she couldn’t help but try.

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